Tiny Tower Dev Calls Out Zynga For Copying Their Game


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Zynga, makers of fine Facebook and mobile games, makes a living by taking an established game idea and making it their own.

This has led to accusations over the years that Zynga flat-out copies games from their competitors. Zynga’s new game, Dream Heights, is taking fire for blatantly copying Tiny Tower, a popular iOS game from last year.

NimbleBit, makers of Tiny Tower, took to Twitter to congratulate Zynga on the launch of their new game.

What makes this even more strange is that NimbleBit went on to say that Zynga once attempted to acquire the company. When that fell through, Zynga probably felt compelled to make their own tower management game to compete with the popular iPhone game.

@NissaCam @nicholsonb They did go the honest route and try to acquire us first. 13 hours ago via Twitterrific for Mac · powered by @socialditto

Apple has traditionally not enforced any rules on the app store in regards to blatant plagiarism and they probably won’t this time either. This just shows that Zynga is once again trying to capitalize on a good idea. Let’s just hope that Tiny Tower doesn’t get forgotten if Dream Heights gets too big.

NimbleBit created a humorous "infographic" comparing the two games. It's up to you to decide if Zynga took the dirty route and blatantly copied Tiny Tower.