Zynga Planting Seeds for Farmville 2


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For some individuals, Farmville addiction is a serious matter. I've seen several people spend countless hours tending to every minute detail of their colorful virtual farms, going as far as to schedule real-life events around when their pixelated crops were expected to bloom. Some hardcore players have somehow managed to put their farming days behind them, though I've a feeling their willpower is about to be put to the ultimate test.

Zynga, the company responsible for crushing what's left of your free time with their insanely addicting Facebook games, has made plans for Farmville 2, the highly-anticipated follow-up to their wildly popular farming simulation. However, launch dates for the title are currently unavailable.

In Farmville, players assume the role of a pixelated farmer who must take extra special care of their virtual farm. Crops grow in real time, so if you're not around to make sure they're harvested in a timely manner, you may find yourself knee-deep in acres of dead plants. Although it may not sound like much on paper, the game has ensnared countless gamers over the years, many of whom spend their hard-earned money to acquire in-game currency.

Zynga, as you may recall, recently acquired OMGPOP, creator of the popular Draw Something app, for a cool $210 million. The company also unleashed Mafia Wars 2, the successor to their equally-addictive crime game, in fall of 2011.