Xbox 360 and Kinect Now Come In White


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Have you been on the fence about getting an Xbox 360 with Kinect or did you just not like the color scheme? Well, Microsoft has a deal fo you.

Major Nelson announced today on his blog that a special edition white Xbox 360 is shipping to stores across the world today. What makes a white Xbox 360 so special? I mean, the original design was in white. Well, this is the first time the redesigned console has been seen in white and it also includes a white Kinect which is kind of awesome. If you were wondering, the controller is also in white to compliment the new/old design.

Like with all good things, there is always a downside. The downside this time is that the white Xbox 360 is only available as a family bundle. This limits the console to only 4GB of internal memory. You’ll have to buy one of Microsoft's expensive proprietary hard drives if you want to expand the memory.

To make up for that little disappointment, the bundle comes with two of the most popular games for Kinect - Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures. To sweeten the deal, it also comes with a three month Xbox Live Gold trial.

The bundle will cost interested buyers $299.99. That’s a good price considering its packed in with two games.

The special edition glossy white controller will also go on sale separately for $49.99.

While the bundle will be shipping to retailers around the world today, it will be absent from European and Brazilian markets at first. It will ship to those markets in the next few months.

While I’m digging the new design, I think I’ll wait for the superior Star Wars Xbox 360 before I jump on board the Kinect bandwagon.