Yahoo Goes All Out With 2012 Olympic Coverage


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Yahoo has been gaining a reputation for exceptional Olympic coverage, and this year won't be any exception once the events are underway. Their goal is to bring their over 700 million users closer to the events via creations like their new Yahoo Hub, Olympic original video shows, In depth reporting and expert performance analysis, and fantasy sports leagues.

Ross Levinsohn, executive vice president and head of global media at Yahoo comments on the upcoming coverage:

"As the No. 1 global destination online for Olympics coverage for the past three Games, Yahoo! dominates Olympics coverage with our unique storytelling; this year will be no exception and we will be bigger and better than ever before,"

"We're programming immersive digital experiences for a global audience and delivering a locally relevant editorial voice in each market. Our angle is to cover the stories behind the stories with our own exclusive talent, including multiple former Olympians - across screens, across the globe."

With all this action happening, Yahoo will also be looking for sponsors and making special offer to advertisers to be at the forefront of the coverage.

Here's what Yahoo had to say about it:

"Major brands are already aligning with Yahoo!'s Olympic coverage. Procter & Gamble is already running ads on Yahoo!'s Olympics page supporting its social media campaign that asks Facebook users what the American flag means to them. Visa, serving as a Yahoo! Olympics sponsor for the fifth time, will run advertising around social media elements tied to the event. Other brands have also jumped onboard to take advantage of Yahoo!'s offerings, and more are expected to join as the games get closer."

Here are a few examples of the sponsorship opportunities that brands can take advantage of to align themselves with Yahoo!'s world-class Olympics coverage and custom programs:

* Olympics Home Page ownership: Yahoo! will be hosting an Olympics experience for tens of millions of our worldwide users, and your brand can own a part of the gateway to each of those sites. For example: Our "Medal Count Program" promises to be top-of-mind with viewers, a popular feature, and your brand can own this experience throughout the Games.

* Mobile and Tablet Apps: Yahoo! Olympics coverage will be on the move with fantastic mobile experiences that will keep our users updated on the latest from London on their iPhone, Android device and iPad.

* Yahoo! Sports Expert Editorial Package: There's no better way to connect your brand with the most dramatic and important stories of the London Games than with Yahoo! Sports original, exclusive content. Our stats prove it!

* Photo Galleries: Photo galleries are one of the biggest traffic hubs of every major sporting event that Yahoo! covers, offering tremendous reach and engagement.

To find out more about what's coming up go to Yahoo Sport's Olympic Home Page. There's already things happening and now is the time to get in on exclusive events and watch special Olympic presentations.