A-Rod Flirting: Woman Appeared In Sexy Ad

    October 18, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Alex Rodriguez made headlines over the weekend when he got flirty with a woman in the stands and even asked for her number during the game, but now the woman is getting some attention of her own from the media.

Turns out Kyna Treacy, 27, is a bikini model and swimsuit designer from Australia, and she appeared in a sexy little Air Pacific ad in 2009, which is now making the rounds on the web.

The Aussie beauty hasn’t responded to requests for interviews or questions from the media, but she did take to Twitter to clear up a mistake The New York Post made in its article about the A-Rod incident.

Rodriguez was later benched, but team officials insist it was not because he was flirting.

  • G. E.

    No comment!!!!!

  • G. E.

    delete my email address!!!!

    • JIm

      I agree with your comment. Does Yahoo find this junk “news worthy”? I don’t

  • http://yahoo charlie

    couldn’t care less if he was flirting. just wish he was hitting the ball instead of hitting on her.

  • Will Mannuci

    When something like this falls in your lap best go with it. Good the girl corrected her age, because I gaurentee she won’t be getting any flirtatious offers from anyone at 37. Hope she goes with it now while it lasts gets something from it because the girl in the next city will be waiting for A-rod especially since he can’t swing the bat any more. W

    • luther

      Won’t be getting flirtatious offers at 37? If she looks this good and even better, stays classy, she’ll still be getting flirted with when she’s 60. You, my man are missing out on a lot of fine women. Just like fine wine, women get better with age.

  • P Gorman

    Who Cares.

  • mark

    NY Scankees are a bunch of over paid whining babys ! They think they are God’s gift to women . NOT ! Can’t wait to see those LOOSERS get swept in game 4

  • Too much

    Who cares

  • Murph

    Wouldn’t it be nice if ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the rest thoroughly report the news concerning politics and the goings on at the White House as much as the gossip writers report their “news”??

    • Blogopotomus

      The coaches should be a little clearer with A-Rod in their instructions to “hit it”.

  • kd

    Quipped A-Rod, “I bet I don’t strke out this time.”