A-10 Warthog: Budget Cuts Put Future In Jeopardy

    February 26, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has come under fire for a decision to permanently do away with an entire fleet of A-10 aircraft.

The choice to eliminate the A-10 aircraft was made as part of a series of budget cuts for 2015. The plan would save $3.5 billion dollars over five years, but it would also mean the end of the A-10 planes, affectionately known as “Warthogs”.

The plan was rejected by Representative Candice Miller (R) and Senator Carl Levin (D) who vow to fight the move.

A major factor in Miller’s decision to oppose the proposed budget is that it impacts the Harrison Township base in her Michigan district. The location currently houses 24 planes.

Miller, who is the vice chairwoman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has spearheaded previous and successful campaigns against the elimination of the Warthog and will be a leading voice against this current proposal.

Miller was quoted as saying, “Those of us who strongly recognize the important role the National Guard plays in defending our nation will not back down in ensuring that role is not diminished.”

Hagel’s justification for putting the aircraft on the chopping block is that the Warthog is a Cold War relic meant for the sole purpose of taking out tanks and lacking the technological savvy of more modern planes. The A-10 is therefore due to be put out to pasture.

It is an argument that was countered by Levin. The Detroit senator said that the A-10 had a “vital capability” and that in order to eliminate the plane, a sufficient “burden of proof” must be met.

Perhaps at the heart of the fight against the removal of the Warthog is the fact that doing so will cost up to 650 individuals their jobs.

The loss of jobs was a major reason that members of Congress had rejected previous attempts to move or do away with the aircraft.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • davcer

    GOOD !!! Stop the waste !!!
    We need to stop going around the world killing people – and so we don’t need all of these weapons that are used only for murder and destruction.

    • Nahkhii

      Obviously one of the 99% who owe their freedom to the 1% of us who served in the military.

    • Airdog

      Most of us are even suspicious of the people across our own street. We cant even get along with even our own family members sometimes. What makes you think that we could all of the sudden get along with a nation of people 6000 miles away?

  • johngol

    the a10 did a great job in the first gulf war…better than some of the most expensive planes the iraqis were terrified of them

  • Kris Schmidt

    Why the A10s?? Why not all those overpriced F22, JSF, F23s. $1bn each. And most aren’t even in service!

  • Berserker Jack

    Of all the cut’s you wanna do, PLEASE, NOT the HOG!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t you stop wasting money on that F-35 instead.

  • Theo Stall

    MORONS. $3B is chump change to what Dems spend. The A-10 was designed originally as a tank killer, but once it was deployed it became the MOST EFFECTIVE close air support for the ground troops we’ve evn had. NOW watch the Liberals justify this by saying ” there hasn’t been a tank battle since George Patton”— while ignoring the support of our soldiers on the ground let alone check the Tank inventory of the Russians and what they’ve sold to the Middle east in Syria, Iran etc.
    So lets put the troops in Jeopardy to give $3b more to the corruptions of EBT, Welfare, OBAMA PHONES, and all the rest of the giveaways.

    • literati

      I think you are confused about which party is behind wasted military spending.

    • literati

      Why are your comments about the 3 Billion, making no reference to the 1.5 trillion dollar contract with Lockheed-Martin for the F-35, that has been exposed as unsafe, uneffective and uncompetitive with likely adversaries?

  • Kaywhever

    These airplanes cause too much damage on al qaeda. Obama is not going to stand for it for one more minute.

    • A B

      how’s your Canada immigration paperwork going?

    • Russell

      Isn’t recess over and it’s time for juice and a nap for you? You can dream that most people have delusions like you.

      • Kaywhever

        Russell is a funny name for Muslim whore who knows nothing about a A10 and what support in brings to American troops, which is something you have never been.  Get off of government welfare, turn in your Obama phone, and start taking a paper my simple friend.

    • lbyrne2009

      Guess that is why they are killing this. Look at what happened the British soldier, the one who’s killers just got sentenced. Muslims, they hate when we have better guns and the POTUS knows that and would probably sign this.

  • literati

    The A-10 has been the most effective fixed wing plane we have had for ground support missions. Retiring it and fulfilling the contract for the F-35 is the reason most of us think the country is run by idiots. I know the congressional support it is currently getting has more to do with local economics, but even a kindergartener could give a better answer to ” should we get rid of something good and replace it with bad, just because it’s new

    • lbyrne2009

      Exactly, someone is hiding all the money we as Americans should get. Shit rolls down hill.

  • A B

    who will defend us against Skynet!!!!

  • Nahkhii

    Once again the blockheads in the puzzle palace come up with a ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ plan. As a former Hog mechanic and later squadron maintenance officer I can personally attest to the Hog’s survivability, lethality and maintainability. Replacing it with a go-fast, short loiter time, ‘sexy’ future aircraft is as stupid as the attempt to replace the Hog with F-16s. There are plenty of other places to find savings in DoD, and if we’re going to emasculate the military and return to the 1930s mentality – that worked well, didn’t it? – then at least leave the remaining ground pounders some protection with a battle proven air asset.

  • b57jetmech

    Ridiculous! The F-35 has failed EVERY specification and will not be deployable for another 5 years at least! What can we expect for CAS in the interim while they try to get the F-35 to work. The last I heard, the fire control software for the F-35 won’t be ready for test until 2017!!! It’s 2014! And No One can guarantee that this thing will work then. Not to mention that the thing will cost from $175,000,000. to over $200,000,000. each and they propose to use them to strafe tanks and hard targets on the ground!!! Are you kidding me! Appointee Hagel is a stooge for the Islamist in the white house!

    • Russell

      You ruin any coherence or seriousness one might accept from your argument with sophomoric and unpatriotic insults to the Secretary and President. Grow up.

    • eze240

      What we must remember here is: we have Marxist Socialists in office and in charge right now, we also have Republicans who are in the corporations pockets….no surprise that they want to spend, spend ,spend on a rehashing of the old Macnamara doctrine of one size fits all. and no surprise they want to dump the A-10… the Airforce wants fast sexy and new, no matter what the cost, but they also don’t want the Army to get ahold of the A-10….
      Until we get these Socialists and crooked fools out of office we will be facing this foolishness or worse….
      The problem of downsizing is larger than you might think: we no longer have the ability to fight a two front war and soon we won’t have any strategic reserve left… this leaves us unable to meet our requirements under treaty to countries such as South Korea….
      The key to stopping this is to learn from what these Socialists have done: they are organized, motivated, united and they have a goal and they are single minded in their desire to reach that goal. to stop them we must also be all those things and more.
      We must be louder than they are to be heard, we must form a united front that can give them an ultimatum:….”shape up and behave, or else”. If we are unwilling to do so, then we will lose….everything……and we will deserve all that happens as a result….

  • skeete44@yahoo.com

    You scrap the Warthog, you put the country in jeopardy. Why? The reason why is that the GOP has all their money overseas and they care no more about this country. It’s about money and they want to expel our resources for people like Halliburton who ripped of our government for war profiting. Now, when we can’t take care of our troops, then they will start attacking the homeland. The GOP has screwed our country and now they are selling us out to our enemies. People like Snowden was a precursor to this scenario. The Warthog is a dangerous and lethal asset against our enemy but the GOP wants to raise the budget because the cronies need African American and now they can point the finger at him. Sick , money grubbing bastards! I don’t want this nation to fall but if I got to go to war, I will and so will the citizens, drug dealer, thugs, welfare reciprients and other who don’t rely on the government but who are tired of being raped bu the GOP for program that was never released publically for money that was allocated for the poor. This is all sad for the common taxpayer. Obama should freeze all off-shore account and make sure they pay American taxes on that money and then, expel them for sedition to the IRS. That’s how we could get in the black when Clinton was in but no, no, the Bush league did their thing and now look! Protect our country or this place will be like Kiev!

    • Nahkhii

      What?? There may be logical point to your BDS rant but if so it’s very well hidden.

      “Sedition to the IRS”? I didn’t know anyone – other than the current administration – considers the IRS as a sovereign nation that anyone owes allegiance to. Man, get some help, please.

    • USSA

      I’m not sure if your post is serious or sarcastic. If it is the former, then you are completly confused and brainwashed by propaganda. If it’s the latter, then what an excellent post.
      Welfare reciepients who don’t rely on the government??? What an intelligent statement.

    • Airdog

      As a society, we have practiced all forms of government that we could imagine…not one of them has ever been for all people Including democrats or republican…in seeing the flaws of one, its to easy to close our eyes to the flaws of another

  • Victor Hainsworth

    The A10 WhartHog

    A10’s are the best planes in the fleet:
    Slow and mean and can take any heat.
    Straight line and bank left: so sweet,
    Straight line and bank right: what a feat,
    The rotary cannon will not cheat,
    It destroys everything to assure defeat:
    So A10’s can bring home pilots so they can eat.

  • agsb

    The reason why the Penegon does not want it is because it is not nice, sexy, fast, stealthy airplane all of which have no influence on ground troops. The A-10 also does its job too well and has too many redundant features that keep the plot and ground troops safe

  • cavtrooper

    After witnessing the A-10 in action I would like to know what Mr. Hagel would have as close air support if he were under attack. There has never been a better CAS aircraft. Big problem is is that the fighter jock Air Force never liked the A-10. The f-16 proved to be a failure in Desert Storm and the A-10 proved it’s worth. Technology isn’t always the answer, rounds on target are what count. For all of you who want to continually cut the military, remember that your freedom is maintained by our military not the “people” in Washington.

  • freshmeat62

    Getting rid of the A-10 is one of the dumbest ideas Obama’s administration has thought up yet. Spending billions on the F35, that has had all kinds of problems meeting specs, and is 8 years behind schedule, to replace the A-10 is just stupid. The A-10 is one of the most effective, not to mention cheapest planes in the US military inventory. I have seen them in action, and they are devastating. Granted they aren’t sexy or pretty, but man, do they work.

    I have absolutely no faith in anything the Obama administration does any more, so I am writing to my congresswoman, and 2 senators to please hold off doing anything until the idiot Obama and his clowns are out of office.

    • Russell

      Great Point! When Obama was President back in ’96 when the F35 agreements were signed, I knew then that you’d be posting sophomoric insults and non-facts about the President Obama. Keep posting, Einstein!

  • pologuy

    Billions for defense, not one stinking dime for WELFARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • davcer

    Who else goes around the world starting illegal wars and killing hundreds of thousands of people ? Who ?
    Think about it. Since WWII, what country has attacked another country NOT on it’s borders.
    The US is the one that doesn’t get along with others.

    • J Derek Mitchell

      Maybe if the rest of the damn world would stop calling US when the Fit hits the shan! Think about it. The UN is useless. Name ONE conflict that they have put a stop too. Who do you think makes up the majority of their force when they want to do something?

    • cavtrooper

      So the next time there is a country asking for a peace keeping mission I hope you will stand up against sending our troops.

    • davcer

      Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq – peacekeeping missions ?
      What have we gotten from these adventures ? What have the countries we have invaded gotten ? Iraq, an ancient and formerly beautiful land has been left a pile of smoking rubble. Children born without eyes and limbs because of the depleted uranium. It is now the Mother of all Terrorist Training Camps that contributed some 30,00 fighters to the Syrian conflict.
      Could the heroin epidemic here have anything to do with the New Taliban – world’s largest producers of opium ? The Taliban had the poppy over 90% eradicated until we showed them the error of their ways – they are now the capitalist, RICH Taliban. Another great job done by sending our soldiers to kill and be killed.
      Our grandchildren will be paying the costs in money and future terrorists.
      I am against sending our brave soldiers to kill and be killed FOR MONEY.
      If it is a REAL peacekeeping mission, it would be through the UN, yes ?
      And stop arming these people. Jeez.
      When you only see the hammer in your tool box, everything looks like a nail.
      Sure – keep building Warthogs, bombs, missiles, attack helicopters – Halliburton and the Carlyle Group thank you by banking overseas and not paying taxes – even though most of their income comes directly from the US taxpayer !!!

  • J Derek Mitchell

    The A-10 was slated for disposal way back in the late ’80’s. Storm put an end to that. They were the ONLY fixed wing combat aircraft that could even get off the ground. All those high tech toys that the Airdales are so proud of were useless at the beginning. The Pilots came up with everything that they needed as far as night-vision and what not. Now this bozo wants to scrap them again. They are cheaper than any other POS that is in the pipeline and they have MORE capability than most. They are a Ground Troops best friend. Faster than a Chopper and a heck of a lot more Firepower.

  • Polar Vortex

    But the A-10 was so effective, and beautiful, and terrifying. I’ve considered myself a liberal for a long time, but I have since re-evaluated my political views and do not consider myself a member of any party anymore. The whole “political party” thing is a load of shit, it just makes stupid people feel safe. This “let’s be friends with everyone despite major differences” happy bullshit needs to end. They’re making budget cuts in all the wrong places. You never weaken your nation’s fighting force, horrible idea.

  • Ted Striker

    Terrible decision, this plane is a hero and has provided so much cover for the guys on the ground in Afghanistan, especially when helicopters can’t get there fast enough or because of deadly mountain crosswinds. It’s replacement, the F-35, is too expensive, too fast, and too lightly armored. The A-10 is a BARGAIN system and has proven itself time and time again.

  • Onager

    Yeah, gotta kill the Tankbuster. After all, America can’t be weak enough!! We wouldn’t want our enemies to fear us, right?

  • 1coolbear

    Turn the A-10 loose on all the progressives riding in their limos. That is one sure way they will understand what ground support is all about.

  • American by birth

    We wouldn’t have to cut any of our military if we quit funding third world countries needs instead of our own – THANKS OBUMA

  • lbyrne2009

    3.5 million over 5 years? who the hell is doing the math? We need these fighters on site and they already killed the F-14 for 2 shitty fighters and it caost what, billions of dollars. Guess who got paid, the company and the idiot that said it was a good idea. Why not stop spending and ammo and selling war vehicles to sherif’s office in counties that don’t need them. Morons.