Alessandra Ambrosio Takes the Kids For Pictures With Santa

    December 16, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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Everyone’s slowly getting into the holiday spirit, and Victoria Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio is also in that number!

Although she’s usually quite busy with her hectic modeling career, which is usually filled with photoshoots, public appearances and interviews, she has yet another full time job that tends to take priority over everything else – motherhood! This past weekend was designated for just that – quality time with her children to enjoy the holiday season.

As a matter of fact, she spent her entire weekend with her children basking in the ambiance of the season shrouded around illuminate lights, Christmas trees, holiday decor and Nutcrackers!

The 32-year-old British model even took moments to stop and share the intimate moments with fans via Instagram.

Saturday marked the beginning of the Instagram Christmas Pictures, as Ambrosio shared a picture of her and her daughter in a picture with one of the toy soldier characters from The Nutcracker after the show. The picture’s caption read, “#Christmas funnn with my girls @anabbofficial @ludidelfino #nutcracker”.


On Sunday, Ambrosio posted a photo of her daughter Anja, and son Noah,  as they walked up to take pictures on Santa’s lap. “Papai Noel,” said Ambrosio in the picture’s caption.


Although the warm-loving picture glimmered with holiday cheer, one little person definitely wasn’t in the Christmas spirit. According to E! News, Ambrosio’s 18-month-old toddler son Noah was a bit under the weather so he wasn’t up to the whole picture-taking adventure. He began crying when he and his sister finally made it to the front of the line. The picture actually shows Ambrosio reaching for her son. She picked him up to calm him as her daughter went on to sit on Santa’s lap.

Ambrosio concluded her fun-filled weekend of pictures with an illuminate image of their snowman at night. The caption read, “Sweet #christmas dreams ⛄️”

It’s safe to say Alessandra Ambrosia is definitely in the Christmas spirit with high anticipation of the warm-loving, family-filled days of holiday cheer!

Image via Facebook | Alessandra Ambrosia

  • It is All BS

    Yeah and if you believe she is a full time “mommy” —- I have swampland that I need to show you. I hate all this politically correct BS. Yes, the woman can do it all. Look —- she is a high fashion model that travels the world and she takes care of her children just like the average woman does.

    Please. It is such bullshit.

    No wonder women are miserable in today’s world. They are constantly bombarded by bullshit. But go ahead and believe a Victoria Secret’s model is the same as a woman who works 9-5 and goes home to her kids.

    • @It is All BS

      America is the land of illusion. Only stupid people actually believe a Victoria Secret model is a full time mommy. She has nannies and lot of other help.

      I agree women buy into this nonsense too much. Ever notice how it is always about how the woman can do everything and is so strong — they don’t even show husbands or fathers or boyfriends anymore — it is all about the woman. It is also a huge illusion too.