YouTube Hires Bing General Manager To Be New VP Of Marketing

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Google has hit Bing where it hurts by hiring away its general manager of marketing.

AdAge is reporting that Google has hired Danielle Tiedt, former general manager of marketing for Bing. She led the recent “Bing is for Doing” ad campaign and was around when the search engine first launched. What will she be doing under Google? She’s going to become the VP of marketing for YouTube.

What will Tiedt be doing for YouTube? Google says that she “play a pivotal role as we move forward into our next phase of growth.”

Bing has definitely grown into its own and is now the second most popular search engine on the Web. If Tiedt can bring that kind of growth to the YouTube brand, we can expect some big things from what is already the biggest video service on the Web.

As YouTube becomes more of a content delivery service instead of just a place where I can upload videos of myself complaining about the world; the video site is going to need some heavy marketing to convince more people that they can rival television and other professional video content.

YouTube is already heavily invested in creating new content and channels with the recent announcement of a sports channel. With this new hire, expect YouTube to grow more into a service that can challenge the big boys.