Amazon’s New Kindle Paperwhite Ad Is Making People on the Internet Argue

    February 21, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Amazon’s new ad for the Kindle Paperwhite is the backdrop to a flame war on YouTube. Let’s see if you can figure out why.

“I’m throwing away my kindle. I cannot believe they included a straight couple in this commercial. GROSS!!” said one user.

That’s also what I thought when I first saw it. How reckless are you, Amazon?

(Update: Thankfully, tolerance is winning out. Troll comments are being successfully thumbed down into oblivion. Carry on.)

  • http://Winslowcottageptown.Com David

    Utube has blocked this vid.any way I can view it?

    • Darlene Robinson

      just type in New Kindle commercial in the bing or google and it should pop up.

  • http://Winslowcottageptown.Com David

    How can I view the vid?

  • Edina

    I tried Youtube like you, but the video can be found at Queerty.com:


  • Shannon

    This is unbelievable!!!! Amazon u really disappoint me how do I explain this to my children throwing our kindles Away getting iPads &!i will no longer buy anything from amazon!!!

    • Carlie

      Are you retarded

      • JulieC

        How do you explain to your children? Simple. Raise them in a home filled with love and they will learn to love and receive love. Raise them in a home filled with hate (ie. fear) and they will learn to hate and receive hate. And the wars will continue to rage…:(

    • jessey

      You are a silly dumb bigot.

    • V

      Tell them that you are an intolerant being that has nothing better to do than whine and grope over how others run their lives. Companies like Amazon have millions upon millions of customers of different groups, THEY SERIOUSLY CANNOT CATER TO EVERY SINGLE CLOSED-MINDED PERSON LIKE YOU! They want a company image to look good, and therefore show support and tolerance of other groups. Seriously, people like you are the type that are selfish, only caring about “YOUR NEEDS” instead of actually thinking of how a real company is ran, and cannot take reality seriously. Take this, I am only 14 and already have a better, more realistic viewpoint of our world that we live in. Whining and groping over little things like this ad is going to ruin your life, believe me. Rather than going after the small things that make you upset, turn away and leave it as it is, something like this will not change. Pursue something better, more enjoyable than trying and failing at attacking multi-million even billion dollar companies out of anger caused by your beliefs, you will fail.

      • laurenducky

        oh no V, shannon will not fail, you believe what you will, support whatever you want, however don’t hate on others cause they are not adhering and conforming to this world. we all have to live our lives the way we see fit because there will be no one standing with us on that faithful day when the Lord asks us to account for our lives.And if some of us are parents we stand some responsibility for our children. may god be with us all

    • Susan

      I hate to tell you this Shannon – but Apple is a great supporter of gay equal rights causes – as are many other businesses. I guess you’ll have to move out into the desert and live off the grid because gay people exist and we have a right to live our lives freely. Here’s an idea – tell your kids that not everyone is exactly the same and we should celebrate difference rather than stomp on it.

      • laurenducky

        susan, no one is stomping on gay people, if shannon don’t agree with gay lifestyle that is her choice. i believe it is not right to force it on anyone by showing these things everywhere in everything. i’m sure she knows someday she will have to explain to her kids about gays however in her own time. but if it’s in their face 24/7 they may choke on it before she gets a chance!!!

    • abby

      Hahaha…yeah, throwing away your kindles and spending thousands of your hard earned dollars on iPads will really show Amazon…how illogical you are. Listen, you can’t wish away america’s recognition that constitutional rights should be extended to all of your fellow citizens, as it was to african american’s in the 1960’s. That took a long time for southerners to accept and I guess it will take you some time to come to acceptance of this generation’s civil rights struggle. Your kids though, will not understand what the big deal is. They know it won’t make them gay if they see an ordinary gay man on a 30 second television ad. Unless they already are gay, and then it might make them feel like maybe they are not the freaks you would obviously have them think they are. Good luck.

  • timm

    This is the sickest flipping commercial I have ever seen. What’s this world coming to a bunch of butt pirates are taking over our television ads

    • Susan

      Really? THE sickest? Even worse than that icky heterosexual commercial during the Super Bowl that had the model loudly kissing that nerdy guy? Even worse than those late-night commercials for phone lines – where the women roll all over beds and couches talking to men? Even worse than those commercials for “gentlemen’s clubs?” It goes on and on. I’ve seen more heterosexual sex on TV and in movies than I want to remember.This ad showed nothing but two couples on vacation. Then again, you know what they say about those who protest too much…

  • Jeff

    I am appalled at this commercial. Reckless advertising is what this is.

  • truck

    Welcome to the Future, Bigots…..Love it, Amazon !

  • MarleeM

    I will not be buying one of these EVER!
    I am so sick of this ridiculous politically correct agenda that most of us don’t buy into….shame on Kindle!!!!

  • David Schumaker

    Ummm, obviously the guy is gay. Hetero guys aren’t that attractive. 😀

    jk. Thanks to Amazom for the positive message that same-sex couple are as relavent and ‘normal’ as opposite-sex couples.

    No hate there. :)

  • JulieC

    I was sitting around with my kids when this came on the TV. To them, it was a just another commercial. Having grown up in the 60’s & 70’s I immediately recognized how much we have evolved. To businesses that promote tolerance and equality, I say you have the attention and support of my entire, immediate and extended, family and friends network. Keep up the with the positive!

  • Disgusted

    Love and “tolerance” have nothing to do with not wanting immoral behavior shoved down my throat. I can choose to watch or not watch a program filled with homosexuality. But Amazon has taken that choice away from me when they put it into a commercial that my family is subjected to without any warning. I am not on a “witch hunt” with this but I have rights too and I believe that homosexuality is wrong. I don’t have a choice when I am in public with what I see but when I’m in my home I should have a choice, just as they have a choice. We, as a society, have stopped aligning our “choices” with the standard of God’s Word and it is showing in the rapid decline of morality and family. I am not a bigot and have always shown love to my friends and family that have chosen the homosexual lifestyle (and it is a choice, God did not make anyone homosexual). I respect them and their choice and they respect me as well. What I have a big problem with is the fact that a big segment of the homosexual community is trying to FORCE everyone into their way of thinking. That is not right! They are not forced to believe what I believe. The fact remains though, if every person on the planet decided to become gay, we would eventually cease to exist! God loves all people, but He does have a reason for what He tells us is right and wrong. Amazon, I own 2 Kindle Fires and am SUPER disappointed with you and your commercial. It is my sincere hope that you will reconsider this approach as you have a huge heterosexual following that is very upset by this commercial!

    • V

      First of all, Amazon is not “Shoving immoral behavior down your throat.” Amazon is simply showing the support and tolerance for others. And it is definitely not a “Program filled with homosexuality.” It is a 30 SECOND AD broadcasting on the air. IT IS JUST AN AD, GET OVER IT! And for one, there are numerous commercials that are filled with Christianity, so don’t say that the homosexuals are trying to convert you to their lifestyle. For example, when watching TV I will see a “Christian Mingle” ad, what about atheists that have to sit and watch the ad. AMAZON DID NOT CREATE THEIR COMPANY BASED ON CATERING TO YOU! THEY HAVE OTHER GROUPS OF CUSTOMERS! The statement that “We, as a society, have stopped aligning our “choices” with the standard of God’s Word.” isn’t valid. When our country was built, the constitution is based on the separation of state and church, meaning that society is constructed on laws that “should” be unbiased and not in favor of a single group or party while discriminating others. The only reason I wrote this comment is because you stated that you are disappointed because you bought two kindle fires and amazon is supporting this. You should buy a product based on the quality of the item, not based on THEIR beliefs. THEIR beliefs DO NOT affect you. I am not trying to sound mean, but this is the truth. Good on Amazon for doing this type of ad. People need to stop putting their needs and beliefs before others and their decisions. It’s their decision, they have a CEO to tell them what to do.

    • josh

      Don’t you have a remote control to change the channel? Gosh people!!!!!

  • Kay Jackson

    Curious as to why people cannot express their opinions without calling others who also express their opinions vicious names? Just sayin…

  • Francesca

    I say bravo to Amazon! I think the ad is fabulous.

  • Lori Nieves

    I’m disappointed with the ad and with Amazon. Leave the preaching to the political pundits and stay on message with your product. You lost the commercial significance of the ad with the political propaganda at the end. Bad choices have consequences.

  • Regina Phalange

    I love Amazon, but I really don’t think that they should be shoving the gay agenda down our throats. I don’t care what anyone does in their private life, but why did they have to display it so loudly on national tv? Gays really need to learn something: If they want to be accepted by everyone and be treated “normally” then stop acting as if everyone owes you something, and stop making us include you everywhere for “equality.” No one has done anything to you to make you deserving of playing the gay card, you were never slaves, forced to drink from different water fountains, etc. The only thing you can’t do is get married, and really, since marriage is to legitimize children, there’s no reason you should get married anyway.

    And even if this commercial didn’t have a gay couple in it, it’s not very good anyway. I wish they would go back to the stop motion animation commercials they used to do. Their recent ads have not been very good.

    • John

      But its ok if they shove a straight agenda down our throat.

      • Meg Amor

        Exactly John… I’m so sick of these ‘Christian Wrong’ people and people who think that being heterosexual is the ‘normal’ way of the world.

        It’s 2013 people!

      • Regina Phalange

        Just because the majority of people are straight does not mean that there is a straight agenda. If there were rallies for “straight rights” and the like, the media would be having a field day. If people don’t support “gay rights”, they are seen as bigots and backwards. I understand that they don’t choose to be gay and that they want to be happy, and I’m fine with that and think they should. Just don’t force me to watch something that makes me uncomfortable 20 times a day. Forcing children to learn about homosexuality in elementary school is not equality, it’s about being special. I don’t think kindergarteners should be learning about sexuality of any kind, that’s something for later.

    • laurenducky

      Regina Phalange it is a fact that the media is shoving gay lifestyle down our throats. every single tv show has some gay agenda, every one of them. i do not dislike gay people or intend to ill treat them in anyway, however i do not agree with their lifestyle and i leave it up to god. and as for this commenter JOHN the media could never shove straight agenda down any of our throat because that is the natural order of things, every thing in this natural world that was created by God has a male and a female to reproduce from animals, plants and humans, anything otherwise is man made. may god be with us all

  • roger

    really, people….I don’t have a dog in this fight, I have a number of gay/ lesbian friends
    yet I understand the perspective that marriage as an institution evolved to raise and protect children and build and conserve wealth and resources.
    Having said that, I find this commercial as idiotic as those old ads with one white kid, one
    black kid and one asian kid…..I mean, come on…..its a sop to the PC crowd, and about
    ” as subtle as a german jazz band” to steal an old Hawkeye line..
    one last thing: if I hear one more …person…mischaracterize the founders intent, I will scream. the Constitution forbade the establishment of a STATE RELIGION, so no group could gain advantage over the rest . the ” separation of church and state” is nowhere in the founding documents. I believe it came from a letter of Jefferson’s, decades later.

  • Ross Kemp

    Go Kindle, Love love your commercial. Bout time. It’s 2013. I am big fan of visions coming to life.

  • Bobby

    I am totally offended that there is a straight couple on this commercial. Jeez only same sex couples should be shown on tv… It burns my eyes watching.. My religious values arnt strong enough a commercial is going to ruin my relationship with God. Oh wait judging the straight couple already has…. You all sound like cry babies! Who even cares I love this commercial and I council my children on same sex couples all the time there will come a time when you won’t be able to shelter yourself or your children from this might as well get it over with now! And for the person who thinks marriage is to only legitimize children I really hope you arnt married. A marriage is a bond created between a couple and God. It’s a commitment given to your partner and to God.

  • Dissapointed Parent

    This ad is not appropriate and it is very offensive. My sons and I were watching American idle ( a tame show) and then this ad comes on. My ten year old looks over at me at the end of the commercial with a look of “I do not understand”. I am very dissapointed in the commercial and that it was run at a time when children are watching. The majority of the US is against same sex marriage and my religion and value set do not support this activity. I don’t need my children swing this. It is not cute; it is immoral. I have Amazon account and bought my two daughters Kendil Fires over the holidays but I am going to need to reconsider my support of Amazon. This is not acceptable sell your product boy your agenda.

    • laurenducky

      I support your statement fully, i am from Trinidad WI
      (the Caribbean) and i saw this ad yesterday and although i have always felt like the media is forcing us to accept gay lifestyle and support gay marriages i am disgusted with what i saw. i wish us all the best with God’s guidance in raising our children and preserving our salvation in this world that is increasingly becoming more scary. may God be with us all.

      • Mark

        so you rather have gay in the dark

        god be with you

    • Annoyed

      Dear Dissappointed (sic) Parent with your March 11, 2013 at 9:52 a.m.misguided statement.
      First off, the word “disappointed” only has on “S” not two.
      Now, onto the rest of your ignorance…You are going to “reconsider your support of Amazon?” Really? So, you’re going to not buy a perfectly good product from a perfectly reliable company because a gay couple is in their T.V. commercial????

      If you ten-year old son looks at you with a look of “I do not understand,” it’s because the poor boy has clearly been sheltered from the world, locked inside the ignorant and close-minded bubble of your illogical beliefs that you’ve kept him in. If he doesn’t “understand” the wake the fu*k up and explain relationships to him.

      You said your disappointed. Well, I’m disappointed in YOU for having such a blind vision of the world. I can’t believe you actually wrote that it was wrong for the commercial to air when children are watching. It’s not violent porn!

      Open your eyes and start using your mind. You are entitled to believe whatever you want. Nobody is forcing YOU into a gay relationship, so what the hell do you care?

      The result of you not wanting to continue supporting a business and a product that you’ve enjoyed all along now that you’ve seen a commercial is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard of!

      And, don’t let the door hit you in ass. Bye! Amazon will survive without you!

      • Meg Amor

        Thank you Annoyed. I couldn’t have said it better. I’m so over the ignorant, small minded, unintelligent people who really – in this day and age – still – think that someone being gay is against God.

        Pretty awful God you believe in – if that’s the case. God loves all his children… oh, but only if you’re not gay. Shame on you people. So called ‘good christian people’. You make me sick.

        And if your son does not understand the ad – double shame on you for not raising your child with an open world view and education.

        People like you are disappointing. It’s 2013

    • josh

      I would also be a disappointed child being raised by someone who is closed minded. Apparently you may not be college educated, because if you were you would know how to proof read your comments and check for misspelled words. Move on parent and continued being closed mind and teaching your children to also be closed mind to a ever changing world.

    • Mark

      what will you do if your son turns Gay shoot him

  • Marco Luxe

    I’m shocked and offended that they would leave out the Black or Mexican boy serving drinks to the guests. What kind of beach resort is this! Snap your fingers, yell “boy”, and get the service whites deserve. I don’t want my sons to question white privilege. [end sarcasm font]

  • http://Www.instagram.com/maikelmccaskill Kel

    Everyone here who thinks the ad is horrible are stupid, and closed minded. It’s 2013. Grow up. They’re people just like all of us, so what they’re different? We all are. The ad is marvelous and I love that they included a gay couple. Amazon will survive without a few less customers.

    • Meg Amor

      So agree Kel! Love this ad. And love how many people ARE supportive and encouraging. Isn’t it wonderful.

  • Jordarion bailey

    For all the dumb fuckers who say that homosexuality is not natural, it’s a choice, God made male and female etc.. Answer this,” why the fuck are there so many organism that have homosexual relationships? Did those animal watch to much tv? NO I DON’T THINK SO. Humans are such a stupid fucking species and the weakest. Our stupidity will be our downfall. if God did want gays in earth why are there so many? He is God if he really had a problem there would be no gays. Also Neither God or Jesus spoke on homosexuality that was written and spoken by man! Until my God says, ” my son you shall not be gay” I’m going to continue to be who I am. I’m 21,gay, I believe in
    God, and those of you who are full of sin passing judgement …..SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

  • Paul D Gomia

    Kudos to Kindle… Did not see that great ending coming out. No stereotyping either way, and so accepting. I will encourage all my friends to consider Kindle and Kindle upgrades. I am on my second Kindle, Kindle HD and may just look to the next model out… Thanks for representing all of us in a positive way…

    • Meg Amor

      I so agree Paul. I think its about time. It’s wonderful!! Go Amazon!

  • Meg Amor

    So over the ‘Christian Wrong’ and the people who are from the dark ages. It’s 2013 people.

    Nobody is ‘shoving’ gay anything down your throat. It’s just another part of society that is currently – poorly represented in ads. Get over it. These days they have diversity in ads for people of every race, creed and colour. Is that ‘shoving’ black power, Jewish rights or anything else down your throat? Thought not.

    I am so saddened by the small mindedness of people who think that they are ‘normal’. That it’s not a God like way to be. Pretty awful God you believe in, if he only selectively loves who he thinks is ‘fit’.

    You should all be very very ashamed of yourselves.

  • Rob

    I’m so proud of Amazon, I’m going to return the iPad I just bought and buy a Kindle.

  • mark segura

    Sodom and Gomorrah, anybody heard of it?

    • Mark

      We are already embracing Sodom & Gomorrah by not advocating to Gay marriages

  • JM

    Anyone besides me notice how the supporters of this commercial are very adamant and very vicious with their words and name calling against those who oppose the commercial? Yet, those who oppose the commercial state their beliefs(mainly religious and moral, mainly to protect their right to raise their children however they choose) don’t name call and aren’t vicious like the others. Just a casual observance while reading everyone’s arguments.

  • Mark

    Both the bigots and the supporters are feeding the the cause