Aisha Tyler Spills Secret About "Archer" Character

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Aisha Tyler opened up recently about her character on "Archer", Lana Kane, and spilled a little secret about what Kane has been up to and what season 5 holds in store.

Kane turned up pregnant in this week's season premiere, and while Tyler knows enough not to give away any big secrets, she did throw out a tantalizing hint that not everything is as it seems.

"I might know who the father is, I can't tell you," she said. "(But) she didn't get pregnant by accident."

Tyler hosted the 19th annual Critic's Choice Awards this week, earning praise for her skills onstage and for her shoutout to Tom Hanks, who got a snub from the Oscars this year, much to the outrage of his fans.

"I would never snub you," she told Hanks.

Tyler is a well-known busy lady, dividing her time between hosting several shows, acting, and writing as well as serving on a panel on the CBS daytime show "The Talk".

"I love to work," Tyler has said. "I grew up poor. It was a good time, but I'm not interested in going back. And I'm going to try to add more jobs to that list. I want to wake up, look back and think, 'God! I did a lot of stuff."

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