2nd Prayer Death: Did Parents’ Beliefs Kill Toddler?

    February 19, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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It’s hard to pinpoint the most tragic aspect of the death of an 8 month old child. However, without a doubt, the most frustrating parts of this senseless loss is that it is in fact the second child of a Pennsylvania couple to die.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible have been down this road before.

The couple defied a court order to get medical treatment for their children following the death of their two-year-old son, Kent. Now they are being jailed for the death of a second, even younger child.

44-year-old Catherine Schaible told the judge that, “My religious beliefs are that you should pray, and not have to use medicine.”

Her 45-year-old husband told the judge, “We believe in divine healing, that Jesus shed blood for our healing and that he died on the cross to break the devil’s power.”

The decision of the couple to once again forego medical treatment resulted in the loss of their infant child Brandon to pneumonia.

Despite the couple’s lawyer claiming that the court order clashed with their fundamental beliefs, Judge Benjamin Lerner was not interested.

“April of 2013 wasn’t Brandon’s time to die,” said Lerner. “You’ve killed two of your children. Not God. Not your church. Not religious devotion. You.”

The couple was sentenced to 3.5 to 7 years for the death of the child, a punishment some may not see as quite harsh enough given the fact that this is the second of the couple’s children to die from purposeful refusal of medical attention.

Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore said that the second death was a “foreseeable” tragedy.

“This was going to happen,” said Pescatore. She agreed with the couple’s public defender Mythri Jayaraman that the couple’s beliefs were such that it was likely the remaining children were in danger. That feeling would prove to be correct a few years later.

Pescatore said of the cases that, “Everybody in the system failed these children.”

Is this a matter of the legal system encroaching on “Freedom of Religion” or is this yet another bizarre case of parents killing their kids and blaming their irresponsible actions on religion?

Please share your opinions below.

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  • gingerland62

    This is not religion it is a cult. God gave us a brain to use, unfortunately it is easier for some not to use it.

    • John Doe

      Faith seems like a strange gift to return to the creator of human “intelligence”. Doesn’t seem like people are using their brain when believing in things off of faith to begin with.

    • PeteZoria

      To call a religion a cult smacks of the refusal to allow religious freedom
      which is the basic precept to the American way of life. I personally do not condone what the parents did or didn’t do to save the life of their children BUT, I do defend their right to practice their beliefs! If the day ever arrives when a religion can legally be labeled a cult….you can kiss America good bye because we then revert back to England in the 15th century!
      Remember, every American has the right to practice their religion!

      • LORENZO

        the 15th century was actual a pivitol time in Europe in which we began to experience a renaissance and many technological, social and cultural developments

        • BenTB

          True, but not religious freedoms.

      • Just Sayin’

        Allow Religious freedoms to what extent? I mean anyone can call what they believe in or “practice” a religion…I think we ALL need to think about what a religion is and use some common sense. If it’s not hurting anyone you can worship a head of lettuce for all I care. But if your “religion” is hurting others, killing others then I think the freedom to call what your doing a religion needs to be revoked.

        • Aimee

          Pefectly said, Just Sayin’!

      • Da Shan

        All religions were “cults” before they became “mainstream”.

      • SecularHumanist199

        Every religion is considered a cult by members of some other religion. Labeling something a cult shouldn’t be used to outlaw that religion, but there are clearly things that should not be allowed just because some religion believes in them, such as faith healing. If you are an adult and you choose to forgo medical treatment due to your religious beliefs, I guess I am OK with letting you die. On the other hand, those beliefs should never be allowed to impact the health of anybody, at any age, who lacks the ability to make those judgments for themselves, especially children. Religion does make people do really stupid things, because it is based on a lack of rational thought, at least in one area.

      • E

        We should be drawing the line at child sacrafice, don’t you think?

        • James Lorello

          We should be drawing the line well before child sacrifice.

      • James Lorello

        Cults are not outlawed. The only difference between a “cult” and a “religion” is the numbers. Just because people have the right to practice whatever cult they want doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to call it what it is:
        /kʌlt/ Show Spelled [kuhlt] Show IPA
        1. a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.
        2. an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult.
        3. the object of such devotion.
        4. a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.
        5. Sociology . a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols.

      • gina

        yea, this is pretty meaningless in the face of two dead children. we have to, as a society, protect the vulnerable children (whether extremist parents, neglectful parents or the like), and we knew after one dead child that these two people were not parenting in responsible (or sane) way. it would be the same if we condoned other types of child abuse due to ‘religious’ freedom.

      • TheSapient1

        Mormonism: banned, labeled a cult, subjected to genocide
        Various Native American animist beliefs: labeled primitive, subjected to suppression, ethnocide, and eradication
        African Islam and animist beliefs: Eradicated along with every other instance of imported slaves culture
        Learn history

    • yeaH Ok

      First off my heart goes out to this little child! unfortunately no god gave any of us our brains, our brains have evolved whether you like it or not. in fact the most intelligent people in the world are agnostic or atheist (most not all). You keep depending on your god to fix your problems and you’ll have horrific outcomes in life. Please wake up!

    • Da Shan

      What is the difference between a cult and a religion? All religions were “cults” before they enjoyed “mainstream” status.

    • tom

      All religions are cults to someone. A cult is the other person’s religion. Religion is metaphor, analogy and myth mistaken to be a fact.

    • Taylor

      Actually, ONE difference between a “Cult” and a “Religion” is how many people practice and follow the ‘religion.’ A cult isn’t called that just because people are crazy or doing stupid, crazy things..

  • lindy west

    Pathetic. The second child should have been taken away immediately after it was learned what happened to the first. Have zero tolerance for stupidity.

  • just saying

    As awful as this is.. Religious freedom is an important fundamental right. Their religion is not a cult, there are several that say no medicine or limited medicine. I work with a lady .. Lovely person.. her religion forbids blood transfusion and her son almost died during birth.. I don’t understand.. my soul could go to hell to save my child….but my not understanding it, doesn’t make it wrong. I am sad for the loss of this child.. but I would fight for their right to religious freedom.

    • Ascalaban

      No one should have that kind of choice of life or death over a child. This isn’t religious freedom. It’s insanity.

      • CRS

        I hope you feel that way about abortion.

        • Trevor

          I hope you have adopted an unwanted baby so it doesn’t grow up in a foster home and eventually a prison.

          • CRS

            I don’t need to adopt every unwanted baby for my position to be valid. Either protect all children or protect ALL parental life/death decisions regarding their own children. The parents held the right to snuff the child in utero. Either that right carries over out of utero, or the parents don’t have the right to make life and death decisions over their children. PERIOD.

          • trish

            In this period of time there is an argument over every right around. But I am sure I am not the only one here that has ever had or seen a real healing or miracle. They still happen, BUT God gave us common sense to know when we pray and someone is getting worse instead of better they need a doctor. No one knows why everyone is not healed. The Bible says we will not know many things while here. I am a Christian, my Church believes in doctors but also in healing. It is the same with anything. Moderation. There are lines we do not need to cross. Not when it will kill someone.

          • lorenzo

            What about when men spluge a few times a week and women ovulate once a month? Killing lives?

          • Da Shan

            I have wiped entire CIVILIZATIONS off of my belly with a dirty sock!

          • mae.sutherland@yahoo.com

            @CRS I am pro abortion for a very simple reason although I would never have had one nor would I have allowed my daughter to have one if I could stop it. And something happened 4 doors down from me 3 nights ago that finally made her see why I feel as I do. A 4 mo. old baby was murdered and she was the first emt on the scene. It just about broke her when she pulled the little shirt up to do cpr and saw the bruises. She did hold herself together until a paramedic was on the scene and she turned the baby over to him. I am proud of her for that. I think I would have lost it and started beating the dad with any and all I could get my hands on. I have always told her I am pro abortion because I would rather see a child aborted than burned, bruised, starved and with broken bones and it had been going on for months or even years. Our prisons are full of these abused children. A woman can have an abortion and no-one ever know. But if she gives birth and puts it up for adoption {GASP!!!} people will know, so they have a child they didn’t want and the child pays until it dies. I am not saying this is 100%, nothing is, but I believe it happens hundreds of times a day. If the woman wants an abortion, let her have it and save a baby from being tortured. This may have been the first time the dad beat the baby but I have no doubt if he got away with it once, he would have continued to beat the baby. Although it may have taken a while for the baby to loose consciousness it wasn’t years of abuse.

          • TattooMe

            How do you know it wasn’t mother that beat the child?

          • Amy Thomas

            Quite the stretch there sweetie

          • Amy Thomas

            After reading this over a little more, I’m curious, are you pro-abortion and pro prayer for healing? Cause I’m pretty sure God’s not down with both, pick one.

          • TheSapient1

            @CRS: The idea behind abortion is that you DON’T have civil rights before you’re a) fully human (you spend most of your gestation identical to countless other species) b) conscious. If you can’t see the ethical difference between a ball of cells and a sapient being (the same difference between people and cucumbers, people and potatoes, or people and any other f***ing vegetable) I think you need a review of ethics. As for their “religious freedom”: it doesn’t include the right to murder sapient beings whether those beings be their offspring or someone else’s. Religious freedom does not protect child neglect the same way it doesn’t protect terrorism, or do you plan to fight for Al ‘Qaeda’s “religious freedom” too?

          • CRS

            By the way, your generalization is making an unfair judgment call as to the fate of another person, and you make it with absolute certainty. “Judge not,” hypocrite.

          • Natalie

            Yeah cause those are the only options right? Abortion or prison.

          • CRS

            Either you have a split personality, or there are two of you with the same name. Either way, “you” said it, I refuted it.

        • Jesus O’Nazareth

          So… you feel that “The State” should have the right to force a woman to have a baby against her will?

          • chuck

            if it was against her Will she would never conceived a child and what you should be asking is,
            does a woman have a right to murder.

          • Celia

            Ok Chuck, Let’s follow your logic. A woman who is raped and conceived, should we force her to have that child that she hates grow within her body? Or do you believe that it was her will?

        • David

          I’m 100% Pro-Abortion, so long as you change the name. Don’t call it abortion call “Kill My Baby.” If you call it that and still want to do it, I am OK.

          • BlueTigress

            Okay so long as you acknowledge that your definition of “life” if from conception to birth.

        • hmmm

          I agree 100%. It’s strange that people don’t equate this issue with abortion and even end of life rights.

    • Jaeger19ultima

      But when someone’s life is on the line how far would you go to ensure religious freedom if it gives carte blanche for people to be free of charges when a child or person dies? I mean look at the bodies when heaven’s gate cult leader marshall applewhite convinced his followers that they were going on a journey.

      It’s religious freedom to them and not suicide, same can be said for this couple who let their child die because of this belief that jesus would heal their child if he chooses to do so and that there is no guilt or sadness on there part. It’s their religious freedom to refuse medical care because they don’t see their actions as neglect or they don’t see that their child was in any danger when he was slowly dying..

      Can you not see the ripe for abuse the “religious freedom” argument has? If the freedoms are deemed by law to not put any living being in danger or if said person/s agree to not hold others responsible or if it’s on a subject not pertaining to the death of another and just simply someone’s issue with safe practice then you can argue whether or not religious freedom is being trampled on… If alternative medicine is beneficial for said child under care of devout people then you have another case to argue for. But not when said person is killed because of the beliefs..

      I think that if said person or child who could be easily healed through medicine that comes from the earth which “god” created (if you want to go that route religiously speaking) undergoes unbearable pain and suffering then intervention on behalf of said individual is a must. The parents should not have the last say in the matter of the child’s well being in that circumstance.

      We are talking about issues that are subjective really, would you argue the stand your ground laws supposedly in place for people to use deadly force when necessary should never be amended or revoked because it takes away a person’s right to use deadly force to prevent themselves from dying? You got to understand even freedoms can be exploited and abused for malicious intent. There’s a reason why people are jailed for terroristic threatening despite “freedom of speech” you can’t hinge on freedoms as an excuse for behavior or practices that put others at risk…

    • Too high fa Dis

      Yes, it is wrong. To kill a child because of your ignorant. bullshit views is disgusting. Fuck you and the cunt parents.

    • Thea

      I am a Christian and when my son was not breathing I jumped for the nebulizer and while administering the treatment I was praying. its call wisdom and God gave knowledge for modern medicine. The Bible also say, if you are sick seek physician, and while seeking them pray. I know of the refusal of blood transfusion and that is another ridiculous thing, I know of the religion and that is voluntary murder in my opinion, no where in the Bible states that, whatever is states is misused. We have a responsibility to protect our children and God expects us to do so as they are precious to Him. Crazy people.

      • whatever

        Bull shit! the bible says to cure leprosy with Bird blood (Leviticus 14:7) you should read that thing perhaps that would convince you to stop calling your self a christian

        • context

          Um actually if you read a couple of verses back (Leviticus 14:3) it says that if the person has been healed of the disease (whether through medicine or a miracle) then the person gets the blood of the bird to be CEREMONIALLY clean not to heal the person.

        • Schooled

          Do you need some ointment for that burn?

          • Trevor

            You all are bird shi& crazy. There is no magic man.

      • Da Shan

        Anybody who has to announce “I’m a Christian” to validate their views is no Christian.

        • Msmaestro

          Maybe she announced “I’m a Christian” in an attempt to invalidate the parents in the article as being “Christian”.

        • BenTB

          Uhh, how does that make sense? If I say I am something, then I probably am. Please explain why you think that!

          • Da Shan

            5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. 8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

          • BenTB

            I don’t want to turn this into an argument, but I think she meant well. You are correct, but I don’t think this is the same thing.

          • Da Shan

            Religion and faith are not the same thing. I’m sure she meant well. Who doesn’t? Christians aren’t supposed to wear their religion on their sleeves like its some kind of badge of honor, something to be proud of. He admonished us to eschew RELIGION. (see how he treated the Pharisees?) He told us “I am lowly and meek of heart” and he said, “Take up your cross and follow me.” And he WAS NOT a Christian.

          • BenTB

            Well said.

        • Whitney

          This is about the 5th comment I’ve see u make. U aren’t getting anywhere. I’m a Christian and guess what ur views aren’t going to change the way I feel or the way anyone else feels. If u want to die and go to hell that is your choice. Shut up and move on.

    • alyce1213

      If these parents wish to eschew medical treatment for themselves because of their ignorant beliefs, fine, it’s their choice to live or die. But they don’t have the right to withhold medical treatment for any other person, including their child — who, by the way, is not property, but an individual sentient human being. Tell me how “freedom of religion” justifies watching your child, your infant suffer, offering no comfort, medicine or relief. I’m a parent — it’s unimaginable. It’s against human nature. People like this are fanatic and have lost their grip on reality. I believe in Constitutional rights, but even the First Amendment has limits (you know – you can’t yell fire in a crowded movie theatre). Religious freedom is not wrong, what they did was wrong.
      I think the sentences were too light. They should have gotten the maximum, not only for their stupidity, but to make sure they don’t procreate again. They’re dangerous people.

    • PLS

      “just saying” while you fight for their right to religious freedom, I will be fighting for the child’s right to live.

      • Not a Hypocrite

        And for the lives of all of the unborn, unwanted babies as well I presume….

        • Msmaestro

          You’re wasting your time. People like this are reprobate.

    • Lisa

      This is exactly why they still had their children, ignorant morons wanting to protect their religious freedoms, what about those children’s rights? They didn’t chose that religion!

      • Msmaestro

        Let me teach you how to think. The common sense thought behind this would be to see that it is not the “Christianity” but the stupid things that people do in the name of Christianity that have nothing to with the belief. Say, “Hmmm are all Christians doing this?” “How many Christians are there statistically in the US?” and then make an informed decision and comment accordingly.

    • Rod Morris

      I would fight for THEIR religious freedom but they have no right to force their beliefs on their children.

    • food for thought

      There are limits to everything. Especially when it violates the law of the land. Let’s say I am involved a religion that promotes murder, which comes first, my freedom of religious expression or the law that prevents homicide? Likewise I think that since children are incapable of choosing for themselves consciously, emotionally and legally–and that the parents cannot or do not enforce their child’s right to life since they the children are not of age to make a legal religious preference to turn down medical treatment on their own, and the parents aren’t providing it for them, then the state has every right, in fact it is OBLIGATED to step in. And I don’t think that encroached on religious freedom at all. Maybe at 18, but not at 3, 8, or 12.

    • just saysin

      While I agree somewhat with what you are saying keep in mind these are small children not yet old enough to make their own decisions on whether they even wish to share these beliefs. The parents forced this on their kids who weren’t given the chance to grow old enough to develop their own ideals. Why do they have to pay the price?

    • lorenzo

      well one less crazy to come from that family.

    • Jimmy

      I don’t know about that. Like, if the parents felt like their religious rights told them to not accepts medicine, then they should apply that only to themselves. The just forced their religious beliefs on their child. They forced their religious beliefs on someone who couldn’t even comprehend religion yet. Their beliefs just affected someone else, even if it was their own child. No one has the right to do that to their kid if the child’s life is in danger. Religious freedom, I believe, can only be applied to yourself, and shouldn’t be projected on a spouse, child, or other family members, ever!

  • bessiejunejoad

    People this stupid should just be shot
    Religion SUCKS

    • Msmaestro

      Religion didn’t kill the children. Stupid parents did.

  • Optimus Fine

    When I first started reading this article I thought it was the second time ever, thought to myself it would be horrible for it to happen twice with the same couple…what the heck….with everything there is today science/medicine they did it again…even after last time??? Even children know not to touch a hot stove twice. Give them both the chair or prison for the rest of their dumbass lives to ensure there isn’t a third time.

  • Carla Saunders

    2nd prayer death? I have personally experienced two people risen from the dead. You don’t hear about that. I am but one person. I know there are plenty more out there. I’m sorry this child died. I don’t see all or know all, so I won’t comment about the death, but Praise Jesus for the two I know was raised from the dead.

    • PLS

      Many people are brought back from death in our hospitals everyday.

    • dixie lilly

      …Uh..umm.. ..If you were 2000 or-so years old, you may have seen Someone rise from the dead…please don’t play with snakes.

      • carla saunders

        I don’t play with snakes, and I don’t joke about the Lord.

      • trevor

        No one rose from the dead two thousand years ago just like no one does now. Just because you weren’t there and read it in a book does not make it true. religion is dying, finally.

        • trish

          How can religion be dying when everything in that “book” as you call it, has come to pass. Things that were spoke of 2000 yrs. ago. It will continue to come to pass and you will continue to think it dying. I believe in doctors and use them. I have also had a miracle. Even the doctors said it was. They could only shake their heads and smile.

        • Msmaestro

          No Trevor America is spiritually dying. This isn’t even to be debated as fact because you can compare this countries past Christian principles (GRACE) that brought prosperity with where it’s currently headed in religious death as you put it. In Africa and other countries people are raised from the dead all the time now that they’ve learned the gospel. Instead of saying Jesus isn’t real, just take responsibility for living in an unbelieving nation that will not be given a sign.

  • Optimus Fine

    I’m JUST SAYING…shut your cakehole.a child died for no reason

  • Yogi

    Last time I checked, Luke (as in the Gospel of Luke) was a physician. If Jesus had use for a Doctor, as a Christian, so do I.

    just sayin…

    • joam

      And not once did Jesus tell Luke to heal someone through medicine. Nor did Jesus need healing.

      • Msmaestro

        Jesus performed miracles of healing for a reason and it WAS NOT to discredit medicine and doctors of today NOR to discredit Luke and the doctors of His day. Luke, a physician and Scientist is careful to give a detailed and accurate record of his
        investigation so that readers can trust with certainty that Jesus is
        God. Luke was also a faithful travel companion of the Apostle Paul. Luke mentions in his writings that Jesus healed a woman who “had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any.” That is, they doctors had done their best, but it was an incurable disease. So we see that modern medicine is not discredited by Jesus however, we also see that medicine then AND now has a failure rate whereas Jesus does NOT. Luke’s accurate scientific reporting has a ton of credibility coming from a Dr./Scientist and this is what Luke was USED BY GOD for. Not for healing.


    Shoot the “parents” up with a deadly virus, send them home to pray for recovery. Maybe they will be cured. Fair is Fair.

  • MomMominson

    “Did Parents’ Beliefs Kill Toddler?” No. Stupidity did.

  • Andi

    If they had sought medical treatment and the child had died then it would have been OK? I am personally all in favor of medical treatment but to say that this child would not have died but for the lack of medical care isn’t something I’m sure can be proved. While pneumonia can usually be halted it isn’t a given. Both small children and older folks can be killed by it quite easily. My father’s father died of flu back in 1918 and he was a healthy and strong adult so there is no telling what will happen.

    • Mike

      So if there’s not a 100% chance of success, you shouldn’t try. Words to live by.

    • Jaeger19ultima

      Wait so you’re arguing the futility of giving the child a better chance to survive? To you it’s the same as having the child with no treatment praying to jesus to heal him in the meantime every moment he goes without it, there’s an increasing chance of death marginally every hour he goes without some attention?

      The child would have had something and not just wait to die, idle hands are the devil’s playground. You know you can’t prove with certainty that the parent’s divine healing of jesus could have been as effective either. You do know that the flu back then was as dangerous as it is now and to this day with the h1n1 strain it can kill healthy people the mortality rate doesn’t change even with the ability to fight it off and increase survivability..

    • Thea

      well they should use the alternative available (doctor) and then if it happens then, it is not for trying. the choice was really ridiculous. this is a child and they are unable to take care of themselves and we have to assume responsibility for their well being.

    • pissed at ignorance

      these people make me sick and the ones to blame is child services they should of took the other kids away after these assholes let the first child die. freedom of religion pertains to u ur self not to play god over a helpless child or persons life. lynch the fucks put them in gen pop fuck em

    • PLS

      1918 vs 2013? I’d bet there is a pretty good chance the child would’ve survived given the proper medical care immediately.

    • Paige

      It would have been sad regardless of whether or not the child had medical care. But the parents didn’t try to see if anything could be done. Maybe this child had a purpose that now won’t be fulfilled. Pneumonia is not stopped 100% of the time, but the parents are at fault because they allowed this child to suffer without trying to get the medical means to stop suffering

      • Msmaestro

        I think you’re misunderstanding Andi guys. The parents were wrong in what they did as you should try EVERYTHING to save a sick child but what Andi is SAYING is to put ALL of your hope in something (Medicine) that has a failure rate that include DEATH is just as equally as stupid. We need to find some balance and apply some common sense. Pray for the physicians accurate diagnosis and treatment all while speeding this child to the hospital! What in the world?

  • David Shilling

    I think they misinterpret the passage. I believe it meant that, Jesus shed his blood for our spiritual healing, not our physical healing. Not trying to convert anyone, just what I believe is meat in the particular passage mentioned.

  • Optimus Fine

    Listen Mr. Doe, if medical treatment didn’t work then at least WE tried…but nothing…that’s horrible. By the way the Spanish flu killed a ton of people….this is 100 years later pal, get with the program moron. Again its called research

  • nat tren

    And when kids die because of the medicine, who should be sent to prison? Corporations are not persons when it comes to criminal law (they can’t be imprisoned), but magically become people when they make financial contributions to politics. Such is our sanity, brain or no brain!

    • Jaeger19ultima

      If said medicine causes a visible mortality rate and others can band together to sue said company then if no one goes to prison at least the public can take some action to refuse that medicine or get it out of the doctor’s itinerary. You act like these things are either impossible or asinine to even consider.. The problem is alot of people like to talk but don’t stick to their guns when it comes to these issues.

      Corporations CAN and DO be held publicly responsible and pay fines/damages and it can damage their reputation to some degree depending on the families it destroyed. People are more awake and aware of these things and have voices to speak out. In the grand scheme of american capitalism it overrides morals but who said that morality was a clear cut road to follow? I mean even freedom is rife with abuses and don’t gaurentee people will be on the straight and narrow.

  • Optimus Fine

    Then you better go with no brain

  • NoBrain NoHeadache

    What does that say about their God if twice he let their child die? After you first child died wouldn’t you question your own belief system?

    • realitycheck

      Would’nt you apply that logic to countless millions of people who have several abortions time and again? Or do you have a hidden agenda there….?

    • BenTB

      Everyone has to die sometime…

  • David

    Look at Scientology, They too believe in no medicine. John Travolta’s kid died remember.

  • Rebecca

    being raised a “Pentecostal” by no means, means this~!!!!! Drs. are given to us for a reason and there is no excuse for this behavior.!!! I am a born again, pentecostal and would NEVER EVER deny my children medical care, this is deplorable to say the least!!!!!!!

  • TheArchitect

    So how’s that depending on faith and divine intervention thing working out for you? Oh, you lost two children as your prayers were left unanswered? Hey, third times a charm right? I’ll just go play with my kids now as my family will continue living sinfully off these blasphemous modern medicines.

    You can’t fix stupid.

    • alfred ferguson

      You’re right;: “You can’t fix stupid.” But you can, however, sterilize it.

  • lindsaycooper16

    God GAVE us modern medicine to USE it. Such as unfortunate story.

  • Jamie

    As my mother used to say, “God helps them what helps themselves.” These parents have abdicated their responsibility to their children.

    • Msmaestro

      My mother used to say that too but she admitted she was wrong. Most people who can help themselves don’t have the need for a God for their God is themselves and their ability to get results. God helps those who CAN’T help themselves and seek HIM which isn’t the instance in this case because they had transportation to a hospital with doctors and medicine. This is likely why GOD DOESN’T show up most times.

  • Jane

    These are some verses proofs that Jesus himself said that sick people need treatments. They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick “Mathew 9:12:
    They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick”Mark 2:17″
    They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick “Luke 5:31″

    This people need to understand the bible the right way

  • lola

    I feel sad for this child that he did not receive the basic medical care he so deserved. It seems a sad excuse to use God or religion as an excuse not to use a medication to cure a common illness in this day and age, and I say this as one who does indeed believe that God can and does heal. Antibiotics and a steroid would most likely have put this little one on the path to recovery. However I do see this as a slippery slope. If we legislate how much parents must listen to their doctors in the cases of their children, we then also have to expect that when our kids are dying of cancer and every avenue has been explored and tapped, do we also want to listen to the government and medical community when they force us to accept more chemotherapy/radiation etc. for our children? Do we enforce vaccinations without religious waiver? Do we want doctors tracking our every move and keeping tabs on us? It seems so simple and yet is so complex.

  • stargazer88

    And how many children die in the hospital after getting medical treatment and how many children die in a hospital after going in for a routine treatment? a dozen us children dying because of faith based belief is not that bad compared to children who routinely die in hospitals. I am not crazy about religion as a whole but it sickens me that a government can make you wrong for how you decide to hand the health or illness of your own child. Western medicine is not the end all be all.

  • Lisa

    Why did the court allow these people to have custody of any children after they let the first one die?????

  • whatever

    well you know what they say he may not come when you call him because he’s Make Believe

    • Msmaestro

      Come on now. Even Scientists are now admitting that the intelligence behind DNA to create life wasn’t an accident and are becoming spiritual. DNA HAD to have come from a creator. I cannot understand for the life of me why people say illogical things in the name of claiming logic.

  • joam

    It’s so interesting to see how upset people are over this child’s death..which I am truly sorry for..but when it comes to abortion…it’s the parents rights that count, not the child’s. Very interesting…

    • alfred ferguson

      Yes it is–an interesting contradiction that I would have glossed over except for your posted note. Don’t know if that awareness resolves anything in my mind. But it is always preferable to be aware rather than unaware.

      Consternation is always preferable to complacency (although not as comfortable).

      At least it is more human, and tends to diminish the S F (smugness factor).

    • Not a Hypocrite

      I was thinking the same thing….

    • David

      Interesting point. To further the dialogue, when is it no longer the parents’ choice to abort? This isn’t sarcastic, but more cynical. Some states set limits on when to call an abortion, but if the birth threatens the life of the mother, abortion is still legal. So a baby that is crowning and half way through the birth canal can still be killed. When does the “right” to do this end? After the child is fully birthed? Or 8 months later? Morality is only as important as it is convenient.

  • silvi

    Some people should never have children. This couple in effect murdered their own children.

  • Britspanman

    They should be spayed and neutered so they cannot allow anymore offspring to die.

  • stagename

    Pure idiotic behavior. They should be put to death, not given a few years in jail. What will stop them from having more children and repeating their crime for a third time?

  • Gene

    Some people should NOT have children. You all call this what you want but in reality it is murder and they should be in prison for life!

  • Nicole

    Everyone is trying to make it seem worse than it is. I firmly believe that God heals. He let the Blind see he rose people from the dead and still continues to do medical miracles. However, they maybe should have put their child on medicine. It is there choice. Why are they being arrested and put in prison if both of their children died? What’s the point? They are sad enough at the loss but this is FLIPPING CRAZY!!!! This is not a cult. These people firmly believed that God would heal and he DOES! Everything that happens is God’s plan. Just because their children died doesn’t mean God’s not there. He is. STOP FLIPPING YOUR CAKEHOLE AND READ THE BIBLE!!!! Read the Bible it will give you wisdom!

    • Msmaestro

      As a FIRM believer in God/Jesus and my bible, my bible app on my cell, my interlinear translation bible, and my bible app on my nook, I would have been praying for God to guide the minds of the physicians He created to correctly diagnose my child and to administer the correct medicines that He created. Then I would have prayed for the medicine to work and if it didn’t, I would ask God to reveal to me what should be done next as in a second opinion, specialist or some herbs etc. After that I would have just been sitting there praying for His will to be done with the help of other praying believers and asking God to heal my child. God can heal without medicine because He has healed me when medicine failed but God created everything and controls everything and he allows plenty of success with medicine so TRY IT BECAUSE IT MAY WORK because God ordained it to do so. Oh my goodness.

  • Atrueamerican10000

    I hope that if they get sick in prision…..the guards “pray” for them and deny medical care.

  • http://www.youtube.com/ministerabdallah Truth_is_that

    the “christian” god … continues to let down its adherents. Well, at least they weren’t hypocritical in this aspect as most other “christians”. Hypocrisy is a demon. There appears to be a significant amount of demonic possession within the religious.

    • Indiana Montoya

      Actually God is why America is as great as it is. Neither you nor the prayer healing folks seem to realize that His Love is put into action through men.

  • Suzy

    Choices about health care or no health care is a decision adults of
    sound mind can make for themselves. Youngsters are at the mercy of
    parents, and must abide by what the parents will allow. There needs to
    be healthcare guardians for kids stuck in these families. And, if any
    child ends up dying in such families, charge the parents with
    manslaughter,child abuse & child endangerment, and remove all
    children and release parents on probation with the caveat that they
    shall not have more kids. If they do,… back to prison; child removed
    to state care at birth. Personally, I hope fanatics like this don’t get
    healthcare for themselves,…they deserve whatever happens to them. But
    the children should be the only concern in this case.

  • Kathy Wiseman Meek

    What these ignorant people are doing is misinterpreting the word of God. Yes, God will heal you. But, He will heal you by sending you doctors. These ‘parents’ do not deserve to live another day. They deserve to die.

    • CRS

      Yep. Pretty sure God agrees with you. They absolutely deserve to die, and you know this because you have never seriously sinned yourself. Don’t forget to pick up a nice, heavy rock on your way to the stoning party (please note blatant sarcasm).

      • Kathy Wiseman Meek

        Now who is being stupid? I’m pretty sure I have never caused a death or stood by and let someone die when I could have done something to try to prevent it. Especially my own child!!! I would be the first to pick up a big stone on my way to a stoning party for someone as stupid to do that. (please note no blatant sarcasm).

        • David

          While I do not believe in Imaginary friends in the sky, I am pretty sure the message that Jesus brought was one of love and forgiveness. New Testament god does not want death on these people. If you are to cast the stone and be the executioner to these people as you have stated with no sarcasm, then who will be your executioner?

  • katnipg

    What happened to separation of church and state? How can one say in one breath that prayer in school is wrong because government and religion is separate and prosecute someone through state run courts for their religious beliefs? No I do not believe these parents made the right choice but I would fight to the death for their right to chose. AH gasp. But you support abortion and support the laws to prosecute killer of pregnant women as a double homicide.

    • David

      You do have the freedom of religion in this nation. Was seeking the aid of a Doctor or divine healing the wishes of either dead child? I know 8 months is too young for that kind of cognitive thought, but who am I to say the child wanted death?

  • Sanah

    I think they deserve a longer punishment and they both should be sterilized in order to not be able to kill any more children they might bear

  • Atheist

    God doesn’t exist.

    • BenTB

      I think you gave it away with your name…..

  • Jeanette E

    I believe that God CAN and DOES perform miracles of healing BUT He has created us with a brain to use and they didn’t use theirs. God works in and through doctors and others in the medical field. One of Jesus’ disciples, Luke, was a doctor. I know several Christian doctors who will pray with and for their patients because they, themselves rely on God’s guidance in surgery or through medicines and treatments .These doctors know that God is the Ultimate Healer who works His healing through them and what they have learned about how the amazing body that God created works. There have been many instances where the doctors have done all that they can and the prognosis isn’t good, but people have recovered in spite of what the doctors have said. That’s just as much of a miracle as if Christ was there in the Flesh healing . The hard part of all of this is the religious liberty factor.. I firmly am behind religious liberty and think that the right to one’s religious beliefs is one of the important foundations of our Country’s heritage .That is what makes this a sticky subject.. I somehow think that people have the right to chose less than intelligent actions for themselves, but I that it’s wrong to not provide their children everything they need, including food, shelter,and whatever it takes to keep them healthy.

  • justsaying

    Perhaps, instead of incarceration, they should just spay and neuter this couple.

  • wendy

    Do not put the Lord your God to test.

  • Ara Neuman

    God sent doctors.
    I wonder, when they are cut do they use a band aid or pray for the bleeding to stop? When they are hungry, do they pray for fullness or do they simply eat?
    When their bodies are dirty do they pray for cleanliness of the body or do they bathe?

  • Guest

    Prayer is certainly power, and just because one uses medicines does not necessarily mean that he or she doubts God. I pray to God in times of sickness, either mine or others, and still take medicine. Whether or not you believe in God, consider 2 things. I believe in God, so I’m going to refer to God. But you can refer to whatever you believe, it’ll most likely still apply.
    1. God created, in a sense, medicine. By putting all of the ingredients that go into medication on this earth, He gave humans the tools needed to help each other in times of sickness. Of course, God heals overall. And He guides the medicine to work. We are using God’s creation for medicine.
    2. If it is truly your time to die, then there is nothing anyone can do to stop you from taking your last breath. Medicine, surgery, none of that will stop death if it is truly your time. If you still have something to do on earth, then God will heal you through medications, surgery, etc and prayer too. I’m applying this to sicknesses in this case.

  • Conrad Shepard

    Their pastor should also be charged!!!!

  • Guest

    they should definitely go to jail and why didn’t the state remove an 8 month old before he died? I do believe in prayers but I also believe in science and medicine and you use them all

  • jermey

    i believe in science….i love medicine. dont pray for me take me to the hospital

  • David

    should we trust in Science or an imaginary friend to heal us? Last I remembered, playing doctor with an imaginary friend wasn’t very fun.

  • duh

    You know, then the court should have intervened after the first death with social services and yanked those kids from the home or at least had an extended probationary period in which the social worker kept tabs on their medical health. Not that hard.

  • emma richmond

    This is a cult , these people are taking the BIBLE AND TWISTING GOD’S word, this just like JIM JONES, a man just DIED FROM A SNAKE BITE, they PLAY WITH FIRE, THESE PEOPLE ARE TEMPTING GOD.

  • ScrewYou

    Another obvious attack on Christians. Whats new?

  • wildewitch

    no parent should be allowed to deny a child medical treatment. any other children should have been taken from those people when the 1st 1 passed away.
    This also has nothing to do with abortion. The choice to have or not have a baby is a woman’s right especially in cases of rape. Once that child is here, the parents have a responsibility to give it proper care and safety.

  • http://www.reviewstrip.com/ Alana L

    Now, if they would only jail people for aborting babies…

  • Vlmrdm

    How are these children getting pneumonia? When was the last time you heard of an infant or toddler with pneumonia? People who were healed in the Bible were told to show themselves to the priests which is comparable to going to a doctor today. As Trish says, people are healed today and part of that witness is that their doctors almost universally say it is inexplicable. Doctors are witnesses to the miracle.

  • smm

    Say what you want – but people like this have low intelligence. They are usually uneducated and ignorant. They take one little verse in the Bible and build their lives around that one verse and their own stupid interpretation (e.g. snake handlers). How sad that they can reproduce and how sad that the legal system failed these innocent babies.

  • Grimroof

    “God helps those who help themselves,” is the adage, if I recall correctly. Praying for cure when your child is sick is like fishing in the sand.

    • mon day

      That’s not in the bible. Go to church

  • sugarmag418

    Meanwhile parents are being denied access to their daughter for LISTENING to their first doctor and then daring to ask for a second opinion from a new doctor.

  • flowerfairybird

    I think this is just tragic and Personally feel like they were not wise to seek help , but this is Pure poopOganda too. Like much of what I read these days it’s NOT journalism. There are NO details to say why or how the decision was made. It is a deliberate attempt to make everyone think a Particular way. That Doctors are Gods and can do no wrong and that Religious beliefs are dangerous. The article shows some tweet saying “Experts say about a dozen US children die in faithhealing cases each year.” I HOPE All Americans are beginning to realize how we are being manipulated to think certain ways about certain things by the Media All the Time and Especially lately it appears that way. Since our own Govt. has apparently gone rouge itself. In the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Dr. Starfield states in a statistical chart which is broken down by types of incidents, that 250,000 total deaths per year are attributed to iatrogenic causes. The term “iatrogenic” is defined as, “Induced in a patient by a physician’s activity, manner, or therapy. Used especially to pertain to a complication of treatment.” Look up The Grisanti Report. There are so many reason this stinks, but you know I think this propaganda is here because of the current Surge to end Prohibition and people are finally coming out in droves saying how helpful and therapeutic that plant is for so many health issues. Just shows the connection of MSM and those that are fighting to keep the plant underground and continue to tell lies about it. WAKE UP FOLKS!!!! My heart goes out to this family and their children who are being exploited for the Political and financial gain of some. I am not condoning what they did. But This is NOT journalism or the whole story and it is Incredibly biased. Just want to Point that out.

  • Jo

    What if these people aren’t religious at all? What if they just wanted their children to die and decided that they would just wait till they died on their own and claim it was due to religious beliefs? I never thought this about the case before. Never even crossed my mind till just now when I saw the pictures of these two and her eyes…

  • charityhopefaith

    I believe God heals, but God also put doctors on this Earth to help us when we are sick! The medicine is here for you, you have to have faith that God heals THROUGH medicine! When it comes to children, come hell or high water, I will see to it that if it’s sick, it’ll get the best medical treatment I can get. And I’ll put my Faith in God that he’ll heal my babies…

  • BlueTigress

    I’d also sentence these people to be sterilized because they obviously are not capable of keeping their children in a healthy enviroment to begin with.

  • BlueTigress

    Oh, and the preacher that told them this should be tried as an accessory after the fact.

  • Jane G. Cross

    I believe Our Father God works through Doctors and Hospitals also. These are two of His gifts to humanity. To insist He can only heal us directly is a misguided attempt to limit God.
    Whoever taught these people this belief are also to blame for this tragedy, even though they have free wills to believe whatever is presented to them. In the Bible is a passage about the blind leading the blind, and both will fall in the ditch. God can heal us in any way He chooses. (Strangely, when I first typed leading, it came out “lieding.” An accident? I don’t think so.)

    Even Moses was denied access to the Promised Land because he disobeyed God and struck the rock in the wilderness instead of speaking to it for water for the Israelites.

    I believe the two children are in Heaven, and the parents should and
    will have to suffer the consequences of their actions. May God have
    mercy on their souls.

  • Para

    The masses believe that everyone dies on earth but that eternal life in the hereafter. So–these kids died earlier than some. The parents didn’t grab a knife and stab them, they loved and cared but believed that western medicine is dangerous (which there are many medical errors and deaths caused because of them as well). So–they took a risk to not seek medical care, and they would have taken a risk to get them to medical care. Freedom is important. They weren’t trying to cause harm. So do people really believe nothing can happen against god’s will? I mean, maybe it really was the time for these kids to pass on naturally. Back in the day, parents would have like 16 kids and there were always at least several that died… not being strong enough to handle the rough lives–and it was considered natural for that to happen. And for those who are not religious but believe darwin’s survival of the fittest… then this shouldn’t bother them either. The two kids were kind of weak and they died naturally. It would have taken unnatural intervention to rescue and coddle the weak in order for them to survive. I think people are sooooo weird.

  • skulldruggery

    these lousy assholes should have been fixed so that they did not reproduce, how many kids do they need to let die before they get some real fucking time?

  • Ruprecht

    I’m sure “God” has grand intentions for the baby he let die, because of his dumbass worshipers.

  • Sarah Gossow

    What did these children die from?

    • BenTB

      I was wondering that too. That might be a game changer in how long they stay in jail.

    • ATxann

      According to another article I read, they both died from pneumonia.

    • Jonathan Cummings

      stupid parents and pneumonia

  • eiy

    Hmm, “a dozen U.S. children die in faith-healing cases each year.” How many die in medical-related cases each year? Thousands!

  • margueritechippmatthews

    To call First Century Gospel Church in Philly a cult is an insult to cults. They are flat out, no holds barred evil. This couple has 6 or 7 more children from which to cull. Seems like their approach is to have as many as you can and let the strong survive.

  • meyo

    Isn’t faith healing supposed to result in…healing? Obviously they were deluded.

  • ann
    • ann

      100,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs.

  • meek mogan

    The world is also still flat……

  • BenTB

    I happen to be a Christian and believe that Jesus shed his blood for us. I think the parents STARTED to do the right thing, and If I had a sick child, I would have immediantly started praying for him and kept on doing it like they did. BUT, If it becomes life threatening, then the best decision is to seek medical attention. God gave us prayer, as well as he gave us medicine and people with medical skills. Then you can pray for him when he’s in the hospital! I think they were seeking to do the right thing, but they neglected to use the good people (nurses,doctors,etc.) that God has given us. Tell me what you think.

  • Betty

    God gave us the gift of medicine. Come on faith healing believers, get with the program!

    • BenTB

      Thank you! I started to say that but I accidently logged out.

  • tom

    Apparently, rather than turning to medicine this couple put their faith in a god who has created these bodies of ours that can be flawed/damaged even before we are born. Bodies which are subject to other creations of god like viruses, bacteria, parasite and the like. Bodies that can develop an number of problems that effect our heart, blood, lungs, brain, etc. Cancer, hardening of the arteries, the great Siberian Itch, etc. all effect our bodies. And in time we just wear out. God has given us disease-ridden, flawed bodies which for most of when we stand naked in front of a mirror we find ourselves extremely disappointed and would like to trade it in for a better sleek model. We have had to develop the medical profession as a form of self-defense against god’s screw ups, to stave off disability, disease and death as long as possible.

    One final comment. Perhaps it could be said that the “Darwin Effect” is at work here. People with this pattern of thinking are taking their genetics out of the genetic pool by dying prior to reproducing another generation. This may be a self correcting problem.

    • BenTB

      God gave us those bodies as our trials. If we had perfect bodies and never died, why would we need him? Why would we need to go to heaven and get saved through him? The fact is, everyone will die one way or another because of their body. But your choice is if you accept Jesus Christ as your savior before you die, so you can go to heaven.

      • tom

        Heaven is nauseatingly boring. Christians are so obsessed with the end of their lives they don’t really ever live their lives. They see life as a journey with some end point like going to heaven. Life is not a journey, it is a musical thing and you are to sing or dance and enjoy it. From everything I have ever seen from serious christians is earnest, obsessed people who are so heavenly minded they are of no earthly good. Beside, god did not “give” us our bodies. Our bodies blossomed no differently than how a flower blossoms on its step. There was no assembling of parts rather its a coming forth going from the simple to the complex. The idea of god as some celestial monarch who rules over everything is silly just as everything coming from nothing (evolution). Each of us individually are a place where the great consciousness is experiencing its dream. This one great energy is everything, everybody and everywhere. Our egos are an illusion and our bodies are part of that illusion.

        • BenTB

          Some christians don’t live their lives to the fullest. But christians are supposed to live their lives fully for God, and when we do that, we are infinitely happier than those who don’t. And christians don’t just sit around and worship all day (well, some might), they enjoy their free time just like other people do. Christians SHOULD be obsessed, but not to the point that you speak of.

          And the other thing, you say God didn’t give us our bodies. I could argue about that, but it would be pointless. You’ll have your beliefs and I’ll have mine.

  • Amy S. Johnson

    They were practicing THEIR religious beliefs..what about the beliefs of the child…being forced to endure a belief they may not embrace had they been allowed to grow up and exercise their choice. They were too young to form an opinion and as parents are supposed to be the be all and end all of our existence until we are able to form these opinions on our own then this is where our problems lie. Someone has to be able to step in and fight for the right of a child. We have a social services department that steps in all the time, but mention that word religion and all of a sudden we have a holy war…poor babies.


    God helps those that help themselves…this is inexcusable

  • SL

    Anything less than life in prison is WRONG!

  • Samantha

    But abortion is okay…Americans are so silly.

  • Redphilly

    All I can say is these two should have read Matthew Chapter 18, verse 6 while they were raising their children. And lived by it.

  • Mark

    The bible soesn’t say “Thing shall not seek the care of the physician. This is christian witchcraft.

  • dee

    Those people must didn’t read the bible at all…faith w/o work means nothing or maybe they forgot that part.

  • CarJo1

    God makes doctors too. The knowledge he gives certain people is a gift of healing. Just because they are college educated and have a license does not mean that all doctors are not spiritual or religious. They should have prayed that God would send them to a doctor that believed in God and could put their child on the road to recovery. Pneumonia is a serious condition but is relatively easy to fix with antibiotics and a croup tent.

  • Whitney

    Look I’m a Christian and yes we do rely A LOT on faith, but that being said we also rely on the God given ability to know right from wrong. These parents were not ” Practicing Religious Beliefs ” they were being lazy and negligent. It says in the bible that we can shorten our lives or lengthen them. If they were following Jesus Christ they would have yes prayed for the healing of their child while also taking that baby to a doctor. These parents are guilty of neglect and murder of not 1 but 2 children. They deserve to be in jail for a lot longer than they received. It’s not about religious freedom these people are sick and using God as a crutch because they were too lazy to take their children to the doctor. Period.

  • ProfEconomics

    OMG! No parent this stupid should ever have or raise a child.
    Quite a few of these established religions have so twisted the Bible. Do you really think God of any religion would want your child to suffer and die at such a young age?
    The judge should have required that the horrible “Mother” or “Father” get fixed so they can not reproduce again when they get out of jail. But the American Civil Liberty Union would fight this as unconstitutional.
    Can you imagine what a horrible life it would be for a child to grow up with such pathetic “Parents”. Shame on them. They will for sure rot in hell.

  • Jonathan Cummings

    Religion is poison

  • MKNC

    God also gave some of us knowledge to be doctors, so we can use these skills to save our lives. That is God’s intervention. Sad that children have to die for parents’ literal interpretation.

  • Connie Floyd

    If this couple has anymore children the state needs to come in and take this child so that it won’t end up like this again.

  • The Driver

    The key word here is “belief”.

    Some people such as the Schaibles hold belief in the writings of Bronze Age

    sheep herders and base their whole lives around them. Whether any of it makes sense or not, doesn’t matter.

    People like this have no business having children in the first place. One might
    wonder which received more financial consideration, the children or their church which is ramming this drivel down their throats.

  • John Bazzell

    These people are definitely out in left field, but I would like to point out that if they had just aborted their own baby using modern medicine then it would have been completely ok to take this child’s life. It was their kid, and while I think they lack sound judgement, they at least brought it into the world and raised it according to their set beliefs. And a judge sends them to prison saying “YOU KILLED THEM.” Not sure I disagree entirely, but where are the judges outside abortion clinics using moral highground?

  • lane

    I guarantee you that if one of them got that sick they would be going to the hospital! What stupid inter-breeding morons.

  • bubba t

    why such a short sentence for repeat offenders……?

  • Carolyn

    GOD gave us the intelligence to create Medical Science! How does GOD answer prayers? Maybe by leading us to the experts that have figured out a small part of God’s perfect world….

  • Loryn Too

    Even animals use basic medical practices in the wild. They know that this grass will help their tummy ache and mud will soothe that cut they got. If an animal isn’t smart enough to use those practices, it dies. The ones who do survive to breed. What these idiot parents are doing is practicing Darwinism. By allowing their children to die because of their own idiocy, they are removing themselves from the gene pool. That could be God’s intention. However, their medicine chests need to be checked. If there’s even a low dose aspirin in there, it is not religious belief but premeditated murder.

  • Susan Hornsby

    Our church believes in faith healing and we heal all the time. Usually, we are praying over someone who has already had surgery for a brain tumor or throat cancer, something that has not been cured. We also believe God gave physicians and surgeons the brain power and ability to help. To sit by and watch a child die is simple stupidity.

  • Gigi

    These are incredibly misguided people. I am a Christian, raised by a mother who is an ordained Christian minister. Gingerland is correct. God gave us a brain and parents who he commanded to protect their children. God gives us the ability to make choices in life. When you allow your children to lay there and die because you are too stupid to realize that HE also gave us wonderful physicians with great knowledge and skill, do not blame God. That is child abuse pure and simple. They should go to prison for 2 murders.

  • Carolyn

    GOD gave us the intelligence to create Medical Science! How does GOD answer prayers? Maybe by leading us to the experts that have figured out a small part of God’s perfect world….
    I hope those who are part of “the system” realize that they have blood on their hands and feel remorse!
    That innocent child was NOT in the Devil’s power! What freak would believe such a horrible thing? These idiot parents must believe Jesus died in vain.

  • prinefan

    Thanks Religion.

  • Barry

    In Africa at great faith gathering, people get healed. But many are so far away from ANY doctor or hospital that all they have is their faith to fall back on. In a country such as ours where even if you cannot afford the medical help, you can go to the emergency room. I would rather get a bill than face losing my child. FAITH is the substance of thing hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. But thank God I can see a doctor in a free country where medicine works wonders.

  • Mary MacElveen

    I would say to these parents, just who do you think created these doctors and helped scientists to bring forth these drugs that heal patients? God of course.

  • michelle

    I am all for respecting religious beliefs, but when said belief interferes with ones safety or health, then my respect goes out the window… what they did was wrong, not once but twice, so i do hope the courts give them the appropriate punishment

  • cccourt

    44 and 45? How do these people still keep having babies? You know, in America we don’t want to trample on other people’s beliefs. But really? Shouldn’t this couple be evaluated by professionals?

  • ryan serring

    People like them shouldn’t procreate anyway, so in face they are doing our society a favor.

  • Boudicca

    I seriously think that people like this (or news stories like this, at least) are specifically brought to the limelight to influence the general popluace to make it acceptable for the government to start implementing legislation to restrict both religious and medical choices in their personal lives. These people are outliers; extremes that make up such a small percentage of people that even call themselves “Christian”, that we shouldn’t weigh their actions against the rest of the populace. Let the people dictate social reasoning, and for the Love of Christ, how about Christians actually teach proper Christianity in saying that science and relgion aren’t mutually exclusive? It is the Catholic Church that gave us the Scientific Method, after all…

  • 108

    another story they are pumping up to shape your opinion for you, he said 12 children die in faith healing cases every year…. wow shocking now lets hear how many children die as a result of being given drugs.

  • Emmarh

    Can’t we sterilize them both? It should be mandatory in cases of child abuse.

  • 108

    another story they are pumping up to shape your opinion for you, he said 12 children die in faith healing cases every year…. wow shocking, now let us hear how many children die as a result of being given drugs. wake up people and think about this.

  • 108

    by the way they keep removing my comments and comments of others who are trying to tell you this.

  • ljpljpljp

    In order to follow the true God, join The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • Hansen

    These people were more concerned about their imagined salvation than in the health of their child.

  • prinefan

    I believe on god , but I’m not like………..B-shiitte, yes u r. Every time u open ur mouth about imaginary, make believe “skydaddy”, u promote the myth. That’s where all stuff like this originates from. Same thing that happened to this child has happened to all of humanity because of god and religion. U r as equally guilty as these parents, U need to stop it.

  • Cheryl Downing

    It is my understanding that we put our faith in God to help us with the things that are out of our control. Medical help is not one of those things. God gave us people who can heal us probably because he has more pressing issues (if you look at the whole worlds scheme of things. They should have put their faith in God helping them find a good Dr.and their prayers would have no doubt been answered and the child would have survived. So sad for all involved

  • Amy Thomas

    Ok, we may not agree on whether people should have the right to deny their children necessary medical treatment, but at least we can all agree that none of these parents IQs are in the triple digits.

  • Hansen

    They were willing to risk the life of their second child in order to not show weakness in their faith and what ever they imagine the consequences would be for them. This story represents the worst of religion.

  • Bella

    I for one do believe that everyone has a right to practice their faith, BUT, this particular church, not the religion itself, has acted more like a cult than a religious entity. The fact that they REFUSED to take the children for medical help tells me that they have no regard for human life whatsoever. These 2 innocent babies had no reason to die, regardless of how much they believe in the power of prayer. Don’t get me wrong. I too believe in the power of prayer, but NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE does it say that only through prayer and faith alone, can a person be healed, other than in Jesus’ time, because of His divine power. To use religion as a reason for murder is just a cop out by these 2. If they were going to be excommunicated by their church for seeking medical attention, then so be it. They could have easily gone to another church of the same faith. Do they honestly think that God will not judge them as guilty just because they prayed for healing? If so, then they along with their clergyman are sadly mistaken. They will be judged according to their sin, which in this case is heinous. I am not judging them, I am simply stating my opinion.

  • mike

    Concerning medicine, Paul told Timothy to take some wine for his constant stomach problems (1 Tim 5:23). And if medical neglect is against the law, Paul says that we are to obey the governing authorities (Rom 13:1-2).

  • TheSapient1

    Freedom of speech: stops at using speech to hurt others or remove the rights of others
    Privacy: ends at the perimeter of your house (note: telecommunication lines LEAVE your house, they are not private)
    Freedom of religion: pretty sure this stops somewhere before child sacrifice