Zoe Saldana: Queen Latifah And Paula Patton Defend Her Role In "Nina"

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Zoe Saldana has been the center of controversy since she was cast as Nina Simone in the upcoming biopic, Nina.

Critics of the choice say there were several other actresses that would have been better because Zoe Saldana is light-skinned and has a narrower nose than Nina Simone did.

For the film, Zoe Saldana did have to wear skin-darkening makeup and a prosthetic nose.

However, as evidenced from the trailer, Zoe Saldana clearly brings everything to the part and put her heart into portraying the legendary singer and activist.

There are a couple of African-American actresses who are standing up for Zoe Saldana and they are calling for an end to the harsh judgement.

Queen Latifah said recently, "I think Zoe Saldana is a great actress, so I am looking forward to it. She is of African descent. I don't see why she shouldn't play the role. I just want to see it. Get rid of the hype and let's go watch a movie."

Paula Patton took it a step further and expressed concern for Zoe Saldana in the midst of the backlash.

She said of Zoe Saldana, "I'm not into negativity like that. It's a horrible thing to put on somebody...Imagine being in her shoes and enduring that. It's not cool, and it's not right."

She continued, "Clearly, someone thought she was perfect for it — she's an amazing actress, she's beautiful — and you haven't even given her a chance and you haven't seen it yet."

She added, "I think we have to be in a place where we celebrate each other and are kind to one another, and say, 'There's alternate versions of a story,' Give her a shot, try to enjoy it and stop judging."

Zoe Saldana is truly a talented actress and seems to give everything she's got to honor the late Nina Simone.

What side do you fall on in the controversy surrounding Zoe Saldana?

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