$99 Tablet Might Not Make It To The U.S.

    December 26, 2012
    Zach Walton
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A rumor emerged last week that said Acer was preparing a $99 Android tablet. That rumor is looking to be truth as more reports are coming in on the device, dubbed the Iconia B1, and one report says that the budget tablet may never make it to the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal spoke to a person “with direct knowledge of the project” to score some details on the new tablet. First up, the price will indeed be $99 and the price will reflect that. The device will have a resolution of 1024×600 and a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. In fact, the tablet is reported to have specs rivaling that of first generation Kindle Fire devices. It’s expected to be sold in emerging markets, like China, where Apple’s iPad might be too expensive for most consumers.

So where does that leave the U.S.? It’s unknown if Acer will ever release the device here, but it has been submitted to the FCC for certification. It shows that Acer is at least considering a release in the states where low cost tablets are beginning to take some market share away from Apple’s premium iPad tablets. The WSJ’s source pointed to this directly saying that Google’s Nexus 10, which is priced at $499, has changed what’s considered competitive pricing in the tablet market.

It’s also being reported that Acer plans on releasing a lower priced version of its Intel-based Windows 8 tablets next year as well. A different source told the WSJ that its current devices are too pricey, and a lower priced alternative would be very attractive for those wanting to get into Windows 8.

Acer’s tablet, if it launches in the U.S., could beat a rumored $99 Asus tablet to market. There have been rumors for quite some time that Google was building a $99 Nexus 7 with Asus, but nothing has come out of that except for some random hearsay. Directly speaking to the WSJ, Asustek flat out denied that the company is building a $99 tablet, but such a response is to be expected until an official announcement is made.

As for the ultimate fate of Iconia B1, it will probably come to the U.S. if Google and Asus announce a $99 tablet. If not, there’s no reason to release such a cheap tablet in the U.S. beyond just having a cheap tablet. Asus’ Nexus 7 is selling decently well at its $199 price point and Asus needs to focus on competing with that. A $99 tablet with half the power of the Nexus 7 wouldn’t make a dent in Google’s dominion over the Android tablet market.

  • Arnold Harner

    who cares, I just bought a good tablet for $89 at walmart and it is just as good as the Acer I used to own. Let them keep it in china

    • Mike Leaven

      I’m sure the tablet you bought from Wal-mart was from China too.

  • http://yahoo Buel King

    Give me Clintin and Lewinsky for 2016. They’re both familar with the oval office

    • King Buel


  • Harry Figgers

    If they’re seeking FCC approval, it’s coming here morons! Most probably not at $99 though, because they know we’re stooges and will pay more. Americans pick their own pockets that way. Wait for someone else to pay for the R&D, then the price will come down, because they’ve over anticipated on sales and have excess inventory. That’s where they become the stooges; capitalism’s greed biting them in the hynee.

  • Eddie

    There’s are plenty of sub-$100 android tablets on the market in the US. Just go to Big Lots or Walmart and you have a dozen to chose from, and probably all the other retail stores which sells electronics carries them too.

    • http://webpro ToddH

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  • http://none Robert L. Forget (4-J)

    I just bought a Hipstreet Aurora 7″ tablet at Walmart for $98.I find it very difficult to learn to use. It has an Ice Cream Sandwich O/S. I would buy an Acer tablet in a minute with A Jelly Bean Operating System. I have three Laptop by Acer and I can’t kill them. I’ve never had even one problem with any of them. And I like the president’s name and attitude. His name is Easy Lay. How bad can that be? No kidding, Acer is the finest

  • http://none Robert L. Forget (4-J)

    Hey Harry Moron! $99. is a very smart move. Stop all the compettion in their tracks and sell, sell, sell. It’s good for the economie. You guys are sitting on a $13 trillion debt that you ‘will’ inevitably forfit! If not this month maybe in dark and cold February. by the way, I,m sitting on a sailboat in Canada, and loving it. Volume, man, ask the McDonalds. Can’t touch this. Even they are in trouble if someone reinvents their pattern with a bit more quality. Volume create’s both sales and employment and thirdly because of it fill’s the empty tax bag. Get some contacts, eh! With love, your neibor, y’all.

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