Year In Review: What Happened On Facebook

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It's nearly a new year, so of course it's time to take a look back and see what we were all talking about on social media in 2013. Specifically, on Facebook.

Besides the personal shares that get some Facebookers riled up (baby photos, sad faces with no explanation, etc.), many of us talked about bigger issues; namely, what was going on in the world. 2013 was a crazy time for many parts of the globe, and we lost a lot of good people. But we also gained a new pope, a new prince, and a new pop star to revere and revile. Here are the top 10 things that held our attention around the world:

1. Pope Francis
2. Election*
3. Royal Baby
4. Typhoon
5. Margaret Thatcher
6. Harlem Shake
7. Miley Cyrus
8. Boston Marathon
9. Tour de France
10. Nelson Mandela

Alternately, here's what the U.S. was gabbing about:

1. Super Bowl
2. Government Shutdown
3. Boston Marathon
4. Syria Crisis
5. Harlem Shake
6. Pope Francis
7. George Zimmerman
8. Royal Baby
9. Nelson Mandela**
10. Presidential Inauguration
11. NBA Finals
12. Kim Kardashian
13. Miley Cyrus
14. James Gandolfini
15. Meteor Sighting

The most popular topics probably won't surprise you.

Sports – Super Bowl
Movies – The Conjuring
TV Shows – Scandal
Music – Get Lucky by Daft Punk*
Books – "Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander" by Phil Robertson
Games – Criminal Case by Pretty Simple Games
Public Figures – Peyton Manning
Politics – Government Shutdown
Technology – Instagram
Viral Moments – Harlem Shake
Internet Memes – Giraffe
(*according to Spotify)

Go to your profile page on Facebook and look to the left, where you'll see a link to your own personal Year In Review.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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