Xbox One Gets Its Official Headset


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For those who have not abandoned Microsoft's Xbox One train--or, if you rejoined it after they eliminated the troublesome features--there is a new item for you to whet your appetite with: the official headset for the new console. Screaming at piss-poor CoD players has never been easier!!! Facetiousness aside, the device resembles the same official headset used by the Xbox 360.

That only makes sense, if you consider Microsoft wanting the transition from one environment to the next to be as seamless as possible. An example of the new peripheral:

Xbox One Headset

According to the product page, the headset promises the following:

  • A better multiplayer experience*
  • Chat privately with your friends while gaming
  • Chat in crystal-clear digital wideband audio
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Responsive microphone
  • Connects to Xbox One Wireless Controller -- no batteries needed

The asterisk text reads, "*Voice chat features require Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately)."

Considering the expansion port is on the bottom of the controller, past the D-pad, players who use the headset will be able to control the volume without putting their controller down. The headset's plug-in port features the necessary volume control buttons. As you might expect, the headset does not come included with the Xbox One, and the product page does not feature a price point.

For comparison's sake, Amazon lists the 360 headset at 19.99 (there's no listing for the XB1 model). The fact that here is more plastic used with the Xbox One version, as well as the USB-based controller plug-in technology, it's safe to say the Xbox One headset will cost more than its 360 counterpart.