Zac Efron: Handsome Man, Hot Girl, New Movie


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It's no secret that Zac Efron is a full blown hottie and as if having every guy in the world be jealous of you wasn't enough, now Zac has the girls jealous of his good looks too.

Zac recently dressed in drag for a skit on The Tonight Show titled "Ew!" Zac wore a brunette wig, a floral dress and even pink eye shadow for the part.

Seth Rogan and Jimmy Fallon also dressed as girls for the skit, but their characters while hilarious, weren't nearly as believable or as attractive as Zac's.

Although the hilarious skit was a hit for a lot of reasons, it seems like people just can't stop talking about how good Zac looked as a girl. Some were shocked and others were even jealous.

Zac and Seth were on the show to promote their newest film, Neighbors.

The film is about a new homeowner played by Rogan and the neighboring fraternity that moves in beside him, which is headed by Efron. The two characters quickly annoy each other and begin battling it out to see who will keep control of the neighborhood.

The film will be released this month and if you think Zac looks good as a girl, you won't want to miss him as a shirtless, college boy.

What do you think of Zac's drag look and do you think he looks better as a male or female?

Images via YouTube