12-Year Old Guilty Of Murder Of Neo-Nazi Father

    January 14, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A 12-year old boy has been found guilty of murder after the shooting death of his father in 2011.

Joseph Hall was just ten years old when he shot and killed his dad, Jeffrey Hall, following an incident which involved the father spanking and allegedly kicking the boy. The trial was hinged on the fact that the younger Hall was too young to interpret right from wrong at the time and had been raised in a home in which violence was glorified. He originally entered a plea of not guilty due to insanity, but that plea was withdrawn.

Despite a psychologist’s testimony that Joseph suffered emotional, physical, and possibly sexual abuse at the hands of his father, the judge has handed down a guilty verdict and could remand the boy to a juvenile detention center until he’s 23.

Jeffrey Hall was a known associate of local neo-Nazi groups and was a leader in the National Socialist Movement. Defense attorneys claimed that the atmosphere Joseph was raised in was conducive to the violence which he allegedly planned out for days ahead of time.

  • kelly heady

    kids these days

  • http://yahoo CF

    This breaks my heart. This child (12 year old Hall), obviously suffered abuse his whole childhood. Both directed at himself and other family members. Now the courts find him responsible for a murder. This will register in his mind, the belief that he is responsible for his father’s abuse. The adults in his life are the ones responsible for the murder. No adult stepped in to prevent the abuse. I know what that feels like. This breaks my heart.

  • http://WebProNews Joseph

    This young man is being taught a valuable lesson. The lesson being that you are responsible for your own actions. Being vengeful is never justified. I believe the judge is correct in his assessment of the boy’s guilt. The boy may receive probation or be sentenced to 10 years. Very merciful in light of the fact that he took a human life.

    • Marie

      So far I agree with Joseph.

  • http://Yahoo Spicey

    In regards to Joseph’s post: “he took a human life.” I don’t think his dad was really human. He was a sicko. This child had only violence for role modeling probably his whole life.

  • Robert
    • Marie

      Are you serious society gets stupider and stupider by the minute?
      We have other serious issues to worry about it’s a sad case but the kid killed a human. The parents, school, and society failed here. Instead of putting stupid things like this why don’t you visit the kid or be a pen pal while he does time. Or raise some money because he will need it when he gets release.

  • Denise

    This does nothing to solve the problem, only adds to it. This child needs a loving and patient home and lots of intensive counseling. I can’t imagine a child having to go through that.

  • Regina Strauss

    Even though he is young he should be sent to prison and not a juvenile detention center. He knew what he was doing and why.

    • Kimberly

      How about you get yelled at all the time, told you’re a piece of worthless shit, get beaten for sneezing and little nothings, and raped and sexually touched just about every day and tell me if that doesn’t make YOU want to hurt someone.
      That little boy was RAISED to think that violence was how you solved your problems, you dumb bimbo.
      And if a dad like THAT was a problem, and violence was how you were raised to SOLVE problems, then it’s not his effing fault.
      I pray you don’t have children, because they’ll grow up to be just as stupid, ignorant, heartless, and close-minded as you are.

      • Catherine

        Wow, Kimberly…..sounds like you might need a dose of your own angry medicine! Denise’s comment seems a little naive but your reponse is really over the top! Does this somehow hit close to home for you? Chill out, honey…and this isn’t meant to be nasty, just to make you stop and think a little.

        • Amanda

          You never know, this story could hit close to home for Kimberly. I agree that it makes sense that the boy felt this way his only way out. Of course, I think prison is probably the absolute worst thing that could happen to this kid, as he would probably fall in with neo-nazi groups inside as that’s all he knows right now. He needs intensive emotional therapy, not prison. I’m not saying let him go free and see a therapist a few times a month, he needs to be in a treatment facility for a long time, but one that actually focuses on healing and not just punishment.

  • fbgirl

    This is a tragic story. The child being abused, the father being the abuser, the father losing his life, the son feeling the only way out of the abuse was to kill his father. There are so many things lost here.

  • j blake

    judge probley gets kick back for every person sentenced from privatized prisons?

  • Judy

    If he had been an Illegal Alien, he would have been turned loose, given a home, food stamps, a car, and a Monthly Check!!!!!

  • RA

    At 10 years old, you understand right from wrong..is he guilty of murder?Yes. Should he be punished? Yes. However, looking at his home life, I can see how he thought killing his father was the only option..
    @Judy…really, illegal aliens? Don’t make this boy’s sad life your forum for uninformed opinions.

    • Anonymous

      It’s sad, but you really are a product of your environment. At that young of an age, a boy now starting to have a better understanding of his situation may have gone that route seeing it as his only escape. @Judy if he were an illegal alien, he would have been deported like law stipulates . . , .

    • Chris Enquist

      I just have to say that all those people who think this ten-year old should be punished as an adult are pathetic.

  • Rob

    This little boy has obviously not been raised in a good and nurturing home. I feel bad that he thought killing his father was the only way to handle his situation. It may be too late to save him from his father’s abuse but we can certainly prevent him from becoming a serial killer in the future. He should be given extensive counseling. He needs to be taught that he must respect others and deserves respect himself.

  • Anon

    At 10 you know that guns kill, he knew what he was doing & he wanted it. Now he must do his time, law shouldn’t change just because he was 10 its still murder.