Xbox One System Update Coming February 11


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Microsoft today announced that the first major system update for the Xbox One since launch will be coming on February 11. Another large update will follow on March 4.

The most important feature coming with the February 11 update is storage management. With launch Xbox One consoles having only a 500GB hard drive and game downloads larger than 40GB, it was inevitable that Microsoft would have to eventually pull back the curtain on its storage management and allow users some control.

After the update, the Xbox One will surface just how much space content is using and allow users to manage their download queue. Apps and Games will have separate queues, allowing users to choose in which order they update. The console will also provide users with a visual indication of update download progress.

Other features coming with the February update include the addition of a controller battery icon on the Xbox One home screen and support for USB keyboards. Microsoft also promises stability fixes, improvements to the Kinect's voice recognition software, and other "surprises."

The March 4 update, according to Microsoft, will have the crucial changes that Xbox One owners have been begging for. That update will bring a fix for the console's party and multiplayer systems - just in time for the launch of Titanfall. Microsoft is also promising other "features and improvements" for the March update.