YouTube Invites Questions About Partner Program


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The YouTube Partner Program has the potential to be about the best thing in a person's life, allowing an individual to earn thousands of dollars in return for creating short video clips.  Yet lots of folks are still confused about how to become a partner - and why many applications are denied - so YouTube's giving everyone the chance to get some answers.

Google Moderator will come into play as interested parties are supposed to use it to submit questions and/or vote on the ones other people put forward.  (Note: the window to submit and vote on questions will only remain open through 5 PM PT on April 13th.)

Then, as Mia Quagliarello, a community manager, explained in a post on the YouTube Biz Blog explained, YouTube will take the top-rated questions and "put one or more employees who can best address them on camera, to respond to you in a video which we'll then post to the YouTube channel."

This arrangement seems more than fair, and should improve YouTube's standing with its sometimes mutinous users.  Certain individuals, along with YouTube, may even make some money as a result if the Partner Program grows.

Anyway, Quagliarello indicated that YouTube will explore other matters in this fashion, so keep an eye out for additional Q&A opportunities in the months ahead.