Alabama Sex Ring Exposed With Disappearance Of Teen Girl

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Brittney Wood was last seen on May 30, 2012 with her uncle Donnie Holland, who allegedly killed himself within days of her disappearance. Holland was set to face questioning by authorities for allegations of sexual abuse on the same day he was found, and when people realized the 19-year-old girl was missing, a probe into the sexual abuse allegations was stepped up. Police reportedly unraveled an incestuous Alabama sex ring that involved several of Brittney’s relatives and family friends.

Holland was believed to have been the head of the Alabama sex ring that involved the sexual molestation of 11 to 16 children starting as young as 3 or 4 years old. Some children were allegedly made to watch drug-fueled orgies, and authorities believe that the molestation went on for three generations between two families that merged when Holland married Wendy Wood, aunt of Brittney.

— National Post (@nationalpost) November 3, 2014

Brittney was a victim of the sex ring and reportedly could have been a key witness. “Brittney could have been huge. She could have corroborated so many things,” said prosecutor Teresa Heinz.

Eight of Wood’s adult relatives, including her mother Chessie Wood, along with three family friends have been charged with dozens of felonies in two counties. They were members of an alleged sex ring that shared children for sex.

Brittney is presumed dead and no one has been charged for her disappearance. However, even without her, two of her uncles and her brother have pled guilty to sex charges, while a family friend was convicted by a jury. Other accused members of the Alabama sex ring are awaiting trial.

Authorities are baffled by how the sexual abuse could have gone on for years with nothing being done about it. One girl reportedly claims that she was abused by an uncle as early as 2008, said Heinz, but welfare workers said the complaint was unsubstantiated.

“You look at these reports and wonder, ‘Why? How did it not go anywhere?’” said Heinz.

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