Alyssa Milano Bares Skin, Talks “Who’s The Boss?”

    June 28, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Alyssa Milano grew up alongside many of us; as Sam on “Who’s The Boss”, she was the pretty tomboy all the boys had a crush on and all the girls wanted to be like. As she made a transition into her teen years and early 20’s, she managed to keep working and keep her youthful appearance, and that’s something that hasn’t changed now that she’s 40.

In the newest issue of Maxim Magazine, Milano goes braless on the cover and talks about her experience on the ’80s sitcom in the interview.

“That was an era when TV child actors just didn’t work after their show was over,” she said. “I think Christina Applegate and I are the only two who maintained some sort of career path past the shows that launched us. But I have a great family. And I look at a lot of these kids who struggle in the industry and think they’d have struggled no matter what they did.”

She could be referring to any number of child actors, but the two that come to mind are Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, who have had recent, very public, and numerous struggles with fame and substance abuse.

The star of the new ABC drama “Mistresses” says that being a star on a popular show as a kid might have been weird, had she known anything different.

“It wasn’t weird, because I didn’t know any different. You know, I went through puberty like everyone else; it only got embarrassing when the show would take what was going on with me and write it into the show, like ‘Samantha’s First Bra.’ It was like, OK, guys, do we really need to do this?” She continued, “But what an awesome time stamp!”

Image: Maxim


  • shar

    Alyssa can look that good after having sex with ALL the men in California and probably other states too. She finally had a kid, but probably didnt hurt herself in the process. The guy she married looks like the type who will do all the cooking,cleaning, raising the kid….along with her nannies,maids…!!!

    • Frank Lemanski

      No one should make that durogatory remark. Can you possibly add any substance to that remark?

      I think she is a beautiful woman that you probably resent and obviously fanasize about!

    • Todd

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    • Jamey Buster

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    • http://Webpronews Cali Born

      Sounds like one of the commenters caught their boyfriend/husband masturbating to the latest edition of Maxim!

      • Steph

        You are such an idiot!

        • http://www.tech-pack.com Rob Anderson


    • Phelia

      someone is acting like a kunt Shar-ee poo. I’m ashamed for you.

  • Pablo Cervantes

    Shar, I lived in California from 1981 until 2010. I assure you I never had sex with Alyssa…at least while she was present. My dreams are another story altogether!

  • Mike

    Still got it Sam…

    • JACK


  • Mo mo

    The top picture looks like somebody blew a load on her face, aka iced the cake.

    I always thought this touchy broad is pissed because she never really made it. This cover proves it.

    • Phelia

      Mo mo is a homo eh pidouline? try harder with your insults of Alyssa. so far you look like an angry fgt. k thx bai ^_~

  • John Davis

    Alyssa promotes immoral filth and sleaze. She’s lost the respect of millions of people, trust me. Her latest show, her latest nudity…she promotes immorality, makes a mockery of marriage and is a terrible role model to young women.

    • Liz Colen

      Nothing like a hard core Bible thumpper…

      • Jeff Broyhill

        You dont even know her, get off your high horse and pull the broom out of your arse. There are a lot more people that would like to see there daughter end up like her then some bible thumping hypocritical morality police wanna be like you.

      • TheGhostofBelleStarr

        ..and who said anything about the ” Bible”, I guess to have morals and respect yourself as a woman you think the ” bible” is involved…no honey lots of pagans don’t like women being used as objects for mens se xual gratification

  • Joe

    We all know….”YOU’RE AN IDIOT” Todd!!!

  • Mike

    I grew up with Alyssa and loved her on Who’s the boss. She’s a beautiful woman no one can tell me different. Give her a break for crying out loud!

  • EG

    When young ladies don’t seems to make it in this industry they star taking it off so they can become a hit again. If they don’t start nudity they do drugs or something to get notice.

  • Mista

    Its acting people. Get a life. She is an amazing beautiful actress and person. Two different personas. Is whats called real life here on earth. She is brave enough to act it out for you to come out of your bubble lsakdjflkdj

  • ian

    funny how some peoples lives are so pathetic thay have to write negatives things about someone they dont know, havent met, never will meet just to make there own miserable lives seem better. and how would u know how many guys she has slept with. and how is it any of your buisness anyway.

    • TheGhostofBelleStarr

      I bet you defend serial killers too, because after all we have never met them….

  • Nicci

    YIKES, you guys !

  • Peter

    This site is damned irritating. It takes ages to be able to get to the comment section, because it requires you to bare with the loading of all the videos and images. This is my last time coming here. MFking irritating site!

  • Mo mo

    I hate when young ding dongs these days use the word “amazing”. Watch a damn reality show. They use it every other sentence.

    There are damn few things in life that are “amazing”, and Alyssa Milano isn’t one of them.

    • David B42

      40 is young to you? Lighten up, then.

      • Mo mo

        Screw yourself. She’s not using the word, idiot posters here are.

  • david l wayne

    Hey, She is a woman and very attractive. Leave her be-at least she works and isn’t trying to get explosure because of”her political views” like some other dodos in HWOOD.

  • .Yukiko Henry

    For those of you that are making judgements against Alyssa Milano and ugly, harsh ones at that, should be ashamed of yourself. Who are you to judge? Alyssa is a beautiful, talented actress as well as a sweet and kind person. Have you ever watched an interview of her? You guy guys sound hateful and ugly inside. Think about yourselves and what you sound like before you go and judge anyone else!

    • Ally

      While you may find her a beautiful person, unless you are part of her close inner circle you really are no position to judge her in a positive light. I don’t think anyone’s negative comments are based on her personality, they are based on how she chooses to present herself to the public. Personally, I find mother’s choosing parts that involve nudity in poor taste. There will come a day when her child will surf the web, would you like to see boob shots of your mother on the internet?
      With that being said, I would not want someone making parenting choices for me, so Alyssa is free to do as she pleases. I find her an entertaining actress, but personally would not invite her to a mommy and me group.

      • Gia

        for someone as judgmental with something cold and hard stuck up their backside – you seem to have clicked on the wrong link!

        • TheGhostofBelleStarr

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  • Abe Lincoln

    Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shayk, Erin Heatherton, Esti Ginsburg, Kate Upton, … NOW THAT’S AMAZING!

  • Anon

    The reason her and Applegate continued on in their careers is because they both are drop dead knock outs!

  • http://WebProNews Carl

    She should change her name to Ms. Geous—as in Gor-geous.

  • dino

    She’s smoking hot. Anything beyond that is irrelevant …

  • Steph

    Alyssa is a very beautiful woman. I have always thought so. I am turning 40 also this year, and I sure wish I looked like her. But I have to tell you, I am very disappointed that she would star in a tv show that promotes husbands cheating on their wives. Very sad. She could have and should have done better than that.

  • Steph

    I am reading people’s comments and I am dumbfounded…
    Doesn’t anyone have morals anymore??? So sad…

    • steve

      Sounds like someone is jealous. I’m sure if the tables were turned, you would love the attention.
      Sour Grapes, lady….Sour Grapes…..

      • TheGhostofBelleStarr

        Sour grapes ? because she has a problem with comments like ” I’d leave my wife for her”, or ” I want her in my bed ” ? Its really demeaning to women that they feel they have to show their tit n ass om magazine covers to be considered relevant …and of course it evokes the very response we see…men saying they want to F her…she is an object to jerk off too…they care nothing about her as person just whats between her legs..but she must think that is acceptable as see sells herself to get some publicity.

        • Bubba

          Your preaching morals, and you choose a name of a fomer hooker ? Real nice…you voted for nobama, didn’t you….lol

  • http://www.tech-pack.com Rob Anderson

    I want Alyssa in my bed FOREVER!!

  • http://www.tech-pack.com Rob Anderson


    • steve

      I remember reading a book once on dating that said: “Never date a girl that ever says anything bad about Alyssa Milano”. It’s worked out so far…

  • http://www.tech-pack.com Rob Anderson

    Sweet Alyssa, CALL ME!! 612-860-4973

  • Raven

    Is it true she has herpes? All the STD’s celebrity sites says she does along with Jessica Alba. Maybe from A-Rod.

  • e

    The reason they look so good is that Alyssa and Cristina apple gate both have Fake boobs. Check out Embrace of the Vampire. Good movie.

    • TheGhostofBelleStarr

      you DO know Applegate had both her boobs removed don’t you….

  • lisa

    its sad they photoshopped the cover because she DOES look great…she has gained some weight and her boobs are much bigger due to sons birth but she looks normal and healthy..this pick makes her seem smaller than she really is and that’s the sad part

  • sun

    She looks great but have u ever seen christina applegate without any makeup? Ewwwww. Milano looks good with or without. Remember if you actually see some of these women in a bikini in person most of them have bad cellulite and their skin isn’t clear cause they either have dots or acne.Look up some of these beauties and u will see. But milano is a beauty without makeup and in a bikini I give it to her.No I am not jealous cause I am 43 and I still look good and I am proud of it. I thank my momma for that. lol!

  • Rick

    Anyone else dislike HD TV? The women that were SO HOT before look, kind of bizarre when you can really see their complexion.