YouTube Star Gets Car Towed, Lies, Gets Owned


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Above is a video response to the video posted below. Continue to read for more contexts.

Have you heard of Joey Graceffa?

He’s a famous YouTube star  that walks around, blabbers, and films his privileged life in Los Angeles. Just by making video logs (vlogs), he nets around $200,000 a year.

Many wonder how that’s even possible:

Now imagine your house is situated on a Los Angeles street and Joey decides to park his car in front of your drive way like this:

You would tow it, right? After all, you’re a hard working citizen of the world, you can’t stay at home making videos of yourself in the mirror talking about your clothes, and then going out and trying to understand your chicken salad. The only logical solution is to tow the car, but when you do, Joey makes another video about it and complains of the whopping $200 he has to pay to get his car back.

But as you’ve seen from the video in this article, you come to realize that Joey is a damn liar. Actor and comedian Nate Clark, the man whose alleged driveway was blocked, doesn’t let Joey get away with his senseless lying and parking job. In fact, Nate cleverly exposes the YouTube star in a manner only a grown adult would understand by elaborately explaining in a five point lecture why and how Joey’s car was towed:

  • Joey said he blocked “just a little bit” of the driveway, so Nate refutes by showing an actual picture (above) of how much his car was actually parked.
  • Joey said that there were no parking restriction signs in the road where his car was towed. Nate explains how he considered putting a sign in front of his driveway, but added “that would be insane”, because really, who would need to put a no parking sign in front of their driveway?
  • Joey said that the person who towed his car should put his “fat ass car” on a diet so it could’ve squeezed out of the drive way. However, Nate points out that his Volkswagen Golf, which at 70.3 inches wide, is one of the slimmest cars out there.
  • Joey also said that whoever towed his car was a “slut”. Nate responded by saying, “That’s just not true man, I wasn’t trying to move my car so I could meet up with some sexual rendezvous, I just wanted to move my car because that’s my right.”
  • Nate warns that Joey should not leave his Federal Tax Return on the passenger seat of his car, joking about how much he made on YouTube in 2012, and how much he owes the IRS.

And despite many of Joey’s fans coming to the rescue, a lot of thumbed up YouTube and upvoted Reddit commenters whole heartedly agreed with Nate's response:

Some of the most popular YouTube stars make more than a million dollars a year.


(Pictures via YouTube (1), (2),  Reddit)