Amanda Bynes Looks Healthy, Happy at Fashion School Event

    March 24, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Amanda Bynes looked happy and healthy when she appeared at an event on Friday held at her school, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in L.A. She posed for photos with her parents as they checked out the projects she spent a semester creating. Bynes studies fashion at the school.

“Debut showcases the work of students in the advanced program. Everyone from current students to industry professionals attends,” Sydney Taylor, also a student at the school, said. “Amanda looked beautiful and is so sweet. She was being very discreet about being there but smilingly hugged anyone who asked to meet her.”

“Amanda looks like she’s getting back to normal,” a guest at the event remarked. “She looked good and was being friendly.”

Amanda Bynes seemed proud of her accomplishments at the design institute and likely of her huge strides toward becoming healthier in both body and mind. She shared some photos of her big day via Twitter.

This next picture Bynes tweeted is of her with her mom, who holds an indefinite conservatorship over the actress. It definitely appears like she took very necessary measures, however–ones that ultimately saved her daughter’s life.

It is wonderful to see how far Amanda Bynes has come since her days of appearing front and center in the tabloid news. Mental illness and addiction are serious illnesses that can prove deadly if not treated with both therapy and medication. Thankfully Bynes received–and continues to receive–both, and obviously is working on creating a new life for herself in the world of fashion design.

She is “very happy to reestablish the loving relationship with her family that she once shared,” an attorney for her mother said following her release from her inpatient treatment facility a few months ago.

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  • Burt Dingman

    she used to be so hot before she went nuts. hope she continues her rebound.

    • Ben Dover

      Burt she still has a nice rack and probably a freak in bed..

  • DJ

    I really hope for a young talented funny beautiful girl that she is doing much better. She looks wonderful. Don’t scare us like that again Amanda! Take care of yourself. 1 comment! where are all the well wishers at? Guess it’s not as interesting to people when someone gets better. Also, a little harder to take pot shots at someone.

  • Jack Tante

    I hope she is getting her life strait

  • george smithson

    I hope this becomes the greatest personal turnaround in the history of Hollywood.

  • Pfoley

    Its wonderful she is doing so well with the help of trained professionals and family. But lets not forget she has issues that will be with her a lifetime and therefore will need that support longterm. i applaude her and her family in helping her live a normal happy life despite the challenges. Best thing she could od is get out of Hollywood and live in the real world. My dad was bipolar and it ws a difficult way to grow up and it took our family many years to find a balance that worked for him and us. Dont lose heart.