X-Ray Technology Recalls Star Trek Gadgets

Amanda CrumLife

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Here's something for all you Trekkies out there:

A new hand-held device created by a company called Tribogenics harnesses the power of X-rays in a small, portable package--similar to the tricorder used by Captain Kirk and his team when checking out a new planet. X-ray machines are not known for their portability in real life; the name conjures up images of antiquated doctor's office tools and the enormous, bulky monstrosities we have to put our luggage through at the airport. But a team of scientists are working to change all that.

CEO Dale Fox and Chief Scientist Dr. Carlos Camara have been developing this useful device--which harnesses energy similar to what is created by static electricity--and say they are on the verge of doing much more. The mini X-ray machine would be invaluable in airports, in combat, on the playing field, and even for every day needs. But the creators are thinking even bigger, saying the technology can also be used to identify metals, which would be useful for toy companies in identifying products with lead paint, as well as mining companies.

Because the energy it produces is small and focused enough to limit harmful exposure to the X-rays, the device is safe enough for anyone to use.

Amanda Crum
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