YouTube Does the Cinnamon Challenge


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"I triple-dog dare you!" We all remember this famous line from a Christmas Story. Kids have been daring each other to do stupid stuff since the beginning of time, from sticking your tongue on a cold metal post, to eating a stack of saltines without water.

The latest craze, swallowing a tbs. of cinnamon without water, has hit YouTube in full force. The site contains over 30,000 videos with the tag, and millions of views for the more popular ones.

It is basically impossible, there is not enough saliva in the human mouth to absorb the cinnamon, and it gets stuck in the mouth and throat, causing people to blow out a big puff of cinnamon cloud, then gag on the rest thats stuck to the lining of their esophagus.

The reaction is what people find so amusing. Almost no one can do it, and people find it funny to watch them spew out dry cinnamon when they try, in the same way its funny to watch someone get hit in the groin on America's Funniest Home videos. Participants are simply looking to get views on their video for their absurd reaction.

The problem is that you can become seriously injured trying this stunt. There have been cases of people suffering from a collapsed lung from coughing so violently. The cinnamon can cause lung scarring and inflammation if inhaled. Some have even been hospitalized with pneumonia like symptoms after attempting the feat.

This kid actually does it, and then some.

Some other notable challenges involving food include eating a whole bar of cocao, a whole pack of warheads, a whole gallon of milk, 50 hardboiled eggs...

These challenges combine some or all of them. This is highly dangerous. Please don't do this. In fact, don't even watch this...