Xbox One to Have Skydrive App at Launch


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Microsoft today announced that its upcoming Xbox One console will have SkyDrive capabilities when it launches on November 22. Customers will be able to view photos and videos that they add to their SkyDrive using their Microsoft Account on the console.

The SkyDrive app on the Xbox One has been specifically created by Microsoft's SkyDrive team to take advantage of the console's unique features.

The app will, of course, take advantage of the new Kinect, which is bundled in with every Xbox One. Users will be able to navigate SkyDrive on the console by flailing their arms around and using voice commands such as "Xbox - go to SkyDrive." For larger photos the app will have the ability to zoom in and out, though it seems users will have to use the Xbox One controller to do this.

Users will also be able to share their photos and videos using the Xbox One.

It was not made clear in Microsoft's announcement whether Xbox One owners would be able to add screenshots or videos taken of video games to their Skydrive using the console.

With Microsoft positioning the Xbox One as an all-in-one living room entertainment hub rather than just a video game console, it's not surprising that many of Microsoft's services will end up on the Xbox One. In addition to Skydrive, Skype has been heavily integrated into the console, allowing Xbox One owners to answer Skype calls on-the-fly and snap the call alongside other console tasks.