Xbox One's DRM Reversal Gets The NMA Treatment

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Microsoft made the biggest about face in gaming history yesterday when it announced that it would be removing the previously announced restrictive DRM from the Xbox One. The Internet had plenty to say about the Xbox One supporting used games again, but any informed Internet opinion isn't complete without our friends at NMA chiming in.

Everybody's favorite Taiwanese animation studio says in not so many words that the Xbox One ditching its DRM is like putting lipstick on a turd. They still argue in favor of the PS4 due to it costing $100 less, being more powerful and not requiring a Kinect.

But hey, that's just one opinion. Plenty of people are happy that Microsoft have ditched its DRM plans and are now fully on board with the Xbox One again. The price may still be an obstacle, but prospective buyers may not have to wait long for a price drop.

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