African Serval Cat Killed In Detroit Neighborhood

    August 27, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A large African Serval cat that escaped from a Detroit home was shot dead over the weekend by a local resident, and now the former owners want answers.

The cat was actually a Savannah, which is a hybrid between an African Serval and a domestic cat and has the exotic features of a wild feline. The family says they believe the cat escaped through a screened-in window and roamed the neighborhood for several days, eluding a search party who were attempting to bring it home safely. Rumors began to spread that the animal was dangerous, and reportedly one resident took matters into their own hands when they spotted it.

“It was simply ignorance. A Savannah cat is a cross between an African Serval and a domestic cat, and that is it. They’re larger cats, they’re very beautiful, they have a lot of stripes and spots, which I think was more intimidating to people than even the size of the cat, because the cat wasn’t overly huge, about 25 pounds and maybe when it was sitting was probably two feet tall. But they’re very sweet animals, they’re kind of like the dog of the cat world,” said Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek of Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue.

The family says the cat never posed a threat to the public and even have photos of their neighbors petting it; Wilhelm-Bruzek says it’s a sad situation that could have been avoided.

“I’d love to see someone look into it and investigate it. But I’m not holding out a lot of hope. This whole thing from the beginning has just been a mess,” she said.

Image: Wikipedia

  • Dina

    So sad. My condolences to the pet owner and those who loved this cat. What a beautiful photo of the cat. I wish people would do bit of research before thinking shooting something is the only answer.

    • GG

      The media didn’t help in this case by spreading fears by presenting the cat as a danger. One article even mentioned how the cat would possibly attack small children. I knew when I read the article that it was overblown but many people believe what they see on TV and read in the papers/online.

  • A

    Why would the title call it an African Serval Cat, and than again in the body copy, when it’s actually a Savannah?

    Yes, I would call this ignorance. The cat was probably killed because our awful shock value centric media turned a fucking house cat into a 4 foot tall lion.

  • Dreama

    What an idiot who killed this cat. That’s Detroit for ya.

    • D. Savannah Brown

      How are you going to call the person an idiot when they were ignorant that this beast was a domestic cat…I would killed it to…lol

      • jaye

        D Savannah Brown..your ignorance is showing. This wasn’t a beast..i’ve seen the video of it..it was just a big cat..it was more scared of the humans trying to catch it than they could be of it. people should do their homework before they take out their guns. Another reason for gun control.

        • D. Savannah

          Who have time for homework when facing a beast of the of my homeland forest…?

          • JP

            try and proofread, it should help you to not sound so undeducated. As an animal lover, accidents can happen regardless of how many precautions you take to ensure your animals dont get loose. Comparing this situation to Travon M. is quite ignorant. If this was your dog or cat you would feel differently, assuming you are capable of that emotion.

    • Kimberly D

      Dreama-Detroit did not shoot the cat, a single idiot did. Put blame where its supposed to be!

    • Kimberly D

      Dreama – “Detroit” did not shoot the cat, a person did!

    • Doc

      F…. The cat

  • mutznermary

    I blame the owners they didn’t take proper attention they should have had something stronger than a screen to keep the cat inside. Also they should have had a large pen outside made to look like the animals habitat. Only fools get there animals killed shame on you. And shame on the person who shot it, its dumb a*** like you that make other dumb a*** call for gun control. I saw the cat wondering around not dangerous at all.

    • abycat99

      I have a Savannah Cat. They are the sweetest animals. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. I do agree that the owners should have taken precautions against the animal getting or they should have alerted the neighborhood that he/she was a domestic animal. So sad.

    • tim

      its obvious you have never owned a cat, and I hope you never do.

    • D. Savannah

      Monkey intelligence? Lol white folk

      • Damie

        D.Savannah- Seriously? This has nothing to do with “white folk”. If you have a problem with racism, post on a rascism blog. This is about a cat. You are showing ignorance that goes beyond race.

    • janice

      So..mutznermary…..you saw the animal….did you do anything to help? and d.savannah brown….I find each one of your comments beyond obnoxious and completely stupid and rude. Shame on the media for once again “hyping and morphing” a situation way out of control. When I first heard this story, it almost went without saying the cat would be killed. I also knew when I heard it was a savannah that it was someone’s beloved pet. My heart felt sympathies go out to the family.

    • olga

      Cats are NOT meant to be cooped up inside the house! As a regular cat owner I let my cat outside and play, climb trees, the roof, I even see him crossing the street. Cats are curious animals they want to know what’s out there.

      • Bridget

        Personally, having lost one cat to predators, I think that cats should be given plenty of enrichment but should be kept confined either in the house or by leash, just like a dog. Too much potential for disaster.

    • Jonah

      How about you can’t legally buy a gun if you have a low IQ? And if your IQ is low when tested they sterilize you on the spot. Kills two birds with one stone. The only way to make this world less ignorant is take control of it.

  • Charles vignone

    What kind of Monkey intelligence shoots beautiful animals? Well, there are a lot of this kind of MANkind effluence here just itching to tryout their new guns. That beautiful Animal’s soul goes Straight to the pearly Gates,as animals ARE God’s Innocent Children who were the Planet’s caretakers for 450,000,000 years until humans spun off from the great apes 2million years ago and this is the result. We human monkies? We have to earn getting there. That was a beautiful Animal.



    • D. Savannah Brown

      Do the regular criminals have valid permits? lol

  • jaye

    soeone should shoot the person who shot this innocent cat.

    • jaye


    • D. Savannah Brown

      See there I already told y’all that these white folk care more about tore up animals more that they do certain colors of humans. Now if this had been a black human they woruld have been applauding….

      • Jo

        Who said they were white?

      • JimB.

        If that is all the intelligence you can muster up – you need to stop posting.

      • http://WebProNews DJ

        Oh yeah…you’re helping a lot.

  • michael

    Sadly I’m not surprised, they’re killing everything else there.

  • mutznermary

    I blame the owners they should have had a better place to keep and protect the animal. Shame on them and the person who shot the animal. Its people like you who cause reason for gun control.

    • http://yahoo Karl

      I blame the media. They’re the ones who made the little incident of an escaped pet a big deal – spreading fear among the community. Some wannabe hunter probably thought he was doing a service to his neighborhood.

  • rrl

    people are stupid. this is a beauiful cat. sorry to the family of wonderful animal.

  • Judy L

    The news media should keep their mouths shut about things they know nothing about they made3 this precious cat out to be so mean and vicious. Grow up news media and learn to read about things and investigate it before reporting on it. Now there is an innocent cat dead because of people not knowing anything about the animal. The person who shot the cat should have to go clean cages and feed some of these animals to learn how precious they really are. The owner is not to blame. These cats as well as others are very smart/

  • caribdrum

    The person who shot the cat should be sued for one million dollars. Unless if there are mitigating circumstances.

    • http://facebook karen

      Sued for one million dollars. Get real!

  • MPD

    Well, now that idiot owes her 3000 dollars or so. That is about how much the F1 generation of those cats go for.

    • Dode

      While I regret the cat was killed, all responsibility for its death lies with the owner, who failed to keep a hybrid wild animal securely locked up. A 25 lb cat is huge and capable of doing serious damage to children. WIld animals belong in the wild or in a secure and humane zoo….

      • Jeremy

        K one, a 25lb cat is really not that big, no bigger than a smaller medium sized dog. And 2, its not a wild animal, its a hybrid which was bred and born in captivity… Sorry, you lose.

        • Bad Kitty

          We had a 25lb cat, and no one mistoke him for a ‘wild animal’

      • michelle

        I agree. but then again, I love my children more than any animal, have you ever seen what cats can do when they are fighting for their life or scared, I have 3 cats, I seen one fight a boxer and had the boxer’s tail between its legs running away. so for all the ignorant comments, what if a little kid tried to pet kitty and it attacked them? where would this story go? I agree he probably shouldn’t have shot the cat, but owner needs to take more responsibility, cause if a neighbor shot it, it didn’t wander too far.

      • Bridget

        25 lbs is not that big. I’ve seen pure Maine Coon cats (100% domestic cat) grow bigger.

  • robin

    I blame the media too. they probably wanted this so they could continue the story. I am truly sorry for the owners from one cat lover to another


    How tragic that we live in such fear in this culture that kill first comes without thinking. I don’t mean to be too harsh on the gun person, but it speaks so tragically of how far we are being in one with all.

    • Jo

      We are the care takers of all animals. We could live without them but domesticated animals CAN NOT live without us. Every one needs to be responsible for taking care of all animals. Remember ” All actions have reactions “.

  • http://webpronews.com Daisy

    I know who killed the animal. If it had a bag of skittles and a can of ice tea …. it was George Zimmerman.

    • Reality Check

      Sorry Daisy, but the cat DID NOT initiate an attack on it’s killer, unlike Trayvon Martin.

      • janjan917

        hey Reality check and Daisy—-no one except his killer says that Trayvon Martin attacked anyone. Just because zimmerman walked doesn’t mean he is innocent. As long as people like you keep bringing up the zimmerman/Martin case there will be people like me that keep defending Trayvon—-since he is dead and can no longer defend himself. If you can’t have any empathy for the senseless killing of young man you will certainly never have any empthy for the senseless killing of an animal. You both suck as people!

  • http://yahoo jack luft

    Wild animals belong in the wild. Even hybrids should not be allowed as pets.
    We do not live in a Walt Disney fantasy. What we should be doing is expanding
    wilderness habitats, not trying to make playthings and pets out of creatures
    whom natural selection has created to live in wilderness,

  • steve

    the owner of the cat should be able to go kill the idiot who shot the cat . say he posed a threat .no questions asked .

    • http://facebook karen

      To even suggest a human life for the life of a cat is sick! Grow up!

      • dave

        You should grow a sense of humor as I’m PRETTY sure Steve is being facetious. Jesus christ.

        • olga

          he sounded serious to me nothing humorous about it. One of those animal lover crazies

          • Guillermo

            Humans suck as a species.

  • http://facebook karen

    The owner of the cat is at fault here. It got loose, they knew it was missing, they should have been out looking for it, posting pics of it, etc. It is a strange looking cat, not the normal domestic cat, so of course it is going to cause a sensation and people are going to be frightened of it. So many exotic animals anymore that people keep as so called “pets” but they don’t know how to handle them when they get older, or they tire of them and let them loose. It’s the owner’s fault what happened to this cat.

    • Blue Maxfield

      No, it’s not the owner’s fault. The article says the cat escaped through a screened-in window (i.e., an accident) and that a search party had been looking for the cat. It’s not like they let the cat roam wild on purpose and weren’t trying to get it back home safely.

    • Esther Egan

      Also the news hipped the people up as well. The news exasperated the fears already in the people. I agree the owners were at fault but so was the news media. I was hoping it would be captured and sent to a zoo, or something. I do not feel the need to kill everything wild animal. I feel often we can capture them and move them to safe places. I was forever doing that with possums who invaded my hen house. I did not feel the need to kill them when I could take them up to the hills and let them live.

    • dave

      How do you know the owners weren’t actively looking for it (which they clearly said they were in the article) or posting pictures and etc? I think you’re pretty daft to assume that they weren’t. So your first comment just makes you sound like an idiot who can’t read past the third sentence in a news article.

      Second, pets get loose… pets go missing, and yes, its at fault of the owner. Stating the obvious doesn’t make you smart, it makes you even more of an idiot.

      The cat was shot because some dumbass thought it was threat. A 25 pound threat… that wasn’t threatening anything.

  • http://yahoo Pat

    It’s nice to see that most people have compassion and caring for
    animals. The ones that don’t must not have much for the human race to
    start with. Animals can bring joy, laughter, and peace for anyone if
    they can really love anyone or anything.

  • Flossie666

    we had an escaped bobcat roam around our neighborhood in an orlando Florida suburb. apparently someone made a pet of a bobcat kitten, declawed it, and let it loose when it became “too much cat.” It scared me when I saw it at dusk, because unlike Savannah cats, bobcats are not nice when they roam around in a suburban neighborhood adjacent to a state forest. I remember a small child in rural Pennsylvania needed 66 stitches because the child toddled between the bobcat and the corn crib where it hunted for mice. The feral bobcat goes around and eats cat food from the neighbor’s decks to survive.
    I suspect the dummies who killed the unassuming Savannah cat mistook it for a bobcat, which has a different silhouette.

    • Carol Vanderwalker

      Detroit-no wonder few want to live there! Evidently they do not neuter/spay their cats, they just shoot the ones they see. I am sure this shooter knew nothing about a missing Savannah cat because if they did they would have wanted a reward instead of the sick pleasure of having a gun/rifle handy to kill neighborhood cats-strays or not. Sad that people even tinker with these hybrid cats-do not we have enough regular ones that need a home and love? Or do you just need the status symbol?

      • Sharon

        Carol is right. Ir is sad that people do not see lovely homeless cats that would make great pets. I feel bad for the people who lost their pet, but these hybrid and exotic animals are just status symbols. I think all wild animals should be left in their natural habitats. Some people release dangerous snakes once they are too big too deal with. I could go on and on but readers will get bored.

    • Anne

      How many mice do you think the wild cat “killed in a year” by hunting mice in the Corn Crib ? maybe 100 or more…if the Cat had not gotton the mice (and rats) the mice would get the Corn!!
      (children should not play in food storage barns; glad she is ok!

      • Anne

        (the comment was to Flossie) summary “Cats kill mice + rats;

        mice and rats have diseases…”

  • Bad Kitty

    Ohhh poor putty tat, Savannahs are AWESOME cats, they are highly intelligent and can be taught to play fetch like a dog. They LOVE people and love to play with kids, this is sad and certainly shows what idiots your neighbors and how blatantly ignorant of the facts the media can be when rating are to be had.

    • mystical_one

      detroit is a bunch of thug gun-toting so-called “tough guys”. not all of detroit, but mostly. they kill each other daily then cry racism when it’s their OWN race doing it. how disgusting.

  • JP


    Amanda Crum obviously cares only about attention and less about factual reporting. This is evident from her title of this article. This is a Savannah Cat which is bred from a serval cat and a domestic cat. Of course, if the title was “Savannah cat killed in Detroit neighborhood the author wouldnt be able to get an uprising of idiots thinking a freaking jungle cat shipped straight from Africa was on the loose in Detroit. Shame on you Ms. Crum.

  • WhiskersWhat

    So, if the owners were missing this cat, where were the “Missing Cat” posters? Did they not watch the news? If I lost such a valuable animal, I’d be scouring the streets looking for it – I’d especially be interested in giving my two cents to the news crews reporting on it. There’s details missing here.

  • jim lindsey

    Give me 15 minutes with the killer.How could they kill a harmless house cat. That is just wrong

    • paul

      ill give you 15mins with me….your a tuff guy? ever seen one of these cats? harmless my ass,they hunt just like any other wild beast,my ex had one and i have personally been around 1…

      • yvette

        Aww, did the big kitty hurt you??

      • dave

        wild beast? HAHAHA. I cant imagine what you think of a dog.

        Whats the biggest thing that cat could have hunted… a mouse?

      • mike

        So I’m guessing you must have been veraciously attacked by your ex’s cat? the way your speaking of the cat she had must have been a monster. So if you weren’t attacked by it then how can you get on here claiming the cat was a wild beast? It was simply a Savannah. Your acting as if though the animal was a lion. Your the one who is acting like the tough guy on here at the same time showing your lack of self control and ignorance. So until you know all the facts you should just go back to reading and not posting…toughie :)

      • john D Tots

        Son of a negger whore.

      • mystical_one

        has any single human been killed by a domestic cat or even a part domestic cat?!?! NEVER! how many have been mauled by vicious dogs? the count is huge. i also like dogs but whoever had to kill this HARMLESS cat is a loser detroit thug throwing his weight and b*lls around.

    • Doc

      In 15 min .. You would be joining the cat.. Lol

  • http://webpronews.com Jackie

    I only heard about this today, (a few hours ago) and then saw the animal was shot by a neighbor. Did the neighbor know this animal was a tame pet? The original story did not indicate that. Were there flyers around the neighborhood with contact information? Did not see that. I would want answers if it were one of mine, but I would also have taken all the steps necessary to be sure my highly unusual pet was safe in a neighborhood that would not be familar with that breed.

  • Madelyn Fitch

    This cat killer would fare well overseas. Get a free gun & ammo and targets. This way the nuttier they are they my not make it back alive to torture & kill housepets

    • mystical_one

      we should put this loser thug in the military. he can use his b*lls there!!!

      • mystical_one

        whoever thumb downed me, “up yours losers!”

  • LLou

    Stupid fools

  • http://yahoo 0201

    You DONT know about these cats. They are NOT strait from Africa. They are mixed with NORMAL household CATS. They are also Done at different levels and sizes S1 being the largest and they go through (I Believe S5 or 7)an S1, yes, looks like the African parent (size)and the S5 will look more like the “normal” household cat(size). But you have NO right to call her a Liar just because she didn’t call her cat what YOU want it to be called. She called it the CORRECT name. SAVANNAH, is a different breed. Look it up through the CFA or on the internet . Just spell it correctly.

  • LLou

    stupid fools to kill that animal.

  • mystical_one

    seriously, some thug in detroit just had to kill a cat? everyone is supposedly afraid of a larger cat but what about the 50,000 stray dogs that are running in detroit, most pit bulls??!! the cat was raised as a domestic and is not THAT large in comparison to a human or as strong as most dogs. the thug that killed this cat is a loser moron with no heart. most cats that are even part domestic are not a danger to humans!!!

  • Molly

    That is so sad, poor kitty! Detroit is such a sad place now thousands of animals roam the streets(lots of pit-bulls) because of being abandon by owners that can not afford them anymore, you can buy a house there for like a dollar, they should just put a fence around the city and the U.S. could start using it as a huge prison, there’s nothing left for that city now anyway.

  • Damie

    I don’t personally believe that cats belong cooped up indoors. That said, the owner had people out looking for it once it went missing. I feel for the people who lost ther pet. I hope the person who shot the cat feels badly about it. Chances are, they were un-educated about it and may have been frightened. Maybe they had small children they were concerned for, as well. As has been stated in many other posts, the media sure didn’t help this cat, and the writer of this article showed her ignorance by headlining it as an African Serval cat instead of a Savannah. There is a difference!

  • Damie

    I don’t personally believe that cats belong cooped up indoors. That said, the owner had people out looking for it once it went missing. I feel for the people who lost ther pet. I hope the person who shot the cat feels badly about it. Chances are, they were un-educated about it and may have been frightened. Maybe they had small children they were concerned for, as well. As has been stated in many other posts, the media sure didn’t help this cat, and the writer of this article showed her ignorance by headlining it as an African Serval cat instead of a Savannah. There is a difference!

  • mystical_one

    the STUPID media made everyone afraid. it’s about as harmful as a puppy because it is DOMESTICATED!!! stupid media!

    • mystical_one

      whoever thumb downed me here is a freakin’ loser idiot. the media DID cause this uproar and you know i’m right so thumb downing me makes you look like an a-h*le.

      • your mother

        if I could thumb down you more, I would. that’s what you get for ranting like an idiot about a thumbs down on a website of zero importance.

  • js dix

    The domestic Savannah takes 6 generations to get one cat. They price at that 6th breeding at around $22,000. What class of people are left in Detroit?

    • Doc

      The ones that don’t like cats lol

  • D. Savannah Brown

    The fact is that tore up beast is dead and y’all are Mad. Now hear this if I had seen that creature I would have killed it to. Now Get Madder itiots…Did someone mention dogs?

    • Josh

      For the love of all things holy…it is idiot…moron.

    • john D Tots


    • David

      I’ll be saying the same thing about you when you’re dead. Useless excuse for a human being.

    • http://yahoo Terri

      You are just plain friggin’ ignorant!

    • http://yahoo Kara moore

      These cats are not “beasts.” I’m having a hard time believing anyone could be as shallow and ignorant as you seem.


    How could anyone kill such a beautiful animal!! Now, there’s one less awesome creature in the world.

  • D. Savannah Brown

    Jaye …you tore up in threw just like that cat …i dont understand whats the BIG Deal about this damn CAT …ITS DEAD NOW LIFE GOES ON …..

    • mystical_one

      so if someone kills you just cuz you’re tall or fat or threatening looking to them, even though you mean no harm, do you want society saying “big deal, he was just some dude, who cares and no big deal”??? every creature has only one life and it’s precious.

  • olga

    The ignorant killer was a gun-owner….

  • ava

    Murderer! it was just a big cat jeez ghetto ass people!

  • D. Savannah Brown


    • Charles

      About the wise and the ignorant being the same….Not in your case DS Brown

  • D. Savannah Brown


    • Doc


  • http://WebProNews DJ

    Looks like someone thought everyone would think he was cool and a big hero and it turns out, he’s just an A$$

  • Lorrie

    Come on first of all anybody that uses the word y’all which by the way is not a word in my opinion does not know much about anything. They should take the person who shot this beautiful animal and at least make this person pay a large fine, maybe he or she will think twice next time. The cat had hurt no one and yet it had to be killed that is the mind of man destroy everything and not worry about the future. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks this is find, because it is not.

    • Sherry Miller

      I agree !!!! It is not ok at all !! And y’all is a southern thing cause I’m southern but you are correct it is not in the dictionary 😉 Anyway I hate that someone shot it :(

    • mystical_one

      detroit is FULL OF vicious pit bulls (at least 50,000 stray dogs and most are mean due to being mistreated and starved and used for dog fighting) but some a**hole had to kill a cat?!?! seriously, wtf?!

    • diane

      I fill the same way. They should have to pay a big fine for killing this beutiful cat. Please fine this person. They also should have to buy another cat for this family.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tinrichmond

      ya’ll IS in the dictionary and not just the urban dictionary. Look it up. It appears you are the one that doesn’t know any thing.

  • Sherry Miller

    Why would someone kill the cat ???? All anyone would have to do is google large cats or different types of cats and you would have known what it was !! I live in La and my neighbor has one they are so sweet just larger !! They breaks my heart :(((. Did the cat try to attack someone ???? Ridiculous

    • mystical_one

      nobody ever claimed it was attacking them…the da*n media had all detroiters scared to death…and as we all know most of detroit carries a gun, therefore, i knew it would be killed within hours. very sad. detroiters need to worry more about other problems rather than a fat cat.

      • Doc

        We settled one problem at least .. lol

  • K French

    I AM OUTRAGED THAT SOMEONE WOULD DO THAT! These are stunning cats! How dare that person! There was no threat, just assumptions! How heartbreaking!

    • Doc

      This is heartbreak hotel.. In the D

  • Brett

    I knew some ignoramus would end up shooting and killing this animal – sad.

    • Doc

      The hell with him

  • K Dot

    My question is who in the hell would want to domesticate a African Serval(Wild Cat) mixed with a regular cat let alone own one. Just get a cat. But I dont think killing the cat was neccessary unless you were attacked then I guess you do have the right to defend yourself. Either way you hear stories about people being killed by exotic animals and reptiles all the time and I still think to myself just leave them alone. I mean damn some things are better just left alone in the wild where there home is..Maybe the cat was tired of being cooped up. Natural instincts took over and it took off…

    • Jeremy Kristoff, SGT

      The serval cats are born in domestication now. very few wild servals exist ing africa anymore. Now, Savannah cat, are a domestic house cat and have been for the whole breed existance. The breed was actually accidentally made when a family pet (in this case it was a Siamese cat) got out of the house and mated with a local “wild” serval cat. when the family got back to the united states someone saw the kitten and started up a breeding program to strenthen the breed of cat and start a breed standard. The fact of the matter is, is that the cat is a naturally curious thing anyways, and Savannahs are that much more curious by nature. My cat is ALWAYS trying to get out of the apartment when I come through the door after work or whenever. Further more the cat is absolutely beautiful and makes an excellent companion for those people who don’t have time for a dog (being that they are so dog like in temperment and in activity).

    • Steve in Michigan

      I agree somewhat with you. I wouldn’t have a two foot cat that would scare the hell out of anyone. Reporting is the problem, we have from animals to politics. They throw the negative in there reporting to give the story a twist of Holy Wah! That’s who I would blame for cat’s death. If the cat was bred with a Cheetah I wonder what the idiots would say then, just a big cat? It’s just sad that the misunderstanding was put out by the reporter on the cat.

    • tom


      • Kitty (true name)

        What kind of cars have bones? Let us have some charity and not put down a person just because they do not agree with you. We are all born with different perceptions and ideas. Do you want to go to George Orwell’s “1984”?

    • Bill

      Shot? Legal? No! It is not legal to shoot any domestic animal in Detroit, has been illegal to fire a shot in public and not sure of what firearm is legal in Detroit. The owners of the cat should file criminal and civil charges against the coward shooter as long as Detroit police have been silent.

      • Doc

        Hail to the victors!!!!

        • http://Yahoo Olivia

          Who are the victors in this? Comment by “Doc”

          • Doc

            The damn shooter

        • Dave

          The shooters should go to jail !!! What assholes

          • Doc

            We don’t give a shit about a cat or dog.. In the D damn him.

    • http://yahoo Kara moore

      I owned one of these cats. He was the most loyal and loving animal you could imagine. He was more like a dog. If I wanted a normal cat, I would get one. After having that sweet savannah, I would never get a regular cat again.

      • Doc

        The cat came back the very next day..Lol

    • Dave

      Savannaha cats are not mean or would they ever attack!! I own 2 they are very good pets

  • Erin

    Yep, as soon as I read the article, I knew the sweet cat would be dead by dusk. Sure enough. People are so cruel. It wasn’t hurting anyone, but the article raised fear and anxiety that it COULD hurt someone, so what did we expect?

    • Doc

      Yes what did they expect. murder

    • Doc

      I’m glad he dead

  • Jerry

    I own two beautiful and loving Siamese cats. I let them out everyday to commune with nature. Many of my friends and neighbors tell me they may be stolen or run over by a car. True! We also, as parents, have to reach the day when our children go out alone for the first time. When my cats don’t return in a timely manner, I worry. I know there can be negative consequences to my decision. I saw the story about the Detroit cat yesterday and just read about its death. From what I could piece together, the owners were completely at fault. Why were children in the neighborhood interviewed? Why didn’t the owners come forward and talk to the news media? On the video the cat did look a bit scary and not everyone goes home and “googles” to discern what breed is touring their neighborhood. Furthermore, this was a poor neighborhood with boarded up houses. Maybe the residents don’t have a PC or a Mac at home. This was a sad story but the condition of Detroit, the working class of this country, and the fact that we’re trying to re-build half of the underdeveloped world while allowing our own citizens to live in a city that’s lost its manufacturing base is sadder. The cat’s dead. Let’s all chip in $5 and fix Detroit’s neighborhoods, schools, public transportation etc. AND LET’S KEEP RACE OUT OF THIS! I never hear people talking about the colors of felines. Does anyone call a panther,”The N-Cat”?

  • http://Yahoo Sherlock

    I have a male cat that weighs about the same. Hope some ignorant ass doesn’t think he is a lion or similar and kills him. Atypical of our species, “If you don’t know what it is or understand it, KILL IT”. This has really afforded us intellectual advantage as a species. Hooray!!!

  • Doodle

    Just goes to show…you can’t fix stupid!!!!

  • Vivelena

    It’s Detroit!!!!

  • Jeremy Kristoff, SGT

    Mrs. Crum,

    I personally own the same type of cat that was shot in detroit. and the portrail of this cat as being wild is a gross exaggeration of any fantasy in the world. First of all it’s a Savannah cat breed not a Serval (and even then there are domestic Serval cats too). It was an F2 which means that, on the female side the GRANDPARENT was a Serval cat, and on the male side the closest Serval parent would have to be 4 or 5 generations (Savannah males are sterile until the 4th or 5th generation). ANYONE who can look up Wiki under Savannah cat could find this out. But you felt it was better to portray this cat as a wild cat that was shipped here from Africa or something and then released straight to the city. Now, here’s the truth, My cat while she’s only an F6 (that means that she’s 6 generations removed from the Serval/domestic house cat mating) but she’s still very beautiful. She’s 8-10 pounds and only 11 1/2 months old (she will grow until she’s almost 2 because of the size and genetic make up of the breed) and not including the tail she’s just about 18 inches long (from the nose to the base of the spine. Including the tail tends to give a false sense of size). She’s on the athletic/lanky side as far as build and Very intelligent. She’s also very playful, playing fetch and retrieve, walking on a leash, and loves the water. She runs very fast and can jump about 6′ high. She’s very friendly and protective of her family. I would equate her temperment to that of a friendly, yet shy, dog. I doubt that you will read this or even investigate anything about this breed and just chalk it up to a “wild cat” being killed. But that is what the public has come to expect from the press.

    • http://!!! Jose

      How many generations are pit bulls removed from their killing instincts ?? it’s in the genes, no matter how far removed, it stays. All it needs is a trigger, like Hunger. Or perceived threat. And it’s like a green light, they go for the throat !! Even after being raised from a puppy, they will kill and maul family members as if strangers. Not to be trusted. Neither wild animals raised as “pets.” Look at what a pet chimp, raised from birth did to a woman recently. One was killed , another had her face torn off. Go ahead make nice with ‘PETS “

  • vcpitts

    Thanks once again to out-of-control media reports resulting in the death of this beautiful animal. There was no threat, only fear fueled by ignorance. The killer and the media should both be sued for overreacting, resulting in dire consequences. PATHETIC.

  • Kara

    It’s Detroit……what did we expect. If we shot everyone who was a threat there, everyone would be dead. Maybe we should do that…..people pose more of a threat there then a cat. What an idiot. Not shocking some idiot took his gun out and shot it…..was it even a threat to him? probably not.

  • yodatu

    Oh this makes me ill that someone killed that cat. He was worth a lot of money and they make great pets. I am sure his owners are just sick about it. When I saw everything on the web this morning, I knew what kind of cat it was immediately. It is so sad that it came to such a tragic end.

  • http://servalcats dorothy

    I think that D.Savannah Brown is being rude and ignorant to who loves animals and nasty and making threats to kill other animals should be reported to local law enforcement

  • Deb

    Does the idiot who shot the cat now get shot? My house cat is almost that size and I don’t think anyone in my neighborhood would mistake it for something dangerous and shoot it. I hope this person at least gets some fines and jail time not that it will bring back this beautiful creature who was more frightened of the dipshit with the gun than you can imagine.

  • http://jjj Fred GRIGGS

    You have to kill it. no choice. It would kill anything day or night to survive for food.

    • Caro

      Fred, it was a house cat not a cheetah! Educate yourself before you post!

    • Charles

      Really Fred??? You have to kill it? You are an idiot, Fred. It’s been lost for a month. Did any kids or dogs get carried away by this cat?

      • http://jjj Fred GRIGGS

        That cat is a wild animal, it could feel threatened and attack a small child or other animal. It’s may not be a cheetah or a jaguar but it seriously hurt someone. How can anyone know what goes on in an animals brain?

      • http://jjj Fred GRIGGS

        I actually really like house cats…..normal size.

  • Solari

    The murderer should be made to pay a HUGE fine or spend time in jail AND be made to reimburse the owner..wanna bet it was George Zimmerman..he loves to kill living things..

  • Caro

    Whoever shot this cat should be prosecuted for animal abuse and their name should be published so decent animal loving people can avoid hiring them, dating them etc! This cat was a pet not a threat! Did the cat act as though it was a threat or did some jerk just think it would be fun to hunt this poor cat? And then to stuff it in a trash can? What kind of disrespectful monster does that? What is wrong with people? More and more we are seeing acts of cruelty against animals and people just look the other way and that is WRONG! This cat was 25 pounds – that is hardly a 100 pound cheetah! Why were people judging this poor cat simply based on appearance? We are becoming a shallow, pathetic, animal intolerant society and it is a disgrace! I am appalled by the people who complained and think the person who shot this cat should be shot himself!

  • Ohio Capitalist

    That is the way they do it in Detroit. No wonder the city is so pathetic.

  • MS

    If the person who shot and killed this beautiful cat had researched it first on the internet, he would have known that the animal was a Savannah cat and, most probably, someone’s escaped pet. The people who shoot first and ask questions later give responsible gun owners a bad name. Know what you are shooting at before you pull the trigger, please.

    • 2eREP

      His name is DEwonna! And Dewonna Cap yo azz to!

    • http://!!! Jose

      what he saw was a wild animal with the potential of doing harm to small children or domesticated animals. He may have prevented this ” pet” from killing and eating a small child . Lets suppose this “pet” had in fact killed a small child, to eat as it was Hungry. Where would you animal lovers be ?? And what would you animal lovers feel for the grieving parents of the murdered child ?? Too bad ? the animal was Hungry, so it did what comes natural……………..

  • Charles

    Ignorant asshats. Here is just another reason that idiots shouldn’t have guns. Big bad kitty killers. What a beautiful animal we lost. I hope that they prosecute this piece of crap for animal cruelty.

  • 2eREP

    Yep in DEETROIT if it moves you steal it, shoot it or F…..It! If it ain’t movin you spit on it and say the hell with it! DEETROIT sur nuf is one Spankin Hot Spot!!

  • amysuzannemartin@yahoo.com

    Please don’t breed cats (let alone cross-breed them). If you want a pet, go to your local animal shelter and adopt a cat. Then, be sure to keep it indoors. Domestic cats make awesome pets, and too many cats are in need of good homes. There’s absolutely no reason to be breeding animals.

  • April

    In Detroit they shoot and kill everything.

    • donr

      I thought that was Chicago?

  • donr

    It’s at least a good thing that it happened in Detroit and not Chicago. From what we read and the news says, the shooter might have taken out the owner and a few neighbors too. Golly, a news item, a killing and there is no mention of the deceased looking like someone’s son might have looked, or the shooter being racist. Refreshing for a change.

  • sandy betts

    Great Job Morons! “Hay, it looks different..Kill it” One day mother nature is going to rise up and squash all of us like vermon for our actions against her. Dumb stupid godless fools!

    • Elfie

      Sandy you are absolutely right in what you said. The killing of this animal was senseless. The neighborhood people were a bunch of uneducated overdramatized citizens who initially reported that the cat was 4ft tall with with arms!!!

  • Sherrie

    I am so sorry for the family that lost their beautiful cat. I have a bengal. I hope that the man who shot this cat does the right thing, and gives the family money to bury their beloved pet.

  • http://none Isadora

    What a shame. That was a beautiful Cat. I hope the person who abandoned it is happy. They should have taken it to a shelter, or better still, kept it and gave it love.

    To the shooter. I hope you didn’t destroy this beautiful animal just for fun. I mean you had to have a reason. I just can’t think what it would be. Fear I suppose.

    • Elfie

      Nicely said.

  • bill johnson

    There are evidently some very stupid people in Detroit. Maybe that is why the city is in such bad shape. Is it possible to just make Detroit disappear ?

    • Doc

      Damn the cat..

  • bill johnson

    Is Obama going to weigh in on this?

    • Elfie

      No, he would only have weighed in on this if the cat would have attacked some black person in that neighboorhood.

  • Elfie

    This is really a sad story from beginning to end. This beautiful animal should never have been bred for captivity, and it never should have been in a city like Detroit. I watched the original article this morning where some people in the cat’s neighboorhood described the animal as being 4 feet tall with arms. Really??? Come on that was sheer stupidity, and cats do no have arms , they have legs. It was this type of mentality that doomed this animal once the “uneducated” got involved.

    • Doc

      F…k the cat.. He is in that big feline in the sky

      • http://Yahoo Olivia

        I’m not sure on “Doc’s” comments. I take it, this did not bother you in the least bit. Respond if I have misunderstood your comments. I, for one, was keeping up with this story, hoping the beautiful, harmless and someone’s beloved pet, would not get harmed or worse, killed and returned to their owners. When I got on the Internet this am, that was the first story I read. I cried. Yes, I am an animal lover. This cat wasn’t hurting anyone. He was just hungry. Respond Doc, I would like to know how you feel about animals. Animals are great companions, they love you unconditionally, treat you better than some humans. Oh, and by the way, I am a cat owner and lover.

        • Doc

          Animals are fine. Some people put an animal before human life. Some animals eat better and live better than humans, not the animal fault at all. I can give less than a shit about a cat and dog, but they should not be killed just because. But if one charge or attack anyone off with his head.

    • Doc

      The cat said, hit me with your best shot, come on and hit me with your best shot.. Detroit fire awwaaay!!!!!!

      • Gail

        Only stupid people in a place like Detroit would shoot an animal on sight that was not dangerous. Probably teens who were bored and had nothing better to do. They should all be provided a prefrontal lobatomy and sent to a farm where they could do something actually useful instead of sitting around looking for something to kill.

        • Doc

          Racist …. Would not come to Detroit and say it..in the community coward

  • http://yahoo Arcie Huntsman

    Why don,t you realize that the S.O.B that shot the poor animal is a freekin Hero? Just ask the stupid Basterd,He,ll tell you!A cowardly prick head.He would be better off to shove the barell up his sorry ass and pull the trigger!

  • http://yahoo Arcie Huntsman

    I wouldn,t know much about what goes on in Animals minds Fred,Butt I would bet my ass,that it would come natural to you! Know whatta I mean????

  • Reverend Al Slapton

    Doc and D Savannah give me your address so I can come slap yall and shove you into a garbage can and make you eat cat litter!

    • Doc

      This story is over like that damn cat

  • Sherry

    Such a beautiful animal. People can be so ignorant! And the MEDIA causes more chaos than it’s worth, it’s more important to sensationalize than get the facts straight!

  • Jose

    it was going to be nice , until it got HUNGRY, then would attack something small enough it would consider PREY. Like a small child. or small dog, to EAT . !! WHOEVER SHOT THE CAT, may have prevented this animal with WILD genes, and with predatory feelings from killing some small innocent child playing in his backyard !! Same goes for you pit bull lovers. Never put animal life above Human.

  • http://!!! Jose

    Regular cats can be lethal when pissed off, if big enough. Fangs and claws always out do imaginary nice, or a smile. Any exotic, animal, should be punched with a chip , so if it attacks, they can be traced back to owner ! And made responsible for whaever damage they do, you’ll soon see that no more ” escapes” happen.

  • RC

    I mean seriously who expected someone in Detroit to actually say “Hey that’s a Savannah, it a mild mannered non-dangerous cat let’s catch it and return it to it’s owners?” DUH people are afraid of the unknown so bravo to the person who acted on their fear and didn’t allow this WILD AFRICAN CAT to even scratch a HUMAN!

  • http://animals.sandiegozoo.org/animals/serval#sthash.gp7TBIDf.dpuf Sunny

    This is according to the San Diego Zoo: Some people think it would be fun to own a wild or exotic cat. This has led to a Serval hybrid called the “savanna cat,” a captive-raised Serval bred with a domestic cat. Wild animals, even those born in zoos, keep their wild instincts for hundreds, even thousands, of years, so these cats do NOT make good pets. Special permits are required for trained experts or zoos to own or house wild Servals, and it is against the law in some states to own Savanna cats. – See more at: http://animals.sandiegozoo.org/animals/serval#sthash.gp7TBIDf.dpuf I think people may have thought it was a risk if they had children to have this cat running around their neighborhood. They may have been correct.