75% Of Americans Use Their Phones On The Toilet [STUDY]

    January 31, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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The bathroom is a sanctuary. Not only that, but it’s the best office that anyone could ever have. For years, I’ve made all my most important calls, sent my most important texts, and done my most ardent Facebooking from the throne. I’m not embarrassed to admit it.

But I thought I was in the minority. According to a study from marketing agency 11mark, I’m actually in the vast majority. It seems nobody can live without their phones while in the bathroom.

The study, IT in the Toilet, found that 75% of Americans admit to using their mobile device while in the bathroom. The most popular activity? Sending texts, with 67% of all respondents saying they’ve done that in the bathroom. While only 41% said that they have initiated a phone call from the bathroom, 63% said that they have answered one. Now you know what that hollow, echoing sound you hear while on the phone to your friends really means.

Men are more dependent on having their phones in the bathroom, with 30% saying explicitly “I don’t go to the bathroom without my mobile phone.” Only 20% of women said that.

And Android users are the most likely to use their phone in the bathroom – 87% said they have. Only 77% of iPhone users admitted to it.

Check out the infographic below for some more stats about phone use on the pot:

  • Holly

    My boyfriend and I just went shopping yesterday to find an anti-bacterial phone cleaner after he admitted to me that since he downloaded the DISH Remote Access app, he’s been watching TV on the toilet. Since the app works everywhere he can pull in a Wi-Fi signal or has mobile 3G network, he says that he’s watched live TV and DVR recordings while sitting on the toilet in his hotel bathroom while on business trips. I laughed so hard and then realized that his phone must be filthy! In a way it’s my fault because I was adamant about getting a Sling Adapter from my job at DISH so that I could watch TV on my breaks at school, but now after reading this I realize that my boyfriend is not the only one multi-tasking on a porcelain throne!

  • Kristin

    Where is this sample coming from!? And only 1,000 people sampled…I can’t help but doubt the validity of this study in comparison to the 307,000,000 people in the USA. I have never actually known someone who uses their phone in the bathroom unless an unusual circumstance occurs…such as one of my girlfriends receives a call/text while applying lipstick in the club bathroom (The purse comes with)…or is trying to escape from a bad date! Seriously, your phone and all the ‘missed’ calls and texts will be there 5 minutes from the time it takes you to use the bathroom!

    • Steve

      Well I do. I check the news in the morning while on the toilet.

      Also, I wonder if the higher number for men is because they always have their phone in their pocket, and therefore on them, whereas a woman’s phone might be in her bag which she wouldn’t take with her to the toilet unless using a public toilet.

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

      I’m not sure I know anyone who doesn’t do their most important phone work in the bathroom

  • Gojo

    Shocking!!! In other news a new study finds that bears do in fact poo in the woods.

    File this under useless info that everyone already knew.

    Man I hope government money wasn’t used for this study.