Zelda: The Musical Hits All The Nostalgia Buttons

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What if I told you that someone had made something called "Zelda: The Musical?" Did your heart flutter? Good, so did mine.

That's the good news - it exists. The bad news is that it's only four minutes long and not coming to a stage near you. At least not yet.

It's the old Legend of Zelda meets the (relatively) new Legend of Zelda with this masterpiece, written and compaosed by Mitchell Moffit. Featuring the characters of Link, Ganondorf, Zelda, Malon, and of course, Deku Tree, take a trip back to Hyrule, Broadway style with Zelda: The Musical.

As WebProNews writer Zack Walton put it, "this just went from endearing to what the hell. I like it." Indeed. Check it out below:

Just hearing her name and I'd say "Hell Ya!"
I'll save Hyrule and leave my life behind
I'm only 10 and can't control my sex drive
Somewhere she is waiting for me
And I know she'll have my babies

...yeah, we all knew the real reasons, Link.

In a world cluttered with musical interpretations, video game-based fan videos, and even fan made musical interpretations of video games, this one really stands out. It actually makes me want to go back and beat Ocarina of Time again - maybe even in 25 minutes.

[h/t Topless Robot]
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