Zombie Apocalypse: Cannibal Ranted On Facebook

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The past week has been a bizarre and scary one across the country (and even up into Canada), as stories have poured in about so called "zombies" and cannibals who have murdered, dismembered, and/or eaten other people in fits of violence. So far as anyone can tell, none of the stories are related, and that is perhaps scariest of all.

One of the accused murderers, a college student in Maryland by the name of Alex Kinyua, allegedly killed a man who was staying with his family, dismembered him, and ate parts of his brain and heart. The grotesque act was discovered after Kinyua's brother found body parts hidden in the basement and had their father contact authorities. Now, evidence has turned up of a rant Kinyua posted on Facebook a few months ago involving mass human sacrifices, and the news is disconcerting in light of the week's events.

In the post, Kinyua asks fellow students if they are "strong enough to endure ritual HBCU mass human sacrifices around the country and still be able to function as human beings?" He also referred to the Virginia Tech shootings and stated that "ethnic cleansing is the policy, strategy and tactics that will affect you, directly or indirectly in the coming months."

While it's not clear yet what his motivation was for either the rant or the murder of his family friend, it's certainly a look into the mind of a possible disturbed individual. However, it may only raise new questions, such as whether or not Kinyua was planning something big.

Kinyua was involved in a violent dispute with another student on May 19th and allegedly beat him with a baseball bat, causing serious injury to the man and leaving him blinded. He was set free on $220,000 bond for that charge; he is currently being held without bond on a murder charge.

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