Zuma's Revenge! Coming To XBLA This Summer


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While PopCap may be focusing more of their efforts on the Facebook and social market, they haven't forgotten game consoles. That's why they're finally getting around to releasing a 2-year-old game on Xbox Live Arcade.

PopCap Games announced today that Zuma's Revenge!, sequel to XBLA hit Zuma, would be coming to the service this summer. The sequel expands upon the original game by adding new features that expand the original game into new territory. The list of features include:

- Extend your gameplay experience in the new and exclusive Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge game modes
- Enjoy updated 2012 gameplay: No more lives, no more checkpoints and no more game over
- Discover and befriend 4 all-new Spirit Animal companions
- Earn Spirit Badges on every level and use them to power up your Spirit Animals
- Dominate your friends on a whopping 74 leaderboards
- Experience remastered HD graphics
- Unlock 20 Xbox LIVE achievements
- Flaunt 2 tiki-themed awards for your Xbox LIVE avatar

Removing the risk of failure and calling it "updated 2012 gameplay" irks me to no end, but that's another rant for another day. The rest of the features seem to jive with what modern console gamers want out of their puzzle games, especially the leaderboards.

If you're new to Zuma and it's admittedly addictive gameplay, check out the launch trailer for the PC version. Just image it's in hi-def with some shiny new bells and whistles. Zuma's Revenge hits XBLA this summer for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).