Youtube Has Super Tuesday Coverage For GOP Primaries


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Youtube has changed a bunch over the years. One of the things it has done is to become more dynamic and more able to change what it is at a moments notice. One of the things it is doing to take views away from network and cable news is to have great politica coverage of events such as the GOP primaries on Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday is a day when 9 states are voting with a total of 419 delegates at stake, but none of the states voting today are winner take all.

Youtube's official blog had this to say today:

"The election season heats up today as voters in ten states -- with a total of 419 delegates at stake -- head to the polls to cast a ballot in the GOP primary. We’ve been following the race closely on YouTube, featuring this cycle’s trending videos, political advertisements and campaign highlights on Tonight, you can watch live coverage from the Wall Street Journal, whose top editors and reporters will be providing commentary and analysis as the results come in. Tune in to starting at 7pm ET to follow the evening’s returns. And if you’re in one of the ten states holding a primary or caucus today, we’d love to see your videos!

For those on the campaign trail documenting the political process at work, you can upload your videos to YouTube using a new mobile app created by the team at Storyful. Available for both Android and iOS, Storyful Direct is an easy way to share your videos with Storyful, who will be choosing a selection to be featured on YouTube and Even if you don’t live in a state that’s holding a primary tomorrow, Storyful Direct can be used to document your experience during the run-up to the Presidential election in November."

Live coverage from the Wall Street Journal, which is in my opinion, the only respectable news organization left in the United States, is available after 7pm with analysis of the voting returns and what their impact means.