Alabama: Kidnapping Involves Crimson Tide Forward Devonta Pollard

    June 6, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Devonta Pollard, an 18-year-old sophmore forward for the University of Alabama’s basketball team, is one of seven people charged in connection with the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl back in April. Pollard has been charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

According to a Tuscaloosa News report, the charge stems from the kidnapping of Jashayla Hopson, who was taken from her Scooba, Mississippi elementary school on April 30. The kidnappers were alleged to have been led by Pollard’s mother, Jesse Pollard. Devonta was allegedly involved in coordinating logistics and providing rides for people during the kidnapping.

A court filing states that Hopson was taken to a Laurel, Mississippi hotel room while one of the kidnappers contacted the girl’s mother to demand a $50,000 ransom. When Jessee Pollard was called in for a lie detector test the next day, the kidnapping plot was abandoned. Hopson was dropped off on a remote country road and told to run over and knock on the door of a stranger’s trailer. A rental car used in the kidnapping was then abandoned in a ditch.

The alleged motive for the kidnapping was a feud between Jesse Pollard and Hopson’s mother. The kidnapping trial is set to begin on August 6.

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