Amber Heard Accepts Extravagant Gift From Depp

    June 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Amber Heard, the lovely blonde actress who co-starred with Johnny Depp in “The Rum Diary”, has been on the tongues of gossip columnists everywhere lately since it was first rumored that she has caught his single eye.

Depp, who recently publicly split from longtime wife Vanessa Paradis, is now on the market again and word on the street is that he’s set his gaze on Heard, although she was in a lengthy relationship with female photographer Tasya van Ree for years. Now, news of an extravagant gift from Depp is even more reason to set fans buzzing.

Apparently a source has confirmed to E! that Depp bought Heard a horse, and it looks like the reasoning was just because he could. Heard is a Texas native and has an affinity for the beasts, and Depp has been working on the film “The Lone Ranger”, in which he plays Tonto, so horses have been on his brain lately. But what everyone wants to know is, what else is on that lovely mind of his.

Obviously, there’s no official word on the two of them having any sort of relationship other than a working one, but when a young and beautiful actress befriends a sexy Hollywood veteran, rumors are bound to fly. Heard is currently working on the set of “Machete Kills”, the sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s action/comedy “Machete”. I’m sure she’ll be closely watched in coming weeks to see whether or not this friendship develops into something more.

  • Allan D

    Isn’t she supposed to be a lesbian who’s currently living with another woman?

  • Bev

    She’s gay. This is the most stupid news article yet.

    • Heather

      You are so correct!

    • larry

      SO WHAT?

  • Cory Armer

    Wait.. What??? Relationship with a Female photographer?? WoW!!! one of Hollywood’s sexiest ladies and shes gay.. Well if I had to pick an ambassador for the male population to bring her back from the dark side, it would be Johnny Depp!! Good luck bro, I speak for all guys when I say we are counting on you!!..

  • Hawk

    shes NOT gay! She has made that clear. she’s one among many bisexual chicks in hollywood.

    • Annon

      And you know this how? Have you been in bed with her or seen any of her sexual activities?
      It kills me that so many people state things as fact about people they do not personally know.
      And just because you read it in some magazine article doesn’t make it so. After all, didn’t we all see and hear Bill Clinton say very adamantly “I did not have sex with that woman”??

      • Pat

        Not just Clinton two magazines come to mind “US” and “Star” if it’s writtem in those you know it’s false. How many time have they had Angelina and Brad’s wedding photo’s with Bridal gown and all. Only there has been no wedding.

    • mighty

      if you a lesbo then your gay first , sorry does not work that way !!! your gay your gay , no going back . its funny how people try to make it that they are straight then gay ..nope !!!! gay first !!

  • ila

    She is pretty but appears to be the typical shallow hollywood actress climber skank ,center of her own attention kind of chick. Hardly a wholesome female influence around his children he could and probably should do without. He is clearly thinking with his…..

    His former mate is however a , beautiful, complex, european depth of character noble type, a true gem lost….

    • tammy

      You are jealous skank, not her

    • mighty

      agreed , but its a long time and hes done , and when your done being with someone your done , i think he will be around as in be enjoying the chase again , good for him , but agreed i saw her talk she is super arrogant and all about herself !! plain to see .

  • Kenny Sands

    Wow! A rug muncher! Nice job, Tonto! . . . .

    • Lycan

      She’s bisexual although she has stated previously that she does not like labels. Loved her North Country as the younger version of Charlize Theron’s character.

  • chels

    guess she needs a little stickie-stickie with the lickie-lickie…

    • heather roxy

      don’t you mean dickie dickie?

  • Vito

    Let’s see if JD has super powers

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003705301085 Sonia L Taylor

    JD just made Amber heard the IT GIRL of Hollywood. Congrats to both JD & Amber Heard. Am I the only one who thinks Amber heard looks like another beautiful clone version of Scarlett Johansson?

    • tina

      She look prettier than Scarlet

    • Glenda

      She reminds me more of a young Sharon Stone.

  • LaDonna

    I just don’t see what is so great about J. Depp- never have liked him. But Amber heard is gorgeous and I’m sure there are alot of way more attractive men interested in her than J. Depp.

  • janet

    if they are more than just friends this makes me not like so much anymore….fickle, I know, but true!!

  • nancy duynslager

    Johny Depp likes is like an Alpha dog, conquer and congitated, so he can change this lesbian into Snow White.

  • Guest

    SO TASYA VAN REE IS AVAILABLE NOW? Not that I would have any chance, but YAY!

  • cassandra

    Be a real woman and buy your own da*n horse.

  • Lori

    I am a huge fan of Depp, there is no one like him anywhere. That said, I am disappointed in the way he treated Vanessa, the mother of his kids. Don’t have affairs without first letting go of the person you break up with. Protect their dignity. Don’t go fool around on the mother of your kids and let her be the fool in the news all over the world. OK ? That was disgusting. She got a lot of embarrassing press, like “he was bored”. Really ? And he did not step up to combat those ugly stories. He humiliated her and left her in that storm.