Amber Vinson Cleared Of Ebola, Gets A Kiss From George W. Bush

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On Friday, November 7, Amber Vinson got the all-clear. She was one of the two nurses who contracted Ebola after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, who got the disease while he was in Liberia. This marked the end of the feared Ebola outbreak in Dallas, and to celebrate the occasion, former president George W. Bush visited Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to pose for a photo op and he even hugged Vinson and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“I appreciate the way the hospital and its professionals are sharing lessons learned in a way that helps the broader United States health care community respond to this terrible virus,” Bush said in a statement. No further cases of Ebola have been reported in Dallas since Duncan, Vinson, and fellow nurse Nina Pham caught the disease. Duncan passed away on October 8, a week after being diagnosed with Ebola.

— Bonnie Moon (@bonniemoon) November 7, 2014

— CNN Newsource (@CNNNewsource) November 8, 2014

In an interview with CNN, Vinson said she wondered how she caught the disease despite following protocol. “I have no idea. I go through it almost daily in my mind: what happened, what went wrong. Because I was covered completely every time. I followed the CDC protocol. I never strayed. It is a mystery to me,” she told CNN’s Don Lemon.

Vinson was criticized for boarding commercial flights after treating an Ebola patient, despite showing no symptoms. After treating Duncan, she flew to Ohio for the weekend to plan for her wedding with Derrick Murray. She was diagnosed with Ebola when she got back to Dallas.

Her engagement ring as well as the binder containing her wedding plans were incinerated during a hazmat clean-up that was meant to stop the spread of the disease. However, it was revealed by Dr. William Schaffner that some bleach would have destroyed any trace of the virus from her jewelry. 

— Good Morning America (@GMA) November 8, 2014

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