Alabama Terrorism: Two Men Receive Maximum Sentence

By: Aleyia Dixon - December 20, 2013

Alabama seems an unlikely place for overseas terrorism, but this case proves that you never know where it can occur.

Reuters tells us that Randy “Rasheed” Wilson and Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair were each sentenced to 15 years in prison today by U.S. District Judge Kristi DuBose for “conspiring to provide material support to terrorists.”

The two met online in 2010, and Abukhdair moved in with the Wilson family in Mobile, Alabama a year after. By this time, Abukhdair had already been jailed in Egypt on suspicion of terrorist-related activities, and by 2011 the FBI began recording the two new roommate’s conversations and emails. Authorities stepped in earlier this year after they both were found attempting to leave the country after settling on a place and action for, in the judge’s words, their “well-researched plan” for jihad.

It has also been reported that Wilson was also friends with the recently killed prominent member of the al Shabaab (and Alabama native) Omar Hammami. The al Shabaab are connected to the recent Kenya and Somalia attacks.

Attorneys asserted to the court that the accused only said disturbing things, and that one should not be punished for that. The final decision today, however, ended with both defendants receiving the maximum sentence for the charge.

What do you think? Were Randy Wilson and Mohammad Abukhdair unfairly sentenced or was it just action performed by the United States?

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  • Willard

    Hell no the sentence was way too light……………..Public execution would have been more appropriate.

  • Interesting

    We know of nothing these men said or did really. They had conversations, but people have conversations all the time. They say stuff they don’t mean or won’t actually do. Look at the article above. It gives absolutely no details.

    That is the problem with all these types of cases. No details. Did they just talk? Did they buy things? Did they have real targets? We don’t know.

    If you use the standards in this case and apply them across the board, anyone could be arrested at anytime and sent to prison for doing nothing. That is not a good precedent to set.

    We need more details.

    • J.Solis

      You have to look at the WHOLE PICTURE !! IF you don’t dip your hand in poop, it won’t smell like poop.

      • @J. Solis

        What whole picture? We are given generalities. No details. Nothing. It is a picture that can be whatever a person wants it to be.

        We don’t even see a picture of the two men. How do we even know they exist?

        It is kind of like on 9/11. All we really SAW was planes going into the buildings. That is it. The rest we were TOLD. People forget this one very fundamental fact. Even the picture of the “terrorists” in the airports weren’t accurate. Those were pictures of the terrorists getting on connecting flights. Not the actual flights and they also don’t have the tell tell indicators of being actual airline camera footage.

  • hamin

    So, a couple of gay guys talked about acts of terror. why is that punishable?

    • nothamin

      Who said they were gay? It said they had plans to leave this country together to commit jihad.

  • Dr. K

    In jail for 15 years…right, so they’ll be out in what 6 years for good behavior and have recruited countless others in jail to be part of their movement. Put them to rest not in jail or lock them up in a cell with no human interaction.

  • Burnzy

    I think 15 years in jail gives them 15 years with a captive audience to recruit. Should have sent them to Guantanamo with real terrorists!!!

  • @Interesting

    I agree with you.

    There are no details in this article about what these guys did. None. It is the like the men serving time at Gitmo. Some have been locked up for over a decade without concrete charges or even a hearing. It is insane. Many of the men at Gitmo, aren’t even connected to terrorism. You have the redneck mentality kicking in though. Don’t stop, don’t think, don’t examine, and don’t question. If someone says it is terrorism, then it is. That is America’s problem. Knee jerk and uninformed decisions. No one ever sees details. Just generalities.

    Then again all of 9/11 was about generalities and no trials. Remember we had to go get the “evil doers”. A large airliner crashes into a tower, explodes in a massive fireball, brings the tower down, and generates enough heat to melt 1400 cars that were eight blocks away, but a small paper passport from one of the terrorist survives, is found in the rubble, and then is given to the FBI. This passport just happens to belong to a “terrorist”. Please. You have got to be kidding me. If you believe that part of the official story, you must also believe in the tooth fairy. One day we are going to find out that many of the men we have condemned are completely innocent and that America is not what it seems.

    • Phil

      Don’t bring up the melted cars. Most people don’t even know about that. They live in a fantasy world. In a recent poll, half of America did not know about Building 7. The commission report does not even mention the building. How do you not even mention a 47 story building collapsing? Face it America. No one really investigated 9/11 and you were lied to by evil people in power. What? You think evil people can’t be in power in the United States? That somehow America is immune? Your country spent more money investigating Monica’s blow job than it did on 9/11. Sucking a dick was more important than 3,000 deaths. Think about that.