Abandon GoDaddy Day Wasn’t a Smash Hit

The GoDaddy boycott that wasn't?

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Abandon GoDaddy Day Wasn’t a Smash Hit
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The abandon ship notice for GoDaddy’s domain registration service, while netting some notable names — Wikipedia, Imgur — apparently failed to have the impact some suspected.

If not for GoDaddy’s waffling on the SOPA/PIPA issue, something that’s discussed at an ad nauseam level across the Internet, the boycott that fizzled wouldn’t have happened. Hype about the GoDaddy boycott was spurred on by the company’s competitors, with Namecheap being the foremost. In order to capitalize on GoDaddy’s PR blunder, Namecheap went on an anti-SOPA promotional tirade, creating a MoveYourDomain Day, where, for every domain transfer, Namecheap donated $1 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help the EFF’s fight against SOPA.

After 25,000 transfers, Namecheap upped the donation to $2 a transfer, and have, as of this writing, raised $61872 for the EFF.

That said, reports indicate that, despite Namecheap’s relatively successful promotion, the GoDaddy boycott largely fell flat. As indicated, there were some high profile losses for GoDaddy, but according to TechDirt’s research, on the day the boycott/MoveYourDomain Day was supposed to take place (12/29), GoDaddy gaining more domains than they lost:

Looking at the¬†results from DailyChanges shows that GoDaddy actually had a strongly¬†positive day, netting 20,748 more domains at the end of the day than the beginning. On transfers alone, there were nearly¬†double the number of transfers in as out…

While the boycott may have fallen flat, at least for GoDaddy abandonment, the initial backlash was strong enough to make GoDaddy reconsider their stances on the protection acts. Was this a convenient change of heart for the “risque” domain registrar? Perhaps, but once GoDaddy started losing customers, it quickly changed its course.

The question is, was it for marketing purposes — as in, please don’t leave us — or did GoDaddy actually sit down and reconsider their position on the protection acts? I know where I’d place my wager. What about you? Lets us know what you think.

Abandon GoDaddy Day Wasn’t a Smash Hit
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  • http://theoldergeek.com Rebecca

    Little publicity about the boycott may have contributed to the weak response. I had no idea about the boycott and I follow a few techno-geeks and tech web sites. I remember hearing one guy speak of a “move your domain” day on Twitter, but I knew nothing about the GoDaddy boycott. All my domains are on GD, so I am going to look into transferring them away if GD kowtows to SOPA.

  • http://busyconf.com Ryan McGeary

    Doesn’t it take another 24 hours (and up to 5 days) for the transfers out to take effect? For example, I initiated the transfer of 31 domains yesterday, but GoDaddy didn’t register them as transferred out until today. In other words, today is considered the transfer date, not yesterday.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      It was my understanding that DailyChanges gave realtime updates of domain movement… Like the blocked text said, GoDaddy gained 20,000-plus domains yesterday, but, following your rationale, if the 24-hour wait does impact these reports, then yes, we could/should see a different set of numbers in relation to domains gained and/or lost.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    too bad “domaincontrol.com” is a godaddy puppet. are the numbers real or not?

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steven G

    I think everybody needs to chill. Instead of opposing something that might be shoved down our throats, GoDaddy is at least one of the few companies supporting the bill that says it needs some work before they’ll 100% jump on the bandwagon. I think yes it was a PR blunder to not say that first and foremost as I believe that is what their intention was. I don’t think they intended to blindly support a bill that’s worded in such a way currently that would make even GoDaddy responsible if somebody registered a domain or hosted it on GoDaddy’s servers that was in violation of law if such a bill if it were passed.

    • Ben

      Actually, the legislation would help GoDaddy since they managed to get themselves immunity as part of it.

      • http://www.LAokay.com Steven G

        Immunity from prosecution perhaps, but not immunity from being forced to remove a domain from their registrar system or even a site they are hosting on one of GoDaddy’s servers upon proof it infringes on a trademark or copyright. Basically the way that SOPA is written right now is it would make the registrar, the host, and anybody else responsible, not just the person who actually infringed. I think they should be responsible after a notice has been sent to them to shut down the site and failed to comply, but that’s about it.

  • sam

    Why are you drawing a conclusion from numbers you admit are inaccurate? A bit premature to say whether it was a failure or a success.

    • Chris

      I drew a conclusion based on the data given. Based on the fact that more than one publication interprets the information DailyChanges as accurate, so I was inclined to do the same.

      As for the Ryan’s comment, if there is a 24-hour delay, and the numbers change drastically, the follow-up articles will acknowledge these differences. As for whether or not DailyChanges is a GoDaddy puppet, I can only go by what jonny rocket said in his above comment. If this proves to be true, that, too, will be addressed in upcoming articles.

  • planecrash

    The numbers referenced in this article represent DNS changes which aren’t the same thing as registrar transfers . All of these articles are premature attempts to grab headlines. It will be interesting once the actual numbers come out. Write any article you want, the boycott achieved its single goal, and pretty quickly too.

  • ShivaDestroyer

    You fail to mention all of the transfers that occurred before the “transfer day.” Most of these were also due to the sopa support.
    Your article is poorly written thanks to the skewed numbers you threw up that are obviously inaccurate. Way to keep the media stereotype alive and well.

  • http://jesspeterson.blogspot.com Jess Peterson

    Like Rebecca I had never heard of the boycott campaign,either. Then again, I don’t use godaddy.

  • http://www.cat-website.com Robert

    While it was too much trouble to move my domains on godaddy, it certainly wasn’t too much trouble to move my future business to name.com not namecheap just name.com where my money doesn’t go toward killing endangered animals so far as I know.

  • http://www.darrenleno.com Darren Leno

    Not quite sure what “impact” was expected. You didn’t really qualify that. I think the desired outcome would have been to get GD’s attention and that certainly happened. Forcing GD to run from its original public stance was a very powerful result.

    In addition to the modest outflow of domains, did you see the incredible number of domains that were cancelled during this campaign? I think that is where the real story was. It caused a lot of people to sit down and examine their domain portfolios.

    I moved 70 domains, and also canceled about 20 others from projects that never quite got off the ground. Its easy to forget they’re there.

    Reddit was able to raise this issue in a way that inspired a few of us to take some action, and ultimately feel better about how we spend our money and who we choose to do business with.

    Leaving GD had been on my mind for awhile for many reasons (their marketing is not aligned to my values, their control panel is cluttered, their upselling is annoying, their pricing no longer competitive, etc); this just gave me a reason to act.

    Did it have a big impact? I’d say it had enough impact, and also got me off my butt to do something I needed to do anyway.

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  • june

    hey Chris, how much did you receive from godaddy for wrting on this? just a curious thought..

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