John Travolta Taxis His Boeing 707 Right Up to the Front Door of His Beyond Real Aviation-Inspired Home

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John Travolta has been a certified private pilot for years, but few know that his Florida home is a fully-functional airport where he can pull up his Quantas Boeing 707 right up to the front door.

"We designed the house for the jets and to have at our access the world at a moment’s notice, and we succeeded at that," said Travolta Thursday during an interview on Australia's Today. "For the last 11 years, we’ve been able to globe-trot for Qantas and movies … I’ve been really able to operate out of this house for business and personal reasons."

Since 2002, Travolta has been a Qantas "ambassador-at-large" and keeps his personal Qantas Boeing 707 right outside the front door of of his Florida home.

"Now I've made a profession out of flying in addition to acting, and at my age I'm glad I did, because it's something to do when you're not working," said the 60-year-old actor.

"It was always John’s dream to have planes in his front yard — to practically be able to pull up to the house — so that when you wanted to go to dinner, all you’d have to do was step out the door, get on the plane and whisk off,” Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, told Architectural Digest during a tour of their unique aviation-inspired home.

"You can be the ultimate eccentric, like I am, and bring in a 707, but you can also bring in any corporate jet or airliner," added Travolta.

Travolta's property is located in the Jumbolair Aviation Estates in Ocala, Florida — an aviation community that caters to homeowners who want to have their planes easily accessible. The community has two runways, a fully functional control tower, and many other amenities geared toward pilots.

Check out the Architectural Digest photos here.

Can you imagine taxiing right up to your front door? Incredible.

Pam Wright