Zach Galifianakis Discusses Why He Quit Drinking With Conan O'Brien


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As the actors who comprise The Hangover's Wolfpack hit the press circuit in preparation for next week's release of The Hangover Part III, there are sure to be some interesting stories and anecdotes from the group that is Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, and of course, Zach Galifianakis. One such story was told by the host of Between the Ferns to the host of Conan, and it concerned why the bearded funnyman stopped fooling around with alcohol. While Galifianakis' "rock bottom" story doesn't go as low as some have before him, if it's true, getting spit in the face can't feel very redeeming, especially if it was your own drunk actions that caused the situation to escalate.

The timing of his confession, because of how he told the story, I'm sure, fits with the tone of the high-anticipated release of the trilogy's third and final chapter. If the conditions of the interview were different, this could have been a much more dramatic explanation of why Galifianakis cut down on his libation intake. Now, it should be noted that my use of "cut down" as opposed to "stopped" is intentional. At the beginning of the video, Zach says he stopped drinking, but after his story, Conan confirms "you decided to cut back," to which Galifianakis responds, "yeah, cut back."

With that in mind, it's up to you to decide whether he completely quit drinking or just slowed down. In other news, how does the idea of a vodka with sausage cocktail strike you?