WWE Diva Has Wardrobe Malfunction, Internet Celebrates

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To be completely honest, it is really surprising this doesn't happen more often. What we have is a case of an attractive woman wrestler, WWE Diva Brie Bella, who suffers an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, allowing Internet writers all over the world to use the coveted phrase "nipple slip" in their posts. Because most male wresting fans usually has to pay to see someone that attractive show their boobs--this is what's known as a "joke," just in case you aren't sure--the reaction was swift, loud, and filled with celebration as folks who saw Bella's exposed nipple ran to their favorite social media outlet to spread the news.

Screenshots and videos were liberally shared by all, and because we're all about fair play at WebProNews, here's a pixelated image of what set the Internet on fire last night. If you want to see the unedited version, click on the following image:

Brie Bella Edited

There's also a 1080p version if you're interested, courtesy of 30FPS.

As expected, the slip did not go unnoticed as Twitter users everywhere exploded with glee over Brie Bella's boob. The Diva herself took to her (and her twin sister's) account to apologize for falling out of her top:

Apparently, the apology was courtesy of an order from upon high, somewhere inside the McMahon stronghold:

The following, however, seemed to capture the mood after the wardrobe malfunction was noticed by one and all:

In light of all this, does it mean the USA Network will have to pay the FCC an indecency fine now?