Amanda Bynes Apologizes For Leaked Recording


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Amanda Bynes has been in a downward spiral for months, and just when you think the stories about her can't get any more shocking, she surprises everyone with some more strange behavior. Over the weekend a recording of Amanda Bynes talking about murdering her father was leaked to TMZ. The tape was allegedly recorded by one of Bynes' roommates.

"If your father was my father … then you would understand why you'd want to slit his wrists … I haven't decided how I want to murder him … I don't believe in murder … He literally like is the worst person … Nothing would give me greater pleasure than like slitting his throat. That is what I would love to do," Bynes allegedly said on the tape.

Bynes has been having problems with her parents for several weeks. They have rescued her from jail and even psychiatric wards by promising to act as her conservators and being responsible for her. This has caused Bynes and her parents to butt heads over many things, including her money and how she spends it.

Bynes has complained about her parents on Twitter in the past and while she was obviously mad at them, nobody expected her to talk about killing them.

"So like I'm not gonna like ever do such a thing, but like I call my mom and like I threaten to kill her, and I threaten to slit her wrist, and I threaten to like burn down her house and like I said a bunch of s--- like that. I'm gonna continue telling you guys I'm gonna murder my family like 'cause that's the thing that like, they're in control of my money, and that's why I don't have much money right now," Bynes continued on the tape.

A short time after the tape was released online, Bynes' attorney released her apology to Access.

"I'm sorry I trusted people who clearly were not my friends and capitalized on my illness. I am doing my best to get better. I am truly sorry for the statements I made. I am sorry for any pain I caused my family and others," the statement said.

"I am thankful for everyone's patience and understanding. I never expected others to take advantage and profit from my condition. I'm disappointed with those who lulled me into a false sense of security only to find out they really are only interested in selling my privacy to the media," the statement concluded.

Bynes also tweeted an explanation for the tape.

Do you think Bynes will ever get the help she needs?