Yeah, Dad, Google Translate Knows Your Dutch Vulgarity

Josh WolfordLife

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Google Translate is a pretty magical app. I think we can say that without equivocation. Google recently added the ability to point and shoot words and have them instantly translated – and the darndest thing is that it actually works. Google Translate also improved its real-time conversation feature and added support for more languages. Basically, the Google Translate app is a must-have for travelers, people learning a new language ...

And dads. Don't forget about dads.

That word you're hearing is "kippennueker", a Dutch word that Google Translate will tell you means "chickens fucker". That's pretty accurate, as the phrase literally means committing acts of sodomy with a chicken. In actual practice, however, kippennueker is used to describe a stupid, fussy, or otherwise terrible person.

Congrats, Google Translate. Also, congrats dads. Never change.

Josh Wolford

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