Adrian Peterson On Gay Marriage: “I’m Not With That”

    May 27, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Adrian Peterson of Minnesota Vikings recently gave his opinion on gay marriage during a radio interview.

Fox News reports that Peterson was on a Sirius XM radio interview when the hosts asked what he thought about gay marriage. In short, he personally doesn’t believe in gay marriage, but he’s not going to stand in the way either. He also says that he has no ill will towards gays as some people in his family identify as such. He says that he loves them all the same:

“To each his own, (but) I’m not with it. I have relatives that are gay. I’m not bias towards them. I still treat them the same. I love them. But, again, I’m not with that. That’s not something I believe in. But to each his own.”

The question originally came up in response to former Vikings teammate Chris Kluwe’s outspoken views on gay marriage. Kluwe is adamantly for gay marriage and made his opinion vocally known via numerous media outlets. He was later let go from the Vikings and many thought his political views were the reason. The official stance is that Kluwe wasn’t let go for his political views, and Peterson confirms that as well. He did say, however, that he was sad to see him go even if they had radically different political views.

  • Elizabeth Delicio

    Free speech? We have got to the point that if we say what we think about gays we can be hurt.

    • Kanarstead

      Seriously??? Get hurt? I have not heard of one person getting hurt for expressing their opinion. I have heard of many people getting hurt and killed for being gay. Recently too.

      • Thomas Hubbard

        I was fired from Sears Automotive because I did not support the gay agenda at Sears. I don’t support it and never will.

        • Provider

          You are lying.

          • KH

            No, he’s not lying. Wake up, Americans! Too many of us have our heads buried in our electronics or mainstream media-only news. Do some research. Some are not paying attention to what’s happening in this country. Sears, Home Depot, and Starbucks (to name a few) are very pro-homosexual marriage, so don’t be surprised at the actions they take towards employees who don’t fall in line.

        • BACK OFF

          Sears has gone down hill and it sounds like they’ve gone down the poop-shoot rocky road of gay politics, it just ain’t natural son to play house with little boy’s, go kiss a girl for your mother !!!!

          • Carey

            “It ain’t natural”? Ignorant, backwoods talk, making a broad bullying statement. Hmmmm, you must in the closet. Do you see Narnia?

          • BACK OFF

            Who are you, the P/C police? You don’t like it, read something else punk!!!

        • Block

          Even if this was true, I’m glad you got fired. If there IS a “Gay Agenda”, all it simply wants is to be treated equally. If you don’t support that, then you’re pretty far behind when it comes to social matters.

          • Speaking My Mind

            Actually no he’s not…he’s simply stating that HE DOESN’T AGREE WITH IT…which, last time I looked, was his RIGHT…to have HIS OWN OPINION. It’s getting really TIRING having the liberal/gay agenda pushed in our faces and if we don’t agree then IMMEDIATELY they start screaming ‘RACIST’ or ‘BIGOT’ or that we must be ‘hate mongers’. Get OVER yourselves already. If you want to be treated equal..it goes both ways. Realize that there ARE PEOPLE WHO DON’T AGREE WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE. Does that in any way endanger your choice? No, it does not.

          • Provider

            dude your caps button is stuck

          • armyretird

            Hey Block, can you say Chik Fil A or remember the massive support they received when the Pro-Gay groups tried to bring them down? So much for being pretty far behind Hmmmmm?

        • http://msn icky schwartz

          not to worry, sears along with penneys have their days numbered.

        • Chris

          People seem to be forgetting that Freedom of speech applies to the government and protects citizens against censorship.

          Of course you are free to say whatever you want, but it is wrong to think that the 1st amendment will protect you from any sort of consequences either from individuals or private companies.

        • Mike

          Sue them for discrimination!! No joke.

        • http://skfaslj dr

          you were not fired because you did not support gay agenda. You probably were a terrible worker and you needed some kind of excuse to blame. I will support anybody that works hard and pays taxes that is non violent. I live in a gay neighborhood and they spend A LOT OF MONEY… and tip MORE than straight people.

      • Erik

        No one is allowed to feel opposed to gay marriage today because they feel like will be hunted down and hated for it.

  • Errol Lawson

    When I saw the headline my first thought was that it was to announce that Someone else was coming out of their Dark Deviant closet. It was real refreshing to know that there are people that will stand up and say ” Papa dont swing that way”. Right on Mr. Adrian Peterson of Minnesota Vikings. I am glad to see that you did not mince your words for the sake of Political correctness. Right on Man.

    • Provider

      Its too bad that AP has the brain of a 3 yr old. Being the second dumbest player in the league there should be restrictions on letting him speak in public. You cant say ” I have gay family members and treat them the same” right after you say you dont think they should have the same rights as you.

      • Rej

        *Provider: Real class act you are. You don’t like his honest reply so you belittle him and judge him harshly. Quite obvious which side of the fence you’re on and damn to hell anyone who doesn’t agree with YOU. You’re the stupid one!

        • Provider

          Rej come on dude. Think about what you are saying. I understand you are prob a big Vikings fan and wanna support your boy but get real. You cant just say whatever you want and expect everyone to support your words cause you are being “Honest”. Honestly AP is extremely unintelligent. Honestly

          • JPMorgan

            Sorry, Provider, your the stupid one.

          • Provider

            Great responce JP morgan. Did it take you “All Day” to think of it. Wow lol

          • Provider

            Oh and its You’re not Your. Im guessing you don’t know the difference though

          • armyretird

            Provider, the first amendment is there to protect the rights of ALL, your comment about wanting to restrict his speech just shows how intolerant the progressive KOOKs really are. P.S. I believe that is what the IRS, AP and FOX scandals are all about, intimi9dation of those who disagree with you.

          • Provider

            If this guy was the face of my franchise and representing my company I would muzzle him so fast. Not to long ago people were treated unfairly because they had dark skin. Or because they were female. Or ……….. How does gay marriage affect you. I really wanna know why it bothers you so much. And if your excuse is cause God said it aint right then we are done here

          • Provided

            Provider: AD is one of the few intelligent, class-acts in the NFL. You base your ‘opinion’ on information that is clearly biased. Oh well, I guess being an Elite player draws its own form of criticism. Maybe we’ll just let his record/#s/education/character speak for itself… Lol, gtfo dumbass!

          • Speaking My Mind

            You cant just say whatever you want and expect everyone to support your words cause you are being “Honest”.

            Actually that’s EXACTLY what YOU just did.

          • Provider

            LMAO. Ok if you can sit through this interview and tell me that this is one of the few intelligent players in the NFL. Then good luck. Seriously he cant even complete a sentencehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xWKa3VE85M

          • BACK OFF

            What are you saying, all Black athletes are ignorant??? Well that’s not very P/C of you, Mr. Gay marriage P/C policeman…Ummm!!!! Hahahaha, idiot!!!!

          • Provider

            OH did I say something about all black athletes. I dont remember doing that. I remember saying that one guy named AP struggles with putting words together in the form of a sentence. You just exposed yourself as well. good job

          • Provider

            What is the reasoning for being against gay marriage. I would really like to know. “not down with it” is not a good enough reason. Im sorry but with all the other human rights issues out there you gotta come up with at least one reason why this affects you.

        • Carey

          How about this. What if it was a white football player saying he had black relatives, and he supported them, but he didn’t feel like they should drink from the same water fountain as him? Does that put things in perspective?

          • jeff

            Being black and being gay is two totally diffrent things!

          • jeff

            People always try to compare being black and being Gay as the same thing! It’s not! Your born black, when you walk into a room the first thing people notice is your SKIN TONE! I know that some feel that you can be born Gay, but regardless what defines someone as being Gay is a sexual preference! For most Gay individuals the only way someone knows that your gay is if you say you are, and let people know what you do behind close doors with your sexual partner! Black were taken from their COUNTRY brought to another country, staked on ships, killed, beaten etc becuase of a SKIN TONE! That has nothing to do with being Gay! I don’t think anyone should be mistreated because of what they believe in, but come on man!

        • Molly Morris

          The fence is probably ‘in’ him….

      • lgreen

        whats odd is I kind of feel the same about you in this moment.
        Everyone is titled to their opinion… I have a sneaky suspicion you have no formal training in any of the fields that deal most with homosexuality and gay marriage…

      • cleveland henry

        He said he just doesn’t support gay marriage do not get all “but hurt” because he feels that getting married in a church should stay between man and female.

        • dawgbone

          What about getting married at city hall?

      • http://webpronews Ward

        Provider, I assume that you are one that promotes tolerance. But yet, you are hateful and intolerant of Adrian Peterson’s own thoughts on gay marriage to the point that you besmerch his God given intellegence and further renounce his contitutional right to express his opinions. So, what is that word people use to describe a person who pretends to have virtues, moral principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess? that would be you..

      • dean

        Go blow a goat

      • dean artino

        Go blow a horse on second thought

    • Kanarstead

      Peterson didn’t say “Don’t swing that way.” He said he is okay with it but against gay marriage. You totally misrepresented what he said.

  • Larryno

    Hm, thats a fair response. You dont have to like it, but people need to stop dictating people’s sexual preferences. I mean, how is one being gay a threat to you?If its a ‘sin’, then let God deal with it, you aint him.

  • Lisa

    I appreciate him for just being reasonable about it. Why can’t more people just “not be down with it” versus “I hate gay people because I am more morally sound than they are” and garbage like that???

    • Jake

      Please tell me who is saying “I hate gay people because I am more morally sound than they are.”

      The VAST majority of the people I know or have heard speak about this issue has echoed Peterson’s statements. I am a straight, white, libertarian male who does not agree with/understand homosexuality, but I am not any better than anyone who is gay. I had a gay uncle and have a gay aunt. I love both of them as much as if they were straight.

      I don’t hate gay people. But I sure don’t like being called homophobic because I have a different viewpoint than what “society” and the “midstream media” wants everyone to have. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. I am not afraid of gay people or homosexuality. I just don’t agree with it.

      If the left really wants to live up to their open-minded stance, they will embrace everyone’s opinions. Not just the ones that fall in line with their opinions.

      • http://couragenigeria.org couragenigeria

        How much right do you want the society to accord the gay community? AP does not hate gay people but disapproves of them falling in love to the point of marrying each other. Jake what is your view on that?

      • Shane

        You realize that rational was used to keep slavery, women down, blacks down ect. Essentially pick any negative thing American society has done and it can be attributed. Not agreeing with homosexuality is rejecting science and being extremely homophobic. How can you not agree with something when it has zero bearing on your actual life. You sound like my grandparents who drone on against race mingling.

        • KH

          I would like to correct your statement that “Not agreeing with homosexuality is rejecting science and being extremely homophobic.”

          Incorrect. I believe there is a God. And I believe that God revealed Himself to His creation through inspired men whose writings comprise the Bible. God does NOT approve of homosexual behavior. That is why I do not agree with homosexuality.

          Acknowledging that a behavior is wrong does not equate to “fear” (“homophobic”) or hatred. Do you believe stealing is wrong? Are you then “theftaphobic”? Do you literally hate everyone who acts in some way that you believe is wrong? If so, you have a problem. But don’t assume everyone else does.

          And let’s think about science. Is procreation possible with homosexual relationships? Not at all. Two men together or two women together cannot create life. The entire relationship is Unnatural according to science. And if you are referring to “science” telling us that homosexuals cannot “help it” or are “born that way,” the evidence is not conclusive, and there are other explanations out there that are entirely possible.

        • MG

          Not agreeing with homosexuality is rejecting science and being extremely homophobic.
          What a statement Shane! everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. To label someone as a homophobic simply because they choose an opposite view would make you ( insert label) some suggestions, prejudiced, irrational, iggnorant.

        • yvette

          wait a min. lets make something clear your cant choose to be a female,nor can you choose to be black. being gay is a choice its whats a person chooses to be. so please don’t try to put what my people went thru in the same rational as gays.its not close to the same.

  • Taco

    I’m not with that either.

  • shvag

    maybe if the gays gave him an orange peanut, he would accept them! 😀

    • Derek

      Nice reference.

  • Jake

    Good for him. And neither is most of the country. But you know politicians will do anything for a vote.

    • Kanarstead

      Actually Jake more people in this country are for gay marriage than against. Gallup, May 13, 2013…53% support gay marriage vs 45% who don’t. You don’t speak for the majority of the country. Things have changed, quickly.

      • Justin

        Actually you are naive if you think Gallup is correct!! That’s mainstream media and crooked politicians poll!!! Go support faganism somewhere else you breeder!!

      • Medic65

        @Kanarstead. I can make statistics and polls say anything I want them to by being selective of who I ask and what I ask.

      • Chris

        Kanarstead,incorrect. Snopes proved that the May 13, 2013 was asked one question “what is you opinion on Gay Marriage” The votes were listed in 3 columns Support or Against or no comment. Anyone who did not vocally say they were against it were listed in the support column. I am not against, but I am not for it…therefore I would have been listed as a supporter, which is not the case. The poll was crap, just like 99% of polls taken. You poll the questions so you get the answer you want.

  • Brenda

    I can appreciate his response. So many in the lime light are afraid to respond because it might just hurt someone’s feelings or because they share their opinion, they now find themselves nailed to the wall.

  • Ralph

    I don’t want to know, and beyond that I don’t care to know. I have never got a solid response as to why anyone has to know if you are married or not??? What does this have to do with work? NOTHING.
    WHY do people have to come out? NO reason….they want to be accepted? I’m straight, should I tell everyone what kind of sex I like best and the details? NO AND THIS IS WHY COMING OUT HAS NO POINT

    • Nikki H

      Heterosexuals flaunt their sexual orientation constantly. Just wearing a wedding ring or talking about your kids or your date over the weekend or other subtle things advertise your sexuality. I think most LGBT people would prefer to keep their personal business private but it’s generally next to impossible to do. What do you say when people ask you if you want to go out with them on a double date? How do you respond to people asking you what you did over the weekend? What do you say when someone comments that all of your friends are gay? What do you say when someone yells “fag” in the locker room or tells jokes mocking LGBT folks? Silence is rarely an option.

    • molsongrrrl

      I don’t recall anyone coming out and giving details of what kind of sex they like best. People come out so they can live their lives honestly and not hide anymore. I suspect lots of people come out too to be role models for gay kids who are being picked on. It can show these kids that what they are feeling is okay.

      Straight people celebrate their marriages all the time with announcements in the newspaper and so forth … so why can’t gay people want the same thing? Also marriage has to do with work because some insurance and things at work only covers spouses not domestic partners.

    • gary

      Ralph,you truly are an idiot. Coming out has nothing to do with what kind of sex a person likes best-what it has to do with is accepting who you are and feeling good about yourself.As far as gay marriage goes,besides the fact that it’s discrimination and just plain wrong,it’s also to give us equal rights. Like not being fired or denid a job just because someone is gay,or being denied an apt.,or not being allowed to visit your partner in the hospital because your’re not considered family,not being able to file joint tax returns,not having assets go to your partner if you die the way they would to your husband/wife,and on and on and on. I pay taxes and i want/deserve equal rights. And idon’t need morons like you spouting off crap when you don’t have a clue.

  • nobs

    We’ll I don’t belive a black man and a white woman should marry!!!!! its the same Frickin issue your Moron!!

    • http://yahoo charles kelley

      Now “your” (sic) are a real numnut!! Maybe you should crawl back under the rock you came out of!

    • Justin

      i hear you there, black and white shouldn’t marry. i have a right to not like black and white interacial crap!

    • mac

      Its okay for you or anyone to not believe blacks and whites should mix. It is a free country. It is not the same as being for or against gay marriage. A persons race is not chosen, a gay person, whether you are born into or not, can opt out of it just as some opt to be gay.

      • nobs

        No Gays and lesbians are born gay and can not OPT out of it you stupid fuckin redneck!

  • http://yahoo.com alexis medina

    keep it up… do everthing yuo want.. its become a happy w/ him…\

  • Linda

    We can’t dictate to others who to fall in love with. Gay people are ONLY asking for Equal Rights. Equal rights to see their loved ones in the ICU – the Right to be respected as a COUPLE. The rights and privileges offered through the law to be recognized as a Married Couple, capable of giving and receiving love from the one they love. Period.

  • Dave

    Why is this gay thing become so damn important . As many of us in the straight community tolerate it ,but are tired of it being shoved in our faces . Just like religion people choose to live their lives how they want to .Its not politically correct nor does it warrant special rights .So stop with the announcements about what politician or athlete agrees with gay marriage and stop telling us about gay soldiers or what athlete has come out of the closet . Just like my personal life is personal so should theirs . I raised my kids to believe in the bible and I don`t some politician or teacher in school telling my kids that its a acceptable life style . It should stay behind close doors just like everyone elses lives period .

    • Linda

      Why should it stay “in the closet”? Huh? Do you put either your WIVES or HUSBANDs in the closet? No!! You strut your stuff, parading around your trophy wives or Studly Husbands out in public!! FOR ALL TO SEE!! Gays just want everyone to know just who the BEAUTIFUL PERSON they fell in love with is!! Simple as that!

    • Yisrael

      Thank you

  • Ricky

    Even though 95% of the straight population feels the same exact way, this is somehow breaking news … SMH…

  • http://yahoo jeff poynor

    thank you mr.peterson for standing up for what you believe and not being afraid to say so preach on dude


    B/S once the P/C police get a hold of someones non-conformance opinion, they will take that and publicly bash them into submission, get in line boy that’s not what’s on the cue-card and your not supposed to think or speak for yourself, we’ll do that for you !! Why do you think so many celebs have public relations firms protecting their image???

  • Tom

    Ask people in the South….Do you support Interracial Marriage? You will be shocked to hear that many MANY people still have a problem with it. Love is a beautiful thing and for this guy who was raised to be the “macho” “the provider” …he just doesn’t get it. If you have family members that are part of the community then you stand with them because everyone deserves love regardless of race, sexuallity or religion! Everyone deserves the chance to find happiness and love!

  • George

    Gays make a decision on what they believe; AP has made a decision based on what he believes. Diversity of thought without humiliation and degradation is a what makes for a great country. I believe that it is a lifestyle that is inconsistent with Christianity and therefore I believe AP is on the mark.

  • Isaiah Martin

    I agree with this man whole heartedly. My reason for not supporting gay marriage is “my religious beliefs” and when someone calmly and without malice explains his/her belief that should be enough said. However, GOD did not hire me to judge anyone and in HIS book told me so.

  • Jake

    Personally wish these type of people stop being honored.
    Do what they want but don’t break the law.

  • Provider

    Should we change his nickname from “All Day” to “All Gay”

  • Erik

    Come on here people..he is saying what he believes to be true. Is it really a bad thing? All Peterson said was that he doesn’t support gay marriage which means he feels that it’s only between a man and a woman. He didn’t say how he hates gay people, he didn’t comment on why they should never be married in explosive detail. Fellow readers, we have come to a point in today’s society that if we do not follow was is widely popular then we are immediately turned into mean, hate-filled, nasty and uneducated monsters. Wasn’t it not too long ago where it was the other way around and gay people were considered monsters and they were fighting for equality? What people choose to be is solely up to them and no one else should pressure them into anything else, gay or straight. But the simple fact remains: We shouldn’t hate on someone because we feel that their opinion isn’t up to popular standards these days. I’m glad that someone in the NFL openly said how he feels about this topic knowing well enough there would be backlash from it with his answer. Leave this man alone, leave the gays alone. Let people choose what they feel without playing the sniveling weasel in between that has to escalate things.


    This Country will go the way of Rome; Bankrupted financially & morally, with crooked politicians (democrats) social welfare leaches and no family values. You’ll know when the chit hits the fan, all the rich liberals will be bailing-out and moving to foreign socialist & fascist countries. Keep Peter Pan out of Skippy’s Can….. Man !!!! Hahahaha!!!!!

  • LoloG

    I fail to see why his comment is causing any controversy. He seems to be stating “live and let live”. But the nay sayers want to view it as a point on their side. Just because it’s not for him, he is stating that he’s not for or against and doesn’t judge anyone. His statement is being twisted to suit the agenda of the reader.

  • Luky Nicholas

    Pretty ” BRAZEN” their Mr. Peterson, but I like it! Like many ” Politically Correct Bricks” that have been removed from the foundation of this once GREAT COUNTRY, it is going to be the BIG MAN to come down and correct the perversion that has permeated our once CHRISTIAN BASED SOCIETY!

  • Fred

    Watch out Mr Peterson if you weren’t the best they(liberals) would drum you out of the NFL! However I agree with you !

  • Black Lesbian Stirring the Pot

    I want to remind Adrian that there once was a time that Blacks could not marry Whites. Yes it was illegal in this country… We know some athletes have a penchant for fair skinned maidens…

    • BACK OFF

      On the same token, If I go into the hood with my fine hot chocolate wife the brothers all give me grief for taking one of they’re women, I tell them I’m Polish !!! “What up with Dat”??? Hahahahaha!!!

      • Black Lesbian Stirring the Pot

        The point is we love who we love as adults…

  • http://Yahoo Trish

    What’s the big deal? Why is this news? Isn’t this guy entitled to his own opinion. He’s not saying someone should or shouldn’t be or do whatever. He even says that he doesn’t discriminate or love any of his gay family members any less. Society needs to be careful when demanding that someone agrees with a certain lifestyle or else be seen as ” phobic” or intolerant. A person doesn’t have to condone something to believe a person has a right to do it or be it. Chill out folks. Chill out.

  • tee

    I agree..free speech..I’m not with the gay marriage thing either. Seems as if we disagree with the gay community people look at us as our responses are bad. I think its a disgrace! Thanks Adrian Peterson For stepping up and telling the truth


    I guess you libtards are alright with me putting skippy on my nuts and letting the cat lick it off, or letting my horse smoke after sex !!!???? Hahahahaha!!!! just joking I only have kittens !!

  • Patrick

    That’s not good enough for the NFL. The commissioner said that gays in the NFL will not only be tolerated, but accepted. What happens when Adrian doesn’t wear rainbow socks in November for Gay Marriage Month? What happens when Adrian runs throught a cornerback, who turns out to be gay, with an illegal use of the crown of his helmet? He’ll be charged with a hate run, and suspended. Get in line Adrian.

  • dean artino

    It is Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

    • Linda

      I bet you even believe “Adam and Eve” really existed in the first place…along with the Easter Bunny, Mother Nature, and Santa Claus! Not to mention the Tooth Fairy…but you wouldn’t like the Tooth Fairy…on account that he/she is a “fairy”…

      • dean artino

        Whatever you say Butch

        • Linda

          Oh how grown up you are!!

        • Carey

          Look at you, going all 3rd grader on another poster! Your mom must be so proud!

      • BACK OFF

        If Santa Claus was gay would you take little Tommy to the mall and let his sit on santa’s jaw breaker ???? Hahahahaha!!!

        • Linda

          Whats your problem? Did Mommy let you use her computer account again?

          • BACK OFF

            Me & Dean are brothers and mommy’s at the bar getting ripped on the rent money.Mind your own beeswax you old nosey Brod!!!!! Hahahaha!!

  • http://yahoo Abbie Monroe

    I applaud the stand that anyone takes for what is right. I thank God for persons like Adrian who has the ear of so many people to take a stand for what is right. Remember “Righteousness exalts a nation, and “sin is a reproach” As a Pastor I preach against homosexuality and all other sins and I want stop. I preach against it not because I hate anyone, but because of love. Homosexuality is like a cancer that is eating away our society, destroying homes, and lives. “Wake Up Everybody’!

  • Carey

    I could sit here and try to argue more about how insane this statement he made was, but what would be the point? Anybody who agrees with him will never change their mind. There will always be close minded people on this planet. If it isn’t toward somebody’s sexuality, it will be toward the color of their skin, their religion, the way they dress, you name it. The world could not exist for one moment without some kind of drama or chaos going on. Sad, but it’s true.

    • Patrick

      It would be pointless, because your intended point shows how close minded you are. Peterson clearly is taking a null position on the furthering of the gay marriage agenda, despite that deep inside him, his natural reaction to the idea of homosexuality offends his reproductive instincts. That is hardly a moment of drama or chaos. Yet someone asked him, and he responded honestly, and you passively suggest he is a bigot. All of this reaction is because someone asked him- he didn’t go out of his way for this. I’m sure if he said “no comment” he’d be attacked for that as well. If it’s ok to be “born” a certain way, than it certainly should be ok to react in kind when one is “born” a different way.

  • Brian Baxter

    Adrian Peterson I give him props for standing up for what he believes in, but look we are right where the Bible said we would be where the world would call EVIL GOOD and GOOD EVIL! Let Adrian Peterson talk about anything, but Gay marriage and he doesn’t make the news! Oh but when he says he is not for it then all of a sudden he is on front page news how ridiculous! All I have to say is get ready people God’s not going to put up with this much longer! Jesus is coming soon!

    Jude 1:7; And don’t forget Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighboring towns, which were filled with immorality and every kind of sexual perversion. Those cities were destroyed by fire and serve as a warning of the eternal fire of God’s judgment.

  • Marie Annin

    Gays should have equal rights. However, they shouldn’t plaster rainbow flags all over the freaking place and have their sexually charged parades either.


    I support Gay marrige on Mars. One way flights start in the spring of 2016, bon voyage pooper partiers, Don’t forget your Tucks wipes!!!

    • dean artino


  • Mike

    Way to go AP!! People nowadays act like we cant say anything about the gays. They want to be equal but cannot take criticism. Cant take being called a name..not its a slur??? Ive been called names…and i dealt with it..the people that called me names werent arrested or anything like that. Its called Life…learn how to live it and stop acting like your freaking special. GTFOH!!

  • jeff

    People always try to compare being black and being Gay as the same thing! It’s not! Your born black, when you walk into a room the first thing people notice is your SKIN TONE! I know that some feel that you can be born Gay, but regardless what defines someone as being Gay is a sexual preference! For most Gay individuals the only way someone knows that your gay is if you say you are, and let people know what you do behind close doors with your sexual partner! Black were taken from their COUNTRY brought to another country, staked on ships, killed, beaten etc becuase of a SKIN TONE! That has nothing to do with being Gay! I don’t think anyone should be mistreated because of what they believe in, but come on man!

  • Deidre

    Amen Adrian!!!!!

  • Dana Easterson

    I dont believe interracial marriage should exist in a proud WHITE society or that the opinion of people of color should be taken too seriously…but to each its own…

    • J

      There is and has never been a such thing in America as a White Society. I don’t think ignorant bigots opinion should be taken seriously, after all, they are seriously mentally ill.

  • http://skfaslj dr

    who cares what a black pro athlete thinks..

  • d

    This whole idea that homosexuals are born that way is a lie. If we take that faulty logic to its logical conclusion than people should not be chastised for being pedophiles or practicing bestiality. Peterson simply gave his personal view on a subject saying that he was against it. There ought not to be any person saying anything negative about his statements or else there is something seriously wrong with them. It’s his opinion, and if you feel differently than state the reason why without resorting to low blows. He never said he hated gays, but he simply stated that he wasn’t with their lifestyle being accepted as marriage. Once you start reinterpreting marriage to include gays than you are opening a pandora’s box because the pedophile or the person practicing bestiality will say that this should be acceptable forms of marriage as well as long as both persons consent to it. Science “so-called” is destroying the moral fabric of our world, and in all honesty the agenda is dictating the science and not the other way around. This same thing applies to evolution. The agenda is dictating the science. When is the last time you heard of two real men (born that way) having a baby together, or two real women (born that way)having a baby together? NEVER. It’s an impossibility because God never intended for it. Satan is behind this whole agenda, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Erin

    Love how a man who has children out of wedlock decides its his right to disagree or agree with someone’s lifestyle in a public manner all based on a book who’s rules he’s not following either. Hypocrite idiot jock.

    • dean artino

      Hi Butch


    A society that cannot sustain itself through reproduction is a society that is doomed for extinction.Homosexuality is a genome-defect and therefore a un-natural act considered to be a disease, just like liberalism is intellectually dishonest and considered to be a neurotic-genetic disorder, better known as liars syndrome!!!!

  • Mr Smith

    I don’t care who marries who… As long they take good care of their dog.

  • http://yahoo.com Gordo

    People have no buisness asking a Pro Football Player if He Likes Queer’s. Adrian Peterson is a Man and wants to stay that way. Poop Shooting is not Natural. Good Companies Don’t Support Queerism. When we get a Man in the whitehouse, We will go Back to Normal.