Xbox 360 Comes Free With Windows PC Purchase

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I went to the University of Kentucky for five years. During that time, I learned that everybody had a MacBook. They seemed to have bought the computer for one reason - it's totally the coolest, duh!. Jokes about stereotypical MacBook users aside, it's a good computer for college. Microsoft has a problem with that and has regularly offered a free Xbox 360 with the purchase of a Windows PC for college students. That offer is back.

Microsoft announced today the return of the promotion that has all new Windows PC purchases receiving a complimentary 4G Xbox 360 Netflix streaming device gaming console. The offer is available to college students in the U.S. and Canada, but the terms are a little different for both countries.

Students in the U.S. can claim their Xbox 360 by buying a Windows PC worth $699 or more at the following retailers: Best Buy,, Fry's Electronics,, Microsoft Stores and

Students in Canada can claim their Xbox 360 by buying a similar Windows PC, but the value has been reduced to $599 for them. Participating retailers for our neighbors up north include Best Buy,, Future Shop, Staples and The Source.

The guy at Microsoft recommends a Dell XPS 13 as his computer of choice. While I don't advise the purchase of laptops, mostly because I favor desktops, I know that college students need laptops for their needs. The Dell XPS 13 is decent as far as Ultrabooks go. The Intel Core i7 is nice, but the 1.70 GHz processing speed is kind of disappointing. The on-board Intel graphics are kind of lackluster as well, but you're not using the computer for gaming. That's what the free Xbox 360 is for.

It's a pretty good deal, but I feel that Apple is still going to get the majority of purchases for the new school year. It won't even be MacBooks either. Students are probably begging their folks for an iPad since it's easier to carry around and can do anything a normal college student requires - stream Netflix.

I'm not in college so I can't take advantage of this deal, but many young people are just starting out on their journey of acquiring debt education. Are you going to take advantage of Microsoft's returning deal?

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