Wynonna Judd Talks About Husband's Near Death Wreck


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Wynonna Judd recently discussed the details of her husband's near-death motorcycle wreck that caused him to have his leg amputated only two months after their wedding. Wynonna's husband is musician Michael “Cactus” Moser and she decided to open up about the details of the accident to ET in a recent interview.

"I will never forget that smell nor that sound coming from two vehicles colliding, and me going on past him thinking, 'Is he alive or dead? I have no idea,'" she said. I dropped my bike and I run back and he's just lying there. I hear nothing. And then I heard the most beautiful sound on earth and that is him [breathing.] And I got on my belly and looked right in his eyes 'cause I knew if he closed his eyes that he would bleed out and that was it. I was 10 feet behind him when the accident happened and I saw the leg shatter and go all over the road."

The accident occurred on highway 16/365, near Hill City, SD when Moser accidentally drove out of his lane and hit a car in the other lane. Judd was riding with Moser on her own bike but was not involved in the accident. The driver of the car that collided with Moser's bike was not injured.

Moser's leg was so badly injured that it had to be amputated. The newlyweds wondered if he would ever walk again, but Wynonna said she was both happy and surprised when he was able to do so. Wynonna says that the accident and his recovery did make them closer as a couple, but it was very difficult for the two of them.

"It made us so strong that I dare anyone to try and come between us. We are almost bulletproof at this point. If it ever does fall apart, it's because the two of us are not communicating. Nobody has come between us, not even our children," she said. "When they say 'your better half' I would say I was [his] 'other half.' I would literally stand in the shower and be [his] left side. For better or for worse; I was thinking for better or for worse like when were eighty [years old]. I didn't expect it to be two months into our marriage."

Image from Wikimedia Commons.