Zayn Malik: Former One Direction Member Has New Lady in His Life?

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Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction fame, and now embarking on a solo career, has a new lady in his life--or so it seems. It was only this past August that Malik and longtime girlfriend, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, broke up. The two were together for three years.

Now a source claims Zayn Malik is dating an American P.R. professional named Carlyn Bryan.

A photo posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

The young woman bears an uncanny resemblance to Perrie Edwards, don't you think?

Another source says Zayn Malik cheated on Perrie Edwards with Carlyn Bryan, and that the two are not dating exclusively.

“That girl is just one of many girls that he’s hooking up with--he has a list of them. It’s hasn’t been going on a long time as far as I know, but there definitely wasn’t any overlap with Perrie, so she can breathe easy there," the source tells Hollywood Life.

Perrie Edwards seems to be taking it all in stride, however. While some believe Zayn Malik is trying to make her jealous by posting this photo of a new woman, she simply doesn't care.

“The photo just confirms everything she already thinks about Zayn. “‘Heartless’ is the first word that came to Perrie’s mind when she saw it. She thinks Zayn has stooped to an all new low by making such a public to do about this girl,” Hollywood Life reports.

It seems Zayn Malik wants to go solo all the way around. He left One Direction, and now he jumps from bed to bed with various women.

What or whom do you suppose is next on Zayn Malik's list to conquer?

Is there a serious career--or girlfriend--in his future, or will he go it alone for the foreseeable time?

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