Wynonna Judd: Did She Spy on Sister Ashley Judd?

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Wynonna Judd reportedly put a tracking device on sister Ashley Judd's car in an effort to spy on her. This is according to Ashley, who claims as much in legal documents she recently filed. In the report filed just last month, her mechanic in Tennessee found a wireless GPS tracking device on her car. She believes Wynonna is behind it being placed there.

The report continues, saying that Wynonna hired a private investigator to tail Ashley. The P.I. gave Wynonna Judd the tracking device. She supposedly had her ex-husband Arch Kelley put it on Ashley's Mini Cooper. Kelley denies any knowledge of such a tracking device. Wynonna was supposedly spying on Ashley because of an ongoing custody feud over Wynonna's daughter Grace.

It's no secret that things have always been a bit tense between Ashley Judd and her sister Wynonna, but this really takes the cake. Earlier in 2013, Wynonna went on record saying her relationship with her sister has always been rocky. She acknowledged that the two women are very different, but admitted to genuinely loving her sister.

Wynonna Judd is now married to drummer Michael Scott 'Cactus' Moser, with whom she tied the knot back in June of 2012. He suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident shortly after their wedding.

The investigation into Wynonna Judd spying on Ashley Judd is presently listed as 'inactive,' and reps for both women have declined to make any comment on the subject. That sort of leads people to believe something is definitely going on. While most families don't ever experience a sister spying on a sister--this is the Judd family. And as anyone who has followed Wynonna, Ashley and Naomi Judd knows--things are anything but conventional where their family life is concerned.

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