Quit Smoking: Tips To Help You Stop For Good


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Smoking is a nasty habit that can cause yellow teeth, brittle nails and a variety of horrible health problems.

Smoking has been linked to both cancer and heart disease and is so addicting that many people find it difficult to stop smoking no matter how hard they try.

If you are ready to quit this bad habit and put those cigarettes down for good, try some of these tips that can help you quit.

Find Support
It can be impossible to stop smoking on your own without support. Let your friends and family members know that you plan to quit smoking and ask them for help. A kind word and some encouragement can go a long way. If you need more help, join a support group and find a sponsor. Anytime you feel like smoking, contact your sponsor and he or she will help talk you out of it.

Set Goals
Don’t just try to stop smoking cold turkey. Set some short term goals for yourself and follow through with them. Limit yourself to a lesser amount of cigarettes each week until you are down to smoking just a few a day. Then you can try stopping for good. This will help make your nicotine cravings less powerful and prevent you from giving up so easily.

Consider Your Options
There are numerous tools and treatments available to help you quit smoking. You may want to try nicotine gum or patches or think about counseling or even hypnotherapy. Many smokers have used these methods to help them stop smoking for good. You may have to try more than one before you see any results, but once you find what works for you, stick with it.

It's not easy to quit smoking but the benefits are well worth the trouble. After you quit, you will look and feel better and healthier.