ZombiU Launch Trailer Shows What the Wii U Can Do

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It's ok to still be skeptical of Nintendo's Wii U. Two screens haven't necessarily improved most handheld Nintendo games, though the occasional breakthrough title managed to do something creative with the concept. The launch titles for the Wii U have similarly demonstrated that developers are trying nearly everything they can think of to make the second screen Wii U Gamepad fun to use.

The best example, perhaps, of integrating the Gamepad with traditional gameplay comes from a title that seemed unlikely to launch with a Nintendo console. Ubisoft's ZombiU shows how the zombie apocalypse might be better with an augmented reality tablet at one's disposal.

The game's launch trailer focuses on demonstrating all the uses to which players can put the second screen. For starters, the pad will be able to show the area players find themselves in 360 degrees without ever moving the image on the TV screen. It also functions as a scope for sniping, a touch-based inventory system, and a method for interacting with objects encountered in the game. The multiplayer trailer released earlier this week also shows that the pad will be used in at least one multiplayer mode to harassingly spawn zombies while a different player fights them off.

Oh, and the trailer steals the "rules" conceit from the movie Zombieland, so it's pretty light-hearted compared to previous ZombiU videos.

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